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1. Weather Page ( Portage Lakes, Ohio )( My weather station at home )


23. School Closing around NE Ohio

2. Dial up users use this link instead of link above


24. The Astronomy Club of Akron, Ohio

3. Weather History for Barberton, Ohio


25. First Energy Current System Outage Map - Ohio

4. WeatherFlash Live display of my Weather Station

  26. Area Web Cam Links

5. Rapid Fire Weather Page Barberton/Portage Lakes, OH

27. Earthquake Weather

6. Four Day Weather Forecast generated at this Personal Weather Station


28. Recent Central US Earthquakes

7. NOAA Forecast  for 2 Miles SE Barberton OH


29. Link to my Quake Catcher Sensor (earthquake sensor in basement)

8. Daily National Weather Forecast Map ( By NOAA )


30. Space Weather Now

9. Severe Weather Reposts (By NOAA)  


10. Noaa Weather Radar for Northeast Ohio   Or try this link


32. The Official U.S. Time

11. NOAA Weather Radio For the State of Ohio


33. Free Weather Software by

12. Noaa Weather Radar for Phoenix, AZ


34. Fly into weather station

13. NOAA Weather Radio For the Phoenix Arizona area

  35. Whole ball of wax blog

14. Ohio Road Way Weather

  36. itswebsitehome web site

15. Road & Weather Sensor 126-Killian Rd. Over I-77


37. weather Forum

16. Data from my Weather station sent to National Weather Service  Link to map



17. Personal Weather Station around NE Ohio


39. Listen online Police EMS scanner radio feeds Summit county

18. Mosquito Forecast  for Barberton Ohio area


40. Battery voltage and Station Status

19. Mobile Phone user Portage Lakes, Oh. Weather on your Phone, Pda

  41. CumulusRealtime Weather data display (SilverLight Driven)
20. Smart Phone user Portage Lakes, Oh. Weather on your smart phone  

42. Converts Melted Snow to Inches of Snow

21. Lighting Strikes Detected and Plotted on Map by this Weather Station  

43. A List of app that I have on my Phone EVO 4G

22. StrikeStar Lighting Strike Network by Astrogenic System


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