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Military:  General military links

This page provides a list of general links which may be of interest to military families.  The Worldwide Installation links may be of most interest when deciding what location to enter on the Dream Sheet, or before a PCS to find out local particulars before you move.

On This Page:

Family Support
Military Benefits links
Military Pay
"Portable jobs"
Worldwide Installation Links

            Iceland, Azores, UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bahrain
           Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Guam


Family Support

  • Military Family Support Group (Christian site not affiliated with DoD)
  • Civilian family members visiting military patients at Landstuhl Army Medical Center in Germany
    A military-ID card holder must sign the civilian family-members onto the installation in order to obtain a Temporary Installation Pass.  A photocopy of the family members' passports will be needed.  With a Temporary Installation Pass the family members can enter and exit the installation on their own.

    Accommodations should be available in Landstuhl at a hotel, or at the Landstuhl Fisher House.





Military Benefits links


Military Pay


"Portable Jobs"


Worldwide Installation Links

DoD Installation Information Sites

Southwest Asia


DoD Installation Information Sites

  • SITES is a passworded DoD site (pop-up security screen) with installation information, both CONUS and OCONUS, for all services. You can log in using your DEERS information (SSN, DOB, last name).

  • Army Housing site both CONUS and OCONUS


Interactive map of US military installations (by name only).  For installation information, do a web search using the name of the installation.





Atlantic military links

European military links


Europe in general



Army information for Belgium

Air Force

United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)
Site has links to:

  • Aviano Air Base, Italy / 31st Fighter Wing

  • Einsiedlerhof Air Base, Germany / USAFE Warrior Preparation Center

  • Kapaun Air Station, Germany / Kisling Noncommissioned Officer Academy

  • Keflavik Naval Air Station, Iceland / 85th Group (USAFE)
    Iceland:  PCSing to NAS Keflavik
    DoDEA website

  • Lajes, Field, The Azores / 65th Air Base Wing

  • Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany / USAFE Mission Support Squadron

  • RAF Lakenheath, England / 48th Fighter Wing

  • RAF Mildenhall, England / 100th Air Refueling Wing

  • RAF Alconbury, England / 423rd Air Base Squadron

  • Ramstein Air Base, Germany / 435th Air Base Wing

  • Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany / 469th Air Base Group

  • Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany / 52nd Fighter Wing




  • USAREUR Pamphlet 612-27: Rules for Living in Germany

  • 6th Area Support Group (Stuttgart)
    Don't bother clicking on the Commander's Information Channel as the graphics are huge, take a long time to download and you'll run into a passworded portion of the site. I had to Ctrl+Alt+delete out of it. A useful button is the sitemap at the top of the page.

  • 6th Area Support Group (Garmisch)

  • 26th Area Support Group (Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, Darmstadt and Heidelberg)

        233rd Base Support Battalion Darmstadt, Babenhausen and Frankfurt area
        USAREUR Child Supervision policy This policy has a Conversion Chart from Grade to Age for Home-Schooled Children 
    (surely ages came before grades)

        411th Base Support Battalion Heidelberg, Schwetzingen and Germersheim

        293rd Base Support Battalion Mannheim Mililtary Community

  • 98th Area Support Group Würzberg (also: Ansbach, Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Giebelstadt and Kitzingen)

  • 100th Area Support Group Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels, Vilsek, CATC Rose Bks., US Embassy Berlin

  • 104th Area Support Group Hanau (also: Wiesbaden, Dexheim, and Wackernheim, Baumholder, Giessen, and Friedberg)

        221st Base Support Battalion (Wiesbaden) Command Policy Letter Educational Requirements and Conduct for School Age Dependents 
    (note:  the statement in the policy letter, "to assure accredited educational requirement is met" is not supported by DoD 1342.6-M which states only, "C1.4.3.6. Encourage all eligible dependents who have not completed high school to enroll in a DoDDS approved education program. If a DoDDS program is unsuitable to the parents, the installation commander shall encourage the parents to enroll their dependents in an alternate program."  Encouragement is not a requirement.)

    284th Base Support Battalion Giessen/ Friedberg (Butzbach, Bad Nauheim, Wetzlar)
    Parents'/Guardians' Choice to Educate 
    (note: again the listed recommendations are not supported by DoD 1342.6-M [noted above concerning the 221st BSB's command policy letter] ) 

    222nd BSB Baumholder (Baumholder, Birkenfeld, Neubruecke and Strassburg military housing areas)
        School Attendance
    [note paragraph 8 to keep down unpleasantness: "To assist in preventing truancy, all AAFES facilities (Shoppette, Bookstore, PX, Burger King, Cafeteria and Food Court) and all MWR activities (Bowling Center, Recreation Center and gyms) are off-limits on school days to students under the age of 18 from 0800 - 1130 and 1300 - 1500. The only exceptions are when they are accompanied by their sponsor, have been granted written permission by their sponsor or school official or school is not in session."]











  • NSA Naples, Italy (incl. email for Gaeta)

  • Sigonella 1
    Information Worth Repeating: Remember that family members of the U.S. military or civilian component and dependents of U.S. contract workers traveling to Italy and remaining for more than 90 days MUST have a visa before arriving in Italy.

  • Benvenuti in Sicilia!
    Naval Hospital Sigonella





Southwest Asia


Pacific Military Links







  • Online Write-In Absentee Ballot Offered for Overseas Voters
  • Federal Write In Absentee ballot
    Under the provisions of the UOCAVA, the FVAP also provides a "back-up" ballot, called the Federal Write In Absentee Ballot, or FWAB, should a citizen overseas not receive his or her regular ballot from the state or territory.
    Generally, a citizen can only use the FWAB under three, very specific conditions. To be eligible for this ballot, the citizen must:

    Be located overseas (including APO/FPO addresses);

    Have applied for a regular ballot early enough so that the request is received by the local election official at least 30 days before the election;


    Not have received the requested regular absentee ballot.



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