Federation Commander Solitaire Scenario



            Your ship is on patrol in a far-flung sector and detects an unusual energy reading.  Your science officer traces the reading to a nearby sector, so you order the navigator to plot a course to intercept.  Upon arrival, you discover a huge amorphous life form that is many times larger than your starship.  The science officer reports that it is radiating a form of energy that is extremely harmful to humanoid life and must be neutralized.  Unfortunately, neither the science officer nor the computer has any idea how to do that.  You order your ship to move closer to investigate further.



            One:  The Federation player.  The Space Blob moves by automatic rules (see Special Rules).



            Use the small hex side of the map panels.  Set up two map panels side by side.

            Space Blob:  Place a counter for the Space Blob on the left map in hex 0408.        

Federation:  Place a heavy cruiser counter on the right map in hex 1401 facing direction E.



Mission-Federation:  Neutralize the Space Blob.

Mission-Space Blob:  Who knows?

            Time Limit:  The scenario continues until either the Federation ship has been destroyed or the Space Blob has been neutralized.

            Victory:  There is only one level of victory for this scenario.  The player must neutralize the Space Blob.



The Space Blob moves with a baseline speed of 0, but accelerates on even-numbered Impulses (it essentially moves 4 hexes per Turn).

It moves randomly.  During each even-numbered Impulse, make one die roll to determine the direction it moves.  1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E, 6=F.  The Space Blob moves last in the order of movement.

You may fire weapons at the Space Blob to accumulate damage points for possible use later.

The primary action in this scenario is the scientific investigation of the creature.  During the Turn, note the closest approach your ship makes to the Space Blob.  Also note which shield was facing the creature at that point.  At the end of the Turn, but before the End of Turn procedures take place, figure how many information points were gathered about the Space Blob.  Divide the total amount of information points in half to find the number of damage points that were inflicted against the shield that faced the Space Blob at your closest approach.  Probes may assist in obtaining information.

Once 400 points of information are gathered about the Space Blob, make a die roll and consult this chart:

Die – Result

1  -  An 18-point suicide shuttlecraft must hit the Space Blob to destroy it.

2  -  A tractor beam will destroy it.

3  -  It can be destroyed by 200 damage points (including any accumulated up to this roll).

4  -  It can be destroyed by an anti-matter probe fired as a weapon.

5  -  Insufficient data.  Gather another 100 points of information and roll again.

6  -  Communication is established with the Space Blob.  It is friendly, and you are not required to destroy it.  You have neutralized it by convincing it to avoid areas where humanoid life exists.  If you have scored damage on it, you automatically lose this scenario.

Note:  only in the case of the “3” result can anything be done prior to the die roll.  The results of rolls 1, 2, and 4, can only be done after the die roll is made.



            The strength of the Space Blob can be adjusted to the ship used by the player with this equation:

            N = (V / 140) x 400

            N is the number of points of information that must be accumulated in order to determine what will neutralize the Space Blob.  Round off N to the nearest tenth (0.1).

            V is the point value of the ship being used.