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General Homeschooling 'Rules'

Rule #1: Tightwad
Hold onto your wallet. Before you sign on the dotted line check around. "Canned" curriculums or "schools-in-a-box" sometimes act as if 'one size fits all' and one size often does not. Sometimes you will find elements within a curriculum that either do not work well with your child or are things you find discomforting. Also, what works with one child doesn't always work with another.  Do what feels best but be a careful shopper.

Rule #2: Chill
Homeschooling is flexible. If whatever you’re doing doesn't work you don't have to answer to a bureaucracy before you make a change. It's your decision how to proceed.

Rule #3: Deep-6
If whatever you’re using isn't working cut your losses. You won't get your money back by continuing to use something that isn't working and you and you kids will feel stressed. Yes, there is something to be said for finishing what you start (another reason to check around before you buy), but if what you're using truly isn't working - dump it. You can save your finished/discarded materials for sale at support group curriculum sales. Just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for someone else.

Rule #4: One Right Way
 There is “one right way to homeschool” but it varies from person to person and from interest to interest.

Rule #5: Choice
Remember that homeschooling is a continuing choice. You have the freedom to continue to choose to homeschool or to make another choice.

Rule #6: Private or Public?
Be aware that enrolling your child in online public charter schools will return your child to the public education sector. Instead of homeschooling you will be enrolling in a public school home-study program. This isn't to say that this is a wrong choice just be aware of all the ins and outs of the program you are considering so you can make an informed choice.

Rule #7:  Survival
If you have a good babysitter or co-op friend for babysitting, send her home with wine or chocolates after babysitting.  It can't hurt.


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