QACafe's pktsrc 1.3.1

As quoted from the pktsrc 1.3.1 README file:

pktsrc is a Tcl package that adds support for sending and receiving raw packets from Tcl scripts. The packets are considered 'raw' since they the are not sent through the host's full IP stack. This allows a Tcl script to generate and receive any packet, regardless of MAC address, IP address, TOS, etc. pktsrc was designed for the IP testing world, but it has many potential applications. It enables full access to network interface from a simple scripting environment

pktsrc also includes a basic IP protocol stack implemented in Tcl. Each supported protocol contains a detailed protocol decoder and some support for running the actual protocol. A user can add or extend protocols in Tcl using the stack's callback mechanism. Several examples are include in the distribution's example directory.

In the interest of the common good and in the spirit of the GPL, I am posting links to various pktsrc webpages, the sources of pktsrc 1.3.1, and the sources of libpcap 0.7.2, which is required by pktsrc 1.3.1. As these webpages become unavailable on the Internet from their original sources or from the Google cache, I will make every effort to make them available through this website.

Links for pktsrc

The original QACafe pktsrc webpage, located at, is no loger cached on Google. I was not able to capture a local copy before this occurred. Sorry!

A Quick Tour Through Pktsrc - Part 1. The Basics (local copy of page)
Load Balancing and NAT Router Test Suite User Guide (local copy of page)

Sources of pktsrc 1.3.1
Sources of libpcap 0.7.2

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