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Various ongoing projects

The following are projects that I am currently working on. There may be significant intervals between updates on any particular project. I tend to stay focused on one project for quite some time. That is, until I hit a significant roadblock or I become bored with working on that project.

Cypress PSoC


Trampoline!© - Helping Acrobat® documents leap off the Tk canvas

Dormant projects

The following are projects that I am not currently working on. This is not to say that I won't start working on them again at some future date.

TclRFB 0.5: Raster Frame Buffer protocol in Tcl

Toucan 1.2 (a feathered friend for the Palm)

PtCon: Palm Tcl console

TclDES: Munitions-grade Tcl scripting! Now part of tcllib.

Odds 'n' Ends

WiFi Support for Brazil Firewall

Out of necessity, I decided to join the wireless era! One of my robotics projects uses a laptop with a wireless network card for connectivity. Consequently, I needed to have a wireless access point on my network. I could have bought a wireless access point, but I learned a lot more about WiFi by taking an existing Linux rounter package and adding wireless capabilities to it.

The Brazil Firewall (BFW) router distribution is a derivative of the Coyote Linux (CL) Personal Firewall distribution. Since I have been using CL for a long time, it was a snap to switch over to using BFW. I picked up an AirLink 101 AWLH4030 Super G Wireless PCI Adapter from Fry's Electronics and started reading and experimenting. So far, I have succeeded in creating a basic access point (AP), an AP with WEP encryption, and an AP with WPA encryption using hostapd. The details can be read in my BrazilFW WiFi How-To, v0.3.

QACafe's pktsrc Tcl extension

More to come...

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