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Homeschooling:  Testing

While we were homeschooling I didn't have to test my kids, so I didn't.  Because of this, I've got no cache of testing research of my own and you're going to have to click to other pages.  I've got nothing original here.  Luckily for you, there are many other people for whom testing is an engrossing subject, so there are many articles to choose from. 

You may notice none of the articles or websites I've picked are particularly flattering to testing.  I didn't much care for it when it was done to me, despite me continuously having 90+ percentile scores on standardized tests.  Testing well never got me out of boring schoolwork, and that was a couple lifetimes before the current craze for "high stakes testing."  I can't imagine what the kiddos go through today.

Yes, testing is a fact of life.  No, I don't have to pretend to enjoy it.

On this page:
Interpreting test scores
Information about testing
Blog posts
NHEN discussions
Test providers

Interpreting test scores:

Information about testing:


Blog posts:

NHEN discussions:


If you can't avoid testing, you can find tests and providers from:

Testing Services (from A to Z Home's Cool)

Seton Home Study School:  Seton will provide the CAT E test.  This test is useful for families whose study schedule don't mirror that of public schools and for whom other standardized tests might not accurately reflect their children's current level in relation to tests written to be in line with what is taught in schools.  An explanation of the difference in the California tests, and the specifics of other standardized tests, is at:

  • This test is available as the CAT-E which is a “survey edition” covering only the basics in math and language arts in grades K-12 or the CAT/5 (or CAT/6, both updates of the original CAT) which tests reading, language, spelling, math, study skills, science and social studies.


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