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If your name is not in here, and it should, or if there is any other correction that needs to be taken care of, like your name is missing the church you are from, E-mail me at and I will add or correct it as soon as I check my e-mail. (It might not be fixed immediately).

Honor Roll of Volunteers 2005 season:

Thank you for your awesome service for the Lords kingdom!

May 7th Workday:

Ray Schuh
Glen & July, Craig, Kyle Layfield
Joel, Jeff, Josiah Culbertson
Stephen & Andrew Law
Ed Koziel-foundation, drainage tiles, excavating
Jeff Fitch- DormProject
Willie Winger - Dorm Project
Bob Stumiller - Dorm Project
Jimmie & James Henderson
Hays Family
Leonard Perry
Gayle Strang
Barb Abbey, Fred Minchilla
Ron Krolak -Shower Room
Projects done: Boys Dorm building, Mattresses sewn, Trees cleared, Drainage tiles Behind boys dorm, Driveway drainage.

May 14th Workday:

Hays Family -ACC
Garth Tyszka -CC
Ricky Gollwitzer -ACC
Mike Decker -ACC
Mike Brewer -ACC
Ron Krolak -ACC
Robert Stumiller -ACC
Nate Stewark -ACC
Ray Schuch -Perry
Jason Polowchek -WCC
Ron Kellogg -CC
Steve Wope -CS
Dan Kohlanouch -WCC
Jim Thomas _WCC
Jeff/Joel Culbertson -Scio
Jeff Fitch -Perry
Justin Thiser - CS
Jim Trobridge - C
Willow Winger - C
Frank & Steve Peligrino -C
Dick Peckman -C
Joel Shackleford - C
Joe Paril
Ed Koziel
Mike Bowers -C
Renee, Jamie, Shalene Spagnoleo -C
Grant Perry -WCC
Dave and Val Goff
France Merrill
Projects-Dorm Roof Raised

Extra Work Days & Projects:

Leonard Perry
Dan & Paul Bacus
Shawn Grozek
Denise Enders
Mike Decker, Rob, Frank Pelligrino- Electrical
Steve Hazard
Matt Crawford
Jeff Fitch and son-construction of bunk beds
Gene Wolfe-bus seats, construction of bunkbeds
Hays Family-designs for dorm, bunkbeds, metal bed rails construction
Doug Klotzbach-blueprints
Ed Koziel-escavating, foundation
Ron Krolak-shower Room + tiled floor painted, replaceed toilet

Deans and Co-Deans

Scott Velasquez
Ed Windhausen
Jen Windhausen
Glen Layfeild
Mike Bowers
Jason Polochak
John Hilts
Liverpool Christian Church


Rex Hays
Ron Krolak
Nate Stewart
Garth Tyska
Tom Wink
Mike Brewer
Leonard Perry

Junior Managers:

Philip Hays
Greg Long
Jacob Hays
Robert Windhauser
Kyle Layfield
Guy Layfield


Melanie Martin
Bonnie Hays
Beverly Brewer
Sharon Bartoo

First Aid/CPR:

Melanie Martin
Mike Pellegrino
Glen Layfield
July Layfield


Chris Bacus
Don Kennedy
Tony Suilivan
Sean Cronin
Eric Frey
Jon Walker
John Hilts
Steve Rich
Paul Trumpor
Don Prichard
David Jones
Al Serhal
Nancy Kapenske
George and Ruth Hall


James Kisner
Art Bush
Don Prichard
Dave & Krista Melton
Scott Velasquez

Mission Speakers:

Jim Walker
Jacqueline Bobokille
Andrew Bombo
Camp team from Cincinnati Christian University

Dorm Moms:

Sheri Catalfino
Cathy Bellanti
Casey Czerw
Audrey Newman
Sandy Greiner

Dorm Dads:

Anthony Catalfino
Glen Layfield
Jim Trowbridge
Guy Layfeild
Larry Greiner

Team Leaders/Counselors

Colleen Rowe
Bob Double Sr.
Joel Shackleford
Cathy Bellanti
Derri Turnbo
Holly Trowbridge
Michelle Blackman
Matt Johnson
Matt Crawford
Scott Dupra
Chris Glate
Tracy Hosenfeld
Neil Koflanovich
Thea Smith
Eric Saunders
Casey Czerw
Jim Trowbridge
Craig Layfeild
Stephen Law
Andrew Law
Tara Newman
Audrey Newman
Owen Accus
Philip Hays
Barbie Smrekar
Joe Smrekar
Dan Fuhriken
Larry Greiner
Sandy Greiner
Gina Schrier
Steve Schrier
Josh Schrier
Steve Gluotsky
Christy Windhausen
Robert Windhausen
Jen Windhausen
Ed Windhausen
Dan Bacus
Bob Double Jr.
Carise Walker
Matt Steiger
Anthony Fowler
Brittany Ginsburg
Hannah Smith
Lucas Smith
Mike Bowers
July Layfield
Beth Evan
Guy Layfield
Wendy Steiger
Leah Velasquez
Scott Velasquez
Jamie Newton
Adam Newton
Jason Polowchak
Eric Frey
Julie Bishop
Marge Kennedy
Brian Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

Head Cooks:

Stephanie Goodnick
Carolyn Walker
Betty Howard
Eric Zawacki
Gayle Strang
Michelle Polowchak
Dotti Zawacki

Cooks and Helpers:

Jim Twardowski
Gayle Strang
Stephanie Goodnick
Lee Goodnick
Lauren Goodnick
Paul Bacus
Cindy Czerw
Carolyn Walker
Cathy Ventura
Jim Ventura
Sharon Schmaltz
Rhonda Johnson
Alex Novak
Donna Heiman
Earl Shackleford
Dan Bacus
Shelia Filipek
Guy Layfeild
Lucas Smith
Michelle Polowchak
Kyle Layfield
Merrissa Dicks
Sandy Perry
Sandy Smith
Lisa Boje
Taylor Boje
Sherry Haggitt
Priscilla Jones
Jeff Culbertson
Joel Culbertson
Jamie Dokey
Shaelene Dokey
Katie Newvine
Shawn Grozek
Carly Strang
Josiah Culbertson
Jaci Culbertson
June Culbertson
Denise Enders
Larry Wilkinson
Bobby Mackey
Barb Minchella
Bob Krueger
Doug Klotzbach
Maria Klotzbach
Ian Long

Donations-Monetary & Supplies:

Perry Church of Christ
Tops Food Market - bakery items
Anchor Christian Church
Binghamtom, First Church of Christ
Clarence Church of Christ
Lake County Christian Church
Liverpool Christian Church
North Syracuse Christian Church
Scio Church of Christ
Twin Tiers Christian Church
Christ's Church of the Southern Tier
Hays family
Fitch Family
Shaver Family
Culbertson Family
Card Family
Cain Family
Ron Krolak- refinished womens shower room, new toilets, tiled & painted
Perry Church of Christ - garage roof

Community Volunteers:

Empire Radiator: bending of rail bars
Mahaneys: welding supplies, use of welders Churchville Chili High School Robotics team(G.R.R.): design work, welding of rails
Libertore Motors: design & machining clamp for rails

Thank you to the following dedicated servants of God who have held positions of great responsibility for His camp so that many can come to know a deeper relationship with Jesus. These are the officers, directors, trustees, managers, coordinators, secretaries and treasures/registrar that are committed to giving God the glory in their work.

Glen Layfield
Jon Walker
Bonnie Cain
Mike Bowers
Chris Bacus
Matt Crawford
Ray Schuh
John Hilts
Scott Velasquez
Bob Double
Mike Scott
Willie Winger
Gayle Strang

Jeff Fitch
Jeff Culbertson
Leonard Perry
Bob Salvagni
Rex Hays
Bonnie Hays
Stephanie Goodnick
Jill Decker

Please accept my apologies as some servants of our Lord most likely have been missed as it is difficult to keep track of all the work that has been done for His glory. How awesome it is! Thank you all who continue to support this ministry in so many gifted ways. Please send all corrections, additions to me.

For His glory, Bonnie Hays