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You do lots of work.  You need to take a break.  Kick back, have fun.

(Completely OT but begs to be shared : Chocolate in pregnancy keeps baby happy )

Are You Ready to Have Children?

You've been sitting at your computer too long . . .

Beans Around The World
The amazing (but true!) journey of a can of S & W® brand black beans as they make their way across this great land of ours, and to other nations!

Department of Silly Emails
This category may seem 'off topic' for a military/homeschool site.  It isn't.  Military families are often under stress by global events over which they have no control.  Laughter can be a stress reliever, and these emails can be copied and shared with deployed personnel.  Best wishes, and godspeed to anyone in harm's way.

Design Your Own Kaleidoscope

FTC prosecutes homeschoolers for "unfair competition"
Arlington, VA, April Fool’s Day, 2004 
Y do not panic

Home Eating A Threat to Public Kitchens?  State Allows Growing Trend of Eating At Home

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Shelley Berman

Soda Constructor

Your Secret Christmas Name

Webcams for Mt. Etna and surrounding areas





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