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Homeschooling: Reading List Teenagers




Read Across America a state-by-state booklist
"A popular activity is to "travel" across a map of the U.S. by reading a book that takes place in each of the states. (A variation is to read a book whose author lives in a particular state, or a book about a particular state.) If your class is participating in this activity and you are a book or two short, or your students are eager for more, try these titles."

Free Classics Online

Cool Books for Tough Guys: 50 Books Out of the Mainstream of Adolescent Literature That Will Appeal to Males Who Do Not Enjoy Reading

The Easy Book List



Richard Adams
    Watership Down

Joan Aiken
    The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

John Christopher
    The Tripods series

Valentine Davies
    Miracle on 34th Street

Daniel Defoe
    Robinson Crusoe

Charles Dickens
    A Christmas Carol

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Michael Crichton
    Jurassic Park

Alexandre Dumas
    The Three Musketeers

Daphne du Maurier

C. S. Forester
    Mr Midshipman Hornblower
    Lieutenant Hornblower
    Hornblower and the Hotspur
    Hornblower and the Crisis
    Hornblower and the Atropos
    The Happy Return
    A Ship of the Line
    Flying Colours
    The Commodore
    Lord Hornblower   
    Hornblower in the West Indies

Frederick Forsyth
    The Day of the Jackal

Anne Frank
    The Diary of Anne Frank

Margaret Peterson Haddix
    Just Ella

Washington Irving
    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Harper Lee
    To Kill a Mockingbird

Jack London
    The Call of the Wild
    The Sea Wolf
    White Fang

George Orwell
    Animal Farm

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
    The Yearling

Dodie Smith
    I Capture the Castle

Robert Louis Stevenson
    Treasure Island

Jonathan Swift
    Gulliver's Travels

J. R. R. Tolkien
    The Lord of the Rings series

Mark Twain
    A Connecticult Yankee in King Arthur's Court
    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

University of Southern Mississippi
    The Cinderella Project

Jules Verne
    Around the World in Eighty Days

H. G. Wells
    The War of the Worlds



Larry Gonick
    The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
    The Cartoon Guide to the Environment
    The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

    The Cartoon Histories of the Universe, volumes 1, 2, & III
    The Cartoon Guide to Physics
    The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
    The Cartoon History of the United States

David Howarth
    1066:  The Year of the Conquest

Margo Kaufman
    Clara, the Early Years:  The Story of a Pug Who Ruled My Life

Bjørn Lomborg
    The Skeptical Environmentalist

Niccolo Machiavelli
    The Prince

Scott Meredith, Ed.
    Fireside Treasury of Modern Humor

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
    When Elephants Weep

Francine Patterson
    The Education of Koko

Slavomir Rawicz
    The Long Walk:  The True Story of a Trek to Freedom

Mordecai Richler
    Best of Modern Humor

W. C. Sellar, R.J. Yeatman
    1066 And All That

Art Spiegelman
    Maus, A Survivor's Tale
    Maus II, Here My Troubles Began
(stories of a mouse [Jew] in Nazi [cat], Germany)


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