Federation Commander Solitaire Scenario



            From a distant corner of the galaxy comes word that some “thing” is destroying entire planets.  It is the size of several large ships and seems to be either a living thing or perhaps some massive ship sent on a raid by a hostile empire.  Your ship locates the “monster” just as it approaches another inhabited world.



            One:  The Federation player.  The Planet Destroyer moves by automatic rules (see Special Rules).



            Use the small hex side of the map panels.  Set up two map panels side by side.  Place a planet counter on the right map in hex 1213.

            Planet Destroyer:  Place a counter for the Planet Destroyer on the left map in hex 0101.        

Federation:  Place a heavy cruiser counter on the right map in hex 1203.  It may be facing any direction you desire.



Mission-Federation:  Save the planet from destruction.

Mission-Planet Destroyer:  Destroy the planet.

            Time Limit:  The scenario continues until either the Federation ship has been destroyed or the Planet Destroyer has been destroyed.

            Victory:  The Planet Destroyer wins if it can inflict 200 damage points on the planet.  If the ship leaves the map before the Planet Destroyer is destroyed, the Planet Destroyer wins.  The player wins an overwhelming victory if the Planet Destroyer is destroyed without any damage to the planet.  A marginal victory means the destruction of the Planet Destroyer and fewer than 50 damage points on the planet.  A tactical victory means the Planet Destroyer is destroyed and the planet receives 50 damage points up to 199 damage points.



The Planet Destroyer moves like a seeking weapon toward the planet.  It always moves 8 hexes per Turn (it cannot accelerate or decelerate).  It has a Turn Mode of 0 (meaning it can change direction freely at any time).  If it moves into a hex adjacent to the planet it will stop and cease moving unless it is lured away to follow the ship.  If it can move into either of two hexes to fulfill its seeking movement, make a die roll to determine which way it will move (odd=left, even=right).

If the ship is within two hexes of the Planet Destroyer at the beginning of any Sub-Pulse, it will begin to follow the ship.  It will continue to follow the ship until the ship moves farther than two hexes from it (at which point the Planet Destroyer will resume moving toward the planet).

During the Offensive Fire Phase of the first Impulse during a Turn when the ship is within six hexes of the ship, the Planet Destroyer will fire its weapon.  The weapon can fire in any direction and damage is scored according to this chart:

Die roll (Damage)   1 (40)     2 (30)     3 (20)     4 (10)     5 (5)     6 (1).

Range has no effect on the result, but the weapon is limited to a range of six hexes.  If the Planet Destroyer is within range of the planet, it will fire at the planet.  It can only fire its weapon once during each Turn.

An exception to the firing rule for the Planet Destroyer occurs when it has not already fired its weapon during a given Turn and it begins following the ship.  If the ship is still two hexes away (or less) when the Offensive Fire Phase occurs, the Planet Destroyer will fire its weapon at the ship.  Therefore, if the Planet Destroyer has not fired its weapon during a particular Turn and is about to come within range of the planet, the ship can move to within two hexes of the Planet Destroyer and force it to fire its weapon at the ship instead of the planet.

The Planet Destroyer has a close-in defense system that operates just like an anti-drone system.  It will fire at any drone that impacts it.  Make a die roll to determine the outcome.  A result of 1-3 means the drone hit the Planet Destroyer and scores damage.  A result of 4-6 means the drone was destroyed before it could cause any damage.  The Planet Destroyer will also use this system on any shuttle or fighter that moves within three hexes of it, but it will only fire at a given shuttle or fighter once per Turn.

At the start of this scenario, you do not have enough information to know how to destroy the Planet Destroyer.  Your labs will provide you with this information.  When you have accumulated 100 points of information, roll one die and consult this list to determine how to destroy the Planet Destroyer:

Die – Result

1  -  An 18-point suicide shuttlecraft must hit the Planet Destroyer to destroy it.

2  -  A tractor beam will rip its hull apart and destroy it.

3  -  It can be destroyed by 200 damage points (including up to 150 prior to this roll).

4  -  It can be destroyed by an anti-matter probe fired as a weapon.

5  -  It can be destroyed by a successful Hit-and-Run Raid.

6  -  Insufficient data.  Gather another 50 points of information and roll again.

Note:  only in the case of the “3” result can anything be done prior to the die roll.  The results of rolls 1, 2, 4, and 5 can only be done after the die roll is made.



            Start the scenario with the Planet Destroyer either closer to or farther away from the planet.  You could also start the ship closer to the Planet Destroyer.