The 400 plus names below are Amtrac Personnel who served in Vietnam. If you served with Amtracs in Vietnam (Corpsman, Radio Operator, Dog Handler etc.) and would like your name listed here please email me or sign my guestbook (preferably) with the necessary information. Thank you.

 Adair, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 1st Amtrac Bn.; "A" Co. 4th Plt. from February 66 - March 67. I was then at Del Mar until I got out in 1969. Mike writes and this makes this Marine and webmaster very happy, "I sent a reply to Phil Blazer who I found on this website. Your site is great!"    
 Adams, John H. (Sgt)  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 3rd Plt. 04/66-12/67. His tractor was 3B35 and his online nickname is Yat.   
 Adkins, Robert  EMAIL  Robert was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. E-1 Plt. during 1969
 Ahlvers, Dale E. "Dirty Al" (1stSgt-Ret)  EMAIL  Dale writes, "In '64-'65 I was with A. Co. 1st Amtrac Bn. in Hawaii. In 65-66 I was in Viet Nam & landed at Chu Lai. In May '66 I went to Sch. Co. Sch. Bn. Camp Pendleton as an instructor. Some may know me as "Dinky Flo". Dec '68 I went to H&S Co. 1st Amtrac Bn, Viet Nam at Marble Mtn. I retired in 88 as 1st Sgt. A lot of work was put into this site. Semper Fi.   
 Ahner, Jim  EMAIL  Jim was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd Plt 1st Amtrac Bn, At Cua Viet from July 67 to Aug 68. Made lots of river crossings.    
 Ainsworth, Earl  EMAIL  Earl was platoon leader of 3d platoon Bravo Company 3d Amtracs from March to Sept. 69.
 Allen, Jim (Sgt)  EMAIL  Jim was with both 1st and 3rd Amtrac Bn. July '66 to Aug.'67 Chu Lai, Hill 55.
 Allen, Cle  EMAIL  I was with 1st ALVT's at the mouth of the Cua Viet River.
 Allen, Thomas  EMAIL  Tom was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. repairman from 11/66-11/67   
 Alloway, Wes  EMAIL  Wes was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. during 1969   
 Alvarez, Juan G. Jr. (pancho)  EMAIL  Juan was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. from 8/68-8/69. "Dodge City."   
 America, Leonard  EMAIL  Served with the 1st Amtrac 3rd Marine Div. Arrived in Da Nang around Aprip 1967. Moved with battalion to Cua Viet, was in H&S as a truck driver, but was sent to a single platoon down outside of Hue on an island guarding a fuel depot for the Navy. Can't remember the name of the place or the names of any who served with me. There were only about 12 of us. If anybody can help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Len
 Anderson, Fred (Andy) (Cpl)  EMAIL  Andy was with 3rd Amtracs; from 2/68-4/69. Andy was in Motor Transport--Special Services and a short time before leaving country he managed the Enlisted Man's Club. Today Andy is Pastor Anderson   
 Anderson, John B. (Andy)   EMAIL  Andy was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S Co. and "B" Co. as a radio operator (2533) from 9/67-10/68. Would really like to hear from Maj. Steffansson, Top Pound & Top Brown and Doc Leasher and Sgt. Bohr... please reply   
 Angeli, Ed  EMAIL  I came across Jim Frawleys name on your website and his remembering Ron Childs being killed on May 5, 1968. I was with Ron that night we both went to the aid of gunny who was shot in the leg. I am in contact with John Popp and Larry Conley if anyone remembers them or me.
 Anninos, Phil  EMAIL  Phil was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st Plt. Phil wrote, "I arrived in Chu Lai April of 66 assigned to A Co. 1st Platoon rotated back to the states December 67 from DaNang. I got out Sept 69. Semper Fi to all my friends.    CLICK HERE    for Phil's Amtrac Pics  
 Aragona, John V.  EMAIL  3rd amtracs Nam 66-67 trac a3-27.  
 Arazosa, John  EMAIL  John was with : "A" Co.; 2plt.67-68-69 better known has azor,the man that had all the music in his footlocker & doobies.amgrunts after the nam,never saw or heard of our type of marines till NOW.FAR OUT.  
 Ashworth, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th plt. 11/67-12/68.  

 Bacon, Roger  EMAIL  Roger was attached to 3rd Amtracs; B-24 from Jan 67-Jan68.
 Bain, John, A.  EMAIL   I was with 4th Amtracs in Tampa 67-68, "A" Co. 5th Tracs Amgrunts w/ BLT 2/26,Viet Nam,68-69, 2nd Tracs 69, 3rdTracs in Hawaii,71-72. If we had had AAV's in Nam would we have kicked ass or what
 Baitt, Rudy  EMAIL  Rudy was with "A" CO. 1st. plt.fom SEPT. 65- Oct.66. at Chu Lai - Da Nang
 Baker, Norman  EMAIL  Norman was attached to 3rd Amtracs; late 67 or early 68 as dog handler from 3rd MPBN 1st MARDIV RVN. Tracs were at Marble Mountain at that time.
 Baker, Rodney R.  EMAIL  Rodney was with 3rd Amtracs; H&S Co Motor Tran from 4/3/69 til 1/28/70 when we came home as a unit.
 Baldwin, Frank  EMAIL  Frank was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 4th Plt. 3-A-42 from 1965-66 at Chu Lai.
 Bane, John J. Jr.  EMAIL  John was with "The Adams Family" from Feb-67 to October-68.
 Barber, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was at Marble Mountain and AnHoa 1969 with 4th plt. Mike writes, "what about the rats in An Hoa. also did some time at Liberty Bridge.
 Bauer, Jon  EMAIL  Jon was a radio operator (2533) in 1st Tracs, A Co. (AmGrunts) at Cua Viet from Dec 67 til May 68 when i finished my 6 month extension in Nam. I've seen quite a few names here that I remember--Al Brown, David Brooks-Gene Miller to name a few. WELCOME HOME TO ALL MY BROTHERS. Semper Fi .    
 Beasley, Harold  EMAIL  I was a Navy Corpsman with 1st Amtracs, H & S Co. Cua Viet from October 1968 until we moved to Okinawa. Trying to find Marines or other corpsman that might remember me. Other corpsman that I was assigned with were Jim Williams, Mike Welch, Wayne Newburn and Dave Blundell. Drop a line if you remember me or any of them. We lost a good corpsman named Hugher Phelps in early 1969 north of the Cua Viet River in an ambush.
 Bednar, Denny  EMAIL  I was with H&S Co, 1st Amtrac Battalion, 3rd Marine Division 1965-1966. Radio operator assigned to E-1 platoon. Was on the lead amtrac when we took Hill 55 in the fall of 1965.   
 Bell, John Roger  EMAIL  Roger was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 65-66 and on his second tour he was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 66-67.  
 Beman, Ron  EMAIL  Ron was with 3rd Amtracs and writes, "I was in Chu Lai from May 65 till Aug. 66. I spent much time with 3rd amtrac's working on the radios and being an operator. John Cook was my contact. Anyone heard from him. Last seen he was in New York.
 Bevill, Glenn.  EMAIL  I was with 3rd Amtrac Bn from August 67 until Feb 68. I arrived in country I believe on August 13th, before the bn moved to Marble Mountain. I was on the (if memory serves me) second group to go out to the mountain from where we were, which I, being a FNG, never really knew where we were. In early Jan of 68 I went out to Hill 65 and was wounded on Feb 7. I spent the next 9 months in hospitals and then the rest of my time in West Palm Beach Fla on I & I Duty. I read on one of your links that asked if any one knew the names of the Marines killed in the Bn area during the May 5th sapper attack. Just wanted to let you know that my friend Ron Childs may have been one of then....SEMPER FI .
 Bianchi, Nick.  EMAIL  Nick was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd Plt. from June 1966 to January 1968.
 Binder, Ralph (RIP).  EMAIL  Ralph was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co.; 4th Plt. from Nov 1967 to Nov. 1968.
 Blackiston, Tom (Blackie).  EMAIL  Blackie was with Amtracs from1968-1969 maintenance hq plt, 3rd plt & 4th plt. at hill 190, hill 37...hill 65 and An Hoa.
 Blagg, Thomas  EMAIL  Thomas asks, "Does anybody remember John Reeves (Amtracs 65-67) John Reeves was awarded a Silver Star for blowing up a landmine   
 Blakely, Chuck  EMAIL  Chuck was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; Maintenance Plt. from 8/67-9/68. Chuck is in touch with a few fellow tractor_rats from that era and says, "Would like to find W/O Willie Sutton who was Maintenance Officer at that time. Also anyone from Plt 3337 boot camp--Oct. 66 to Dec. 66 School Bn Track vehicle repair class 16-67 April 67."  
 Blazer, Phillip R. (S/Sgt-Ret)  EMAIL  Phillip was in Nam 3 times. He was a Career Marine from 1953 to 74. Phillip spent 20 years with Amtracs and would like to hear from anybody he served with.   
 Blocker, John.  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 1st Plt. from April to August 1968. John writes, "My trac was 3B13We spent most of our time in the field with 3/27.I was hit by "friendly fire" from Sea Anchor's mortar team on 8/27. A Few hours later the 13 trac hit a mine killing S/Sgt Hoadley,Sgt Butler and L/cpl Brooks. Would like to hear from any 1st platoon members.
 Boger, Ken  EMAIL  Ken served as a 2142 with A co 1st Amtracs, 3/66 - 3/67. Ken arrived in country at Chu Lai, moved to Danang around April 66. Spent Most of his tour with the 2nd and 4th platoons. Worked around Hill 55, Hill 10, The Horseshoe, Liberty Bridge, Gnoi Island, Cua Viet areas most often. If anyone out there knows me or thinks that they might remember me please contact via e-mail
 Books, Jon  EMAIL  Jon was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. E-1 Plt. from February 1967 to March 1968. Jon writes, "served with the ROK Marines at 1-1 also stayed at 3-1, 2-1, and other fine establishments throughout I corps.
 Booth, Chuck  EMAIL  Chuck was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 4th Plt. from 66-67 at ChuLai, DaNang and Marble Mtn. Chuck remembers GySgt Addams, 1stSgt Arms and Cpl. Putnam. Chuck transferred to 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. Chuck spent 18 months in Portsmouth US Naval Hospital and is 100% disabled today. Would like to hear from anybody who remembers me from Vietnam and anybody with info on Operation Lafayette Feb-March 1967; looking for contact after action reports.
 Bostard, Richard  EMAIL   I was with 1st amtracs on both of my tours A co. maint plt nov 66 to apr 67 then with H&S co maint plt aug68 to aug 69 mos 2142 .
 Bowan, Bill  EMAIL  Bill was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. 1968 and 69. Bill drove the medivac jeep for Corpsmen Rex Wanland and Gary Troupe and others I cant remember.
 Boyer, Patrick M. (Sgt)  EMAIL  Patrick was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. Tractor2-4 @CAP charlie 3 67/68.
 Brady, Joe  EMAIL  I was in 1st amtracs h&s co 1965-66 anybody remember me contact via email
 Bradley, Bill  EMAIL  Bill was with both 1st and 3rd Amtracs from 1969-70.
 Brakebill, Tom (Cpl.)  EMAIL  I am looking for information on my dad.. Cpl. Tom Brakebill from Peoria, Illinois. Looking to hear from anybody who served with him in the 1st armored amphibious battalion in 66, 67. Thank you guys for everything you did for our country."  
 Brasher, O'Neil E. (butch)  EMAIL  Was with Amtracs at CuaViet from Nov. 68 - DaNang area Feb. 70. I'm looking for Freddie Salazar, Danny Foisey, Denny Maroni, Smitty, Stan Cothern; he was with the boats at cua-viet i rode the river with him a lot on his mic boat. I got hit at ocean-view on dec 10th 67..some of the guys might think i was killed but i made it and made it back to cua viet and stayed in country till feb of 1970.  
 Breeden, Bill  EMAIL  Bill was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from 66-67. Chu Lai/Danang/An Hoa. Bill stated in the guestbook, "The pictures that Phil Anninos gave you look like some of the pictures I have in my scrap book." I guess Bill and Phil must know each other.
 Britt, Jack  EMAIL  Jack was with 1st Amtracs at CuaViet from Aug. 68 - May69 and then at 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. 4th platoon at An Hoa from May to Sept 1969.
 Britton, Jim  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th Plt. at Chu Lai from 5/66-6/67.
 Brooks, David  EMAIL  David was with 1st Amtracs; at Cua Viet from 1967-68.
 Broomall, Steve (Sgt)  EMAIL  Steve was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 3rd Plt. from Feb. 1968 - Oct. 69.
 Brown, Al..  EMAIL  Al was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co.; Comm. Unit. both at DaNang and CuaViet. Al left country in March, 1968 and he served with Mike Silverman, Rich Heag, Hank Ryla and Tom Solis, some of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice and never came home. Today Al Brown lives in Southern California and is a grandfather of 3 and loving it.
 Brown AR. (Cpl)  EMAIL  Was with 3rd amtracs A Co.4th plt. adams family. Mar.67-May68 on hill55 an hoa marble mountain. Anybody remember CA Ramey, Linwood Starnes. We are getting old guys email me at
 Brown Alan  EMAIL  Alan was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st plt. from Apr 67 to May 68.
 Brown, Bill  EMAIL   looking for a (then) Lieutenant Bickert who was detachment commander on a BLT out of Camp LeJune in 1972 and the last float of P5's.
 Brown, Ernest (SSgt)  EMAIL  I was in the 4th Plt B Co 3rd Amtrac, Sgt-SSgt Sept 66- Oct 67. I am making plans of going to the Vietnam Reunion in Freehold , NY 26-28 Jul. We had 2 LVT E1 with us out at Fort Apachey 105 Artillery CP near Hill 55 Jun - Aug 6 Section Leader of E1 was Sgt Ron Lute. I was a LVT P5 Section leader. Ernie Brown Third Annual Reunion
 Brown, Guy W.  EMAIL  Guy was with "A" Co. and "H&S" Co. from November 67-December 1968 at Cua Viet. Guy was a Radio Operator (2533) and would like to hear from anybody who was at CuaViet during the above dates.   
 Brown, Paul E. III  EMAIL  Paul was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. From April 66-September 67 at Chu Lai and then to DaNang; Hill 55. Paul says, "they had that great cook in the tankers mess hall. I rotated back to CONUS in May67. I remember gunny Addams'- 2ndPlt - 'The Addams Family' painted on the wood front for the 30cal.'s little fort we built on top of the gun cupola, dark green with dripping blood red lettering and ace of spades on the side of the tracs by the unit numbers and "sat cong" painted above the cards. WELCOME HOME BROTHERS-SEMPER FI love to here from anyone who might remember me or from Jack Comeau, 1st Sgt Arms or anyone else. I live in King of Prussia Pa. just outside of Philly. Let's change out an idler wheel or fix some ofthat Godawful busted track!   
 Brunette, Steve  EMAIL  "I was at marble mtn, hoi an and did river patrols .. does any one remember me; we cooked spam on a bilage grate .. was there from feb 68 till jun 68; was injured when I fell inside a fan well. I was a 2142 and worked on 3-b-27 3-b-28 and 3-b-29. I remember may of 68, seemes like yesterday and a arvn airplane crashing on the beach. I have pictures that match some faces I see on this page and will try to contact later; am too overwhelmed right now its so unreal to see this page, I was also at hoi an with the 2nd rok bgd.
 Bruno, Bob  EMAIL  Bob was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from the April splash at Cua Viet to Jan 25th, 68.
 Buel, Norm (MGYSGT) ret.  EMAIL  Norm served with 3rd Amtracs from Feb 69 till they redployed to the states in Nov 69. Was a Sgt at the time, platoon sgt as HQ platoon, Co A. Served time at Hill 37 and Hill 55 as replacement crews and vehicles for downed vehicles and crew shortages. Also participated in operations at Go Noi Island. I retired as a MGYSGT shortly after returning from Desert Storm.
 Bulman, Rick   EMAIL  Rick served with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. and writes, "I have had chills running down my spine as I read these comments. I was there that night and in the amtrac right next to the one that was blown up at the COC. I have been wondering how to get in touch with others and a friend gave me a print out from your website. I can't remember names of those I served with, but this might help bring some of it back. I was a SGT and radio operator (2531). I led some of those village patrols and was on the reactionary squad. I was there in 3rd Tracs, H&S CO, Marble Mtn, from the time the base camp was set up until August of '68. I had forgotten what our previous location was. Does anyone remember our pet dog F... O..? I remember that our CO, who's name I couldn't remember was the coolest Col in the Marines. He knew every one of us by our first names. I'd love to hear from some of you. I can be reached on my cell at (253) 350-2494. Blessings to you all.
 Burnett, Wayne  EMAIL  Wayne served with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. (Comm Chief for "B" Co. during his second tour). Wayne was with "B" Co. from 10/67-12/69. For the last 23 years Wayne has lived in Alaska with his wife. Wayne has two daughters and "Grandfather Wayne" has 5 Grandchildren.
 Bush, Karl  EMAIL  Karl was with 3rd Amtracs; May 69 to June 69. Karl had quite a bit to say when he gratiously signed my guestbook; I am certain he'd like to touch bases with any guys who remember him.
 Byers, Ray  EMAIL  Ray writes, "I was a corpsman at Cua Viet in 1967. I went out on patrols with platoons from all of the companys. Would like to talk to other corpsmen or marines that remember me.

 Cade, Paul (Sgt)  EMAIL  Paul served with 1st Armored Amphibian Co from June 67 until April 69. I was the crew chief on 12 - 12jr - 12III. Spent most of my 2 tours at the Cua Viet and OP Hawk (Hill 47) South of Danang. Lost my whole crew to WIA or KIA on March 1 68. Lt Thomas Gosch was KIA that day also. Semper Fi. .  
 Cailloutte, John  EMAIL  John 'Rambling Man' Cailloutte was with amtracs from 1967-68 as an RTO (2533). John asks, "Remember Jeff DeForce, Andy Anderson, Cpl Bibby who was killed going on patrol for me on my 19th birthaday (Feb 5,1968). I will never forget him! I feel he saved my life. Also will never forget s/sgt Yates. There are so many others I'd like to chat with if you remember me; I have lots of pictures.  
 Campbell, Pat  EMAIL  I served proudly with 3rd amtrac bn, 1rst Mar div "A" Co. 1rst pltn. I was on Hill 10, 27, 41 and 55 From 3-68 through 11-69. I was on several Ops including Oklahoma Hills. I remember that night "cinco de mayo" quite well. What an awakening to the REAL world at that time. Pat .  
 Cantiello, Tom  EMAIL  Tom served with 1st Amtracs from Feb 66 to Aug 67. Tom was at Chu Lai, Danang, Phu bai and Cua Viet. He served with Joe Wrenowski, Art Feliki, Charly Valentine--Comm and Dick Knoll (maint. man). If anyone knows where these men are today please notify me.
 Carroll, David  EMAIL  David served with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. from 1967-68. David was at Chu Ly, Danang and would like to hear from anybody that remembers him.
 Carter, Greg D.(PFC)  EMAIL  Greg served with 1st Amtracs "H&S" Co.; Headquarters Platoon.
 Carson (Kit) William  EMAIL  Bill served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. at Chu Lai Vietnam from July, 1966 to Aug. 1967. Have lots of Pics. Would like to keep in touch Bill.
 Casper, John D. (Cpl-Ret)  EMAIL  John served with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. John was wounded at Marble Mountain Sept7, 67. "SGT.Pinkston my platoon sgt was back at hill 327. If he was there, I never would have been wounded. SGT, Pinkston knew how to take care of his men. He was the best in combat."
 Casper, Mike  EMAIL  Mike served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st Plt. 3rdMarDiv
 Castle, Jerry  EMAIL   I was with the 1st ALVT next to the POL dump outside DA NANG.I served USMC in country '67 '68. We were with the ROK in support during a a sweep close to the sea just prior to TET '68. Our compound received motars and 130mm rockets after returning to Hoi An just after the start of the offensive.I beleive we were Charlie Company and were award the Vietnam Cross of Galantry with Palm for our service.I served in Fire Direction Control and would like to hear from some of the old volleyball Marines. . 
 Cersosimo, Dominic  EMAIL  Dominic served with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st Plt. 1967
 Chace, "Stub" Frank (Col-Ret.)  EMAIL  Col. Frank "Stub" Chace was the CO for 3rd Amtrac Battalion during my tour. His name is also mentioned on two other links:"  SAPPER ATTACK REPULSED  and at:  IN THE WIRE. 
 Chambers, Jack C. 
 EMAIL  I served with BCo & H&S CO 3d Amtrac 1965 to 1968 .
 Chapman, David  EMAIL  served in 1st AMTac Bn in 1962-1963 as a PFC in the S-3 office with Lt Duffy and GySgt Thole. Then Lt Smith taught me how to swim so that I could make LCpl. As I remember Lt Duffy loved his morning tomato juice. Later served as Adjutant for Col Chace and Col Molineaux at Camp Schwab.
 Chase, Allen (GySgt).  EMAIL  Allen was with 1st Amtrac bn; 3d mar "H&S co e-1 plt from July 69 to Feb 70 when the bn came home.
 Chedester, Tom  EMAIL  Tom was with 3rd Amtracs from 1965-August 1966.
 Childs, John C. III  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd and 3rd Platoons.
 Cinowalt, Dan  EMAIL  Dan served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. from March 66-April 67. Dan Arrived in country at Chu Lai, moved to the Danang area around April or May 66. Worked as a 2142 and would like to hear from anyone I was with.
 Ciullo, Vic  EMAIL  Arrived Viet Nam June 66 at Chulai. went to hill 55 namo bridge and hill 190. with "A" co. 3rd tracs. My trac was 3A23.
 Clark III, A.C.  EMAIL  I was in courtry Oct 69 till the 3rd pull out in 70 I operated with the ROK on several ops. While with B co 4th Plt My first op date was Nov 10 69 on Barrier Island till my Mech and I were medivaced out on the 17th. The last month in country we strung wire arond the General houch. it would be nice find some of the guys I knew then.
 Clark, Wayne  EMAIL  Wayne was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th plt from 67 to 68. His crew chief was Arlie Felch--KIA around Danang in mid 67. If anyone knew Arlie please email me. Also if anybody knew Cpl Rilk--KIA email me. Cpl. Rilk stepped on land mine while he and our CO were trying to get us out of a mine field.
 Clements, Thomas  EMAIL  Tom served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 4th Plt. from 1966-68. Tom writes, "This is very hard to do I thought I left Nam back in 1969.Well I was wrong its backin vivid color. Semper Fi T.C.
 Collins, Richard E.  EMAIL  Richard was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. Hdqtr's Plt. from April,68-May,69
 Collier, Robert L. (Cpl.)  EMAIL  Robert served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. from Feb. 1968-May 1969. His step son Mickey is looking for anybody who may have served with him. You can email him at the address provided with this info.
 Conn, Gale E.  EMAIL  Gale was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from 68 up until the night I got hit. There were ten of us wounded and two killed, this happen on the 27th of Feb. 69.
 Cox, Larry  EMAIL   Hellraiser on tracks between liberty bridge and an hoi in vietnam 1969.
 Counts, Russ.  EMAIL  Russ was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd Plt. from 12/66 to 7/67. "I was at DaNang, Cua Viet just south of Dong Ha and Cua Viet River when hit."
 Conely, Larry.  EMAIL  I served from November '67 until I was medivaced July '68. As Angeli noted above, I've been in touch with Ed Angeli, John Popp and Patrick Jones. I've also spent time with Bob (Butch) Lowrie who was wounded during the '68 Tet offensive.
 Converse, Tim  EMAIL  Tim was a Radio Operator with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 1st Plt. from March 67-Sept. 67 and then was with "H&S" Co. Returned to Nam 6 months later and was with 1/9 and wounded on "Dewey Canyon" in Feb. 1969. I'd like to hear from anybody who remembers me.  
 Cook, Richard.  EMAIL  Richard was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S Co. He writes, "I was a crew chief in H&S Company on May 4/5 and experienced the whole thing. I stumbled accross your web page by chance and could not believe that someone had written an account of this incident. Good for you." 
 Cook, Steve  EMAIL  Steve was with both 3rd and 1st Amtracs from 7/68-8/69. He writes, "Does anyone remember Ahn, from the gift shop/laundry on base in DaNang? I have some pictures of her and little Lee, who also worked in the shop. I'd sure upload what I've got if anyone is interested. I hung around with Wayne Brooks (Shortround, Ron Fergusson, Bill Bainey (Budha)." 
 Cooper, George  EMAIL  George was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 4th plt. as a radio operator from Jan 67 to Dec 67. Was mostly on Hill 55 lead by Gunny W.E.Adams. Many memories still vivid. I wouldn't mind hearing from some of the the guys who served in that outfit.
 Cooper, Terry  EMAIL  Terry was with 3rd Amtracs from Dec 66 to Jan 68. Interested in contacting fellow tractor rats who served at the same time .
 Correll, Mike  EMAIL  I was trained to be a how 6 guy (1833?) but when I got out of schools I was the only one (out of about 30 students) with west pac orders. Sent me to 1st tracs H&S Co.Cua Viet, who didn't have how sixes. I never got to know many people as they just kind of moved me from job to job. Filling sand bags and going on patrols kept me busy the 1st few months. Then I did a variety of things, company driver, office pog, river patrols, prison chaser and later was area defense nco. Have many pictures and a diary that I would be glad to share. I built a bunker and shared it with a corpsman named Fields I believe, and I went thru boot camp and schools with Joe Fiala. About the only person I've been in contact with is Brent Wonnacott who lives in Salt Lake. I Really enjoyed your pictures and welcome home to all. Semper Fi ... Mike Correll
 Cote, Armand  EMAIL  Armand was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. and "H&S" Co from 1969-70. I graduated as a 2142 in 68 and was top in class if anyone remembers me .
 Cowles, James A.(Cpl)  EMAIL  James was with "H&S" Co. (Maint PLT) from Jan,67 till Feb,68. We were in ChuLi then moved up to the Danang area (Hill 310) and later we moved out to the Marble Mountain site out past the mag-16 area. I was 2161MOS (repair shop machinist) in the maintainance platoon    
 Cowles, Jon  EMAIL  Jon was with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. (Maint PLT) which was also used as a Reactionary Plt. Jon remembers May5 well.
 Craver, Byron  EMAIL  Byron was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 3rd Plt. and was 2nd section leader 1969-70.
 Crawford, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 3rd Amtracs; "Comm" Plt. from 12/66-1/68. Mike writes, "we were in ChuLai and moved to a hill near DaNang in early 67 and moved to Marble Mountain in the summer of 67.
 Crenetz, Carl  EMAIL  Carl was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 1st Plt. on B13 from 1968-1969. Nickname was Capt Crunch or jew.
 Crimi, Anthony (Cpl)  EMAIL  Anthony was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 4th Plt. from 1966-67 at ChuLai and DaNang.
 Critz, Scott  EMAIL  I'm looking for the driver of the Amtrac that I was on when I was wounded. Happened on 8 October 1967. Driver had his left elbow blown off (I heard that they didn't have to remove the lower part of his arm). I'd just like to know his name and find out how he's doing.
 Crowley, George M.   EMAIL  Was Admin Chief from March 1968 to April 1969..I remember alot of the activity, even for an office pogg
 Cuenca, Bennie J.  EMAIL  Bernie was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; Maint.Plt. from 22 Aug. 66 through Nov.68 "I've been able to make contact with other marines that I served with and four of us got together for Mardi Gras 2007. It was a 40th year reunion the last time we were together was at Chu Lai & Da Nang."
 Culver, Joseph  EMAIL  Served with "A" Co. Maint Plt. from August 1967 to April 1969. Would like to hear from any one who served with me. Does any one remember Paul Gennaro?
 Cummings, Huey   EMAIL  Huey was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co; E-1 Plt. Huey was in Chu-Lai Dec '66 to June '67 moved to Danang til Dec '67.

 Dabkowski, Jerry (SKI)  EMAIL  Jerry was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. from June 68 to July 69. 2142. Spent most of my time at MY LOC, running ambushes, patrols, and ended up working G2 taking a boat ride up to Dong Ha and hitching to Quang Tri as a courier every day for my last two months. Boat was a 12 foot aluminium flat bottom with twin 50s and a crazy seabee driving for me. Actually ran right through a re-enforced NVA platoon crossing the river one night. I guess they didn't blow us away as not to be seen. Semper Fi, guys. SKI
 Dahlkamp, Mike (CWO-4)  EMAIL  Mike was with 3rd Amtracs; 69-70 when the battalion rotated back to the World. Mike wrote in my guestbook, "Was with Bn Maint as a young 2142 mechanic. Was there when VC mortored compound and ambushed a VC patrol early '70. Your picture of guard tower at Marble Mountain brought back many memories; I spent 30 days in that damn place......great seeing a page of amtracers. I just recently retired from the Corps (30 years) as a CWO-4 and I still love to talk about the P5."
 Dare, Bill  EMAIL  Bill was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co.; 3rd and 4th Platoons. At Cua Viet 3/67-4/68
 Dauzat, Ronald "Frenchie"  EMAIL  Frenchie was with 3rd AmTrac BN "B" Co. Arrived in Chu Lai in Jan. 67 with B Co. HQ plt. 3rd Trac moved to Da Nang in mid spring, moved to Marble Mountain with 1st plt. Left Feb. 15, 68.
 Davidson, Fred  EMAIL  Fred served with 3rd Amtracs from 1966-67.
 Davis, Edmond J.  EMAIL  Served with the 5th Amrtacks 5th Marine Corps Division 66-67 attached to 3rd Marines 2/3 3/3 was at the battle of Dai Do and other places like Marble Mountain, Chu Lai. I am now retired in Jax, NC and belong to IN-COUNTRY VIETNAM VETS of ONSLOW COUNTY NC.   
 Davis, Maxie S.  EMAIL  Max was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st Plt. from January 69 to July 1970. Max was at Hill 10, Hill 41 and Hill 55. 
 Davy, Don A. ( MSgt-Ret)  EMAIL  "I served with 1st Armored Amtrac Co. 11th Mar,1st MarDiv. Brought the company over by LST from Camp Del Mar.Served with 1st Plt from 8/66 to 3/68 when I got MedEvaced. Served for 25 years and How6's are among my best memories.  
 Dawson, John  EMAIL  John was with "A" Co. 1St Tracs 1966. Chu Lai, DaNang, Nam O Bridge. 
 Dawson, Ralph (CWO4 Ret).  EMAIL  I was raised by a whole sack full of the Amtracers listed, Mike Dahlkamp was teaching history at MCRD San Diego,(Mike and I were later class mates at WOBC-82 as 2110's) Dirty Al was teaching us how to be 2142's, Pinky was making me toe the line at B Co 1st Tracs, Rich Tedeschi was my Bn Maint O at 2nd Tracs, and chased me down at 3rd Tracs to be the first to congrat me on picking up WO. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND GUIDANCE "YAT YAS". 
 DeArza, Regis  EMAIL  Was with A co. 3rd Amtrac Bn. 1st Mar. Div. landed at Chu-lai in 1965. Who remembers the armored column ambush on the first day of operation Starlight? was with the rescue column that also got ambushed, bad day for amtracs. During my Marine Corps days had the great opportunity to serve as crewman on LVT-H6 way back in 62, LVT-P5 and LVT-E1 crewchief. Got an opportunity to visit Del Mar in 98, went down to the tractor park watched one of the new amtracs cross the turning basin and go into the car wash, brought back great memories. What a great vehicle.
 DeBelllis, Joe  EMAIL  Joe was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. LVT Plt. from 1968-69 Joe was CrewChief on H-17.
 Decker, Willis  EMAIL  Willis was with both 1st Amtracs and 3rd Amtracs while in Vietnam.
 Delaney, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. Comm Plt. from 1966-67. Mike was at DaNang and up to CuaViet. WELCOME HOME TO ALL MY BROTHERS!!!
 DeLong, Richard D.  EMAIL  Richard Served with 2nd Amtrac Bn in 1972 as a radio repairman and was a L/cpl at the time. Received orders to Nam in Oct. 72 and was in Nam till the mess ended. Looking for a friend named Mike Atkins from Dubuque, Iowa. Anyone know him or anyone else with 2nd Bn in 72?.
 Delp, James J.J. (Cpl)  EMAIL  James was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from 66 to 67 at Hill 55. Was a Crew Chief C47.
 Deschamp, Don  EMAIL  Don was Tractor rat in "H&S" Company and 2nd Platoon, "B" Company, 3rd Amphibian Tractor Battalion, 1965 to Fall 1967.
 Diamond, David  EMAIL  David was HM2 with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from early 1966- Sept. 67 on an extended tour. David was at Chu Lai and Danang.
 Diamond, Stanley  EMAIL  Stanley was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from May 1967- Feb. 68. Stanley was medivaced during TET68.
 Dibento, Dee  EMAIL  3rd amtracs 67 68 AnHoa
 Dixon, Ben (Cpl)  EMAIL  Ben was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. as a radio operator (2531) from October 68 until they left country. Ben went to 26th Marines at Hai Van pass and was there until med-evaced out due to a jeep wreck in March, 70.
 Donahue, Tom Jr. (Sgt)  EMAIL  Tom was with 1st Amtracs in 1965 and 66 and was around Marble Mountain.
 Donegan, Jim (SSgt)  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; Battalion S-4 from late March 67 to mid April 68. At ChuLai, DaNang and Marble Mtn. Jim writes, "Remember being overrun around Christmas 67 and we got support from a Puff gun ship. What a light show. I was one of the guys who bartered (borrowed) two 6xs full of lumber from the Seebee base to build those clubs. It cost us a box of combat boots, war souvenirs and the chevrons off my collar at the time. Looking to hear from Gunny McFadden, Cpl Jenkins our armorer and Telzrow from S-1.
 Dostal, Paul  EMAIL  Paul was with 3rd AmTrac BN "H&S" Co. Comm Plt(2841) Aug 68-Jan 69.Then B Co Float w/26th Marines. Great photos. Can remember the faces not all the names. 1st Lt Hribar was Plt Cmdr. Thanks for the memories. Semper Fi to all of you fellow warriors and for serving your country.
 Dougherty, Roy  EMAIL  Roy was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th plt. from May 67-Aug 68. He writes, "I arrived in country (RVN), in May of '67 was attached to B Co 4th Plt. 3rd Amtrac Bn. First at Chu Lai, then Na Nang (2/1), Moving to Marble Mt. while Sea Bees built a base camp. The Plt. then was attached to BLT 3/1 and that's where I stayed until I rotated in August of '68, I was an 1833 Amtrac Crewman on Tractor 3B 45. Drop a note if anyone remembers.Roy.

 Ebert, Dave "Doc"  EMAIL  Dave served with 3rd tracs May 69-70, H&S A, B , Co's. Am life member of VVOA #317 in KC, MO
 Eekhof, Larry (Cpl)  EMAIL  Larry was with 3rd Amtracs; from December 66 at DaNang, then moved to Cua Viet with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. LVTs. He was wounded in the summer of 1967 while under a rocket attack and was medevaced out. Larry is looking to reconnect with anyone from 1st Amtracs, in particular Nean or Aviles.
 Elfving, Doug  EMAIL  Doug also was a radio operator (2531) with "B" Co. 3rd tracs. "I have a couple of pictures that i can send you if you would like also. I'm looking for Pappy Ammerman, Clarence Bagwell (from Bowling Green, Kentucky), Andy Anderson (Lake Oswego, Oregon) or Gunny Agrees. I'm in touch with Lt. Steve Day who was my platoon cmdr. out at An Hua/Phu Loc 6."
 Elliott, Alan  EMAIL  Jan69 I arrived in Vietnam and was assigned to 3rd amtrac hdqtr as a clerk. I patrolled around chin strap, crows nest and kim ville. I helped A, B and C company on re-supply runs down south; mostly mail runs and equipment.
 Epperson, Sam Sr. (SgtMaj-Ret)  EMAIL  Sam served with 1st Amtracs; 1965~1966 (Okinawa/RVN), 5th Tracs (Amgrunts w/ 1/26 & 2/26)1968~1969 (RVN). Keep the faith and stay the course, and check your damn hull plugs. Semper Fi. YAT-YAS

 Fairless, Robert  EMAIL  Robert was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; E-1s; 1966-68."
 Falardeau, Richard  EMAIL  Served in Amtracs (1833) Vietnam 1966-1967,Danang,and Chu lai
 Falotico, James   EMAIL  James was with "A" Co. 1St Tracs 1966. Chu Lai, DaNang, Nam O Bridge.
 Farley, Michael  EMAIL  Mike was with 1st Amtracs "B" Co.; 1st Plt. 3B12 from March 1969 to Febuary 1970.
 Farmer Ray F, Jr.  EMAIL  Ray was with 1st Amtracs "A" Co.; 1st Plt. from March 1965 to 1966 at ChuLai and Danang.
 Farrell, Paul  EMAIL  Paul was with 3rd amtracs; "A" Co; 4th plt on trac # 3A44 at Hill 55 and also Chu Lai 1966-67. My comment is that the 3rd Tracs up north did the job better than any unit could do. But we all forget about the other trac units @ Hill 55; An Hoa Liberty Road and Bridge . Us southern trac units had our times also. do not forget about us!
 Farrell, Tim  EMAIL  Tim was with 3rd amtracs; "A" Co; from Jan.1967-Jan68. Tim served with Phil Anninos and is currently trying to compile a history of that time in Vietnam. Tim is also looking for anybody who knew Russ Page.
 Felmlee, Chuck  EMAIL  Chuck Served with a H-6 (How-6) platoon near DaNang from 1965 to 1966. Crew members included Foster, Ed Kennedy, and "Ski" Happy to hear from anyone during that era. Chuck wrote to me that Hill 327 is where he "believed" his base camp was located but if his memory is like mine (suffering over the years) Chuck is remembering the best he can. "What else can we do but try out best to remember?"
 Fisher, Paul  EMAIL  Paul was with 3rd Amtracs at CuaViet from 1/68-12/69. I then went to DaNang til 9/69 and would really love to hear from other tractor rats from my plt.
 Fischer, Mike  EMAIL   Mike was a 2841 radio repairman/operator with B Co. 1st Tracs from 12/68 (at C-4)till they started packin em up to leave in 69. I was then with H&S in the Cadre company holdin the fort at Cua Viet til I was transferred to 3/12. Lookin for a few guys like "Stanley", Herman, Robles, "Jew", Sgt. Perry. PR, Sam & Tiny fronm 4th Plt. And any body else who wants to hook up. Welcome Home!
 Fitzgibbons, Fitzy  EMAIL  Fitzy writes: I was a How sixer 1st Arm. Amph. Co. 2nd plt. 2nd sec. all over Nam 55, 47,10,Hoi-An,Cua-Viet,C-4,A-2. We went out on ops with everyone like to hear from my Bros., Hinkle, Pat,Zerk,Drisc,Roach,Foster, Demont dead Bros. Farewell King D!!!
 Foley, Joel (Sgt.)  EMAIL   This web site has brought back events that I had completly errased from memory. I arrived in Danang in Dec66 as a 2161 assigned to 1st Amtracs. While still at Danang I 'volunteered' to be Enlisted Club Mgr. I served beer to all of you guys for over a year and can't remember a single name. I do recall that we got hit really hard the first night that we arrived at Cua Viet! I think it was all mortars just to welcome us all. I remember showers from a wing tank and some talk of a chaplain that wouldn't come out of the hole after a rocket/artillary attack. I recall the night Sgt Kistler's patrol got hit by long rounds and he was killed. I am sorry to say that I didn't even know the camp was named for him until this past year. I left the Corps as SSgt in Aug68 after almost 11 years, and 1st Amtracs is among the best I ever served with. Semper Fi!
 Foster, Chris (GySgt)  EMAIL  Chris served with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; and "H&S" Co. (0351/1833) from 1965-69 having done three tours. January 1969 Chris' tractor hit a 500 lb. command detonated mine. Chris was hospitalized until July 1972. Chris receives 100% disability so I can only imagine how much damage was caused because like most Marines, he didn't mention the severity of his wounds when he wrote to me. He did write though, "SEMPER FI, Chris"!
 Fox, Ralph  EMAIL  Looking for Marines in E-1 Plt. 1967 68 CuaViet
 Frank, Robert E.  EMAIL  Frank served with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Col; 4th Plt. at An Hoa. "Lets Stop FiGHTING Knox, Edwards, Brown."
 Franklin, Herb  EMAIL  Herb Served with 3rd Amtracs; 1st plt. 09/66-01/67 ChuLia area and would like to hear from other tread heads.
 Frapier, Vic  EMAIL  Vic served with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co.-Maint. Vic writes, " Re: In the wire 4may68. It was the echo 1 patrol that first encountered the enemy force, which breached our battalion. We were ambushed at approx 2000 hrs, and bailed out by our react force. Myself and Carl Oscar Pearson [that I know of], were evacuated by covoy to the NSA facility that evening for medical care. Carl was my point man,and died of his wounds on May 8th. I was discharged because of my injuries.I returned to Vietnam in Nov 1974, and visited the ambush and base camp area. Cement slab where the mess tent was, and the road going into camp, was all that remained. Semper Fi."
 Frawley, Jim (Msgt-Ret.)  EMAIL  Jim was a Welder with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. 1/67-9/68 and recals the events of May 5, 1968 in my guestbook. He also said, "One of the people killed that night was Ron Childs, a trac mechanic from St. Louis. God Bless all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice that night and any other time."
 Frazier, Joe  EMAIL  Served (nov68-nov69) with the 3rd at Marble mt., hill 10. Then with the 5th tracs on a float with 26 marines(I think).
 Freeland, Peter  EMAIL  Peter served with 1st Amtracs; 6/69-7/70. Was at CuaViet & Okinawa. Worked in Hdqs.Co. Battalion Supply and today lives in Brooklyn,NY. Peter works for the NYC Transit.
 Freiberg, Jeff (SSGT-RET)  EMAIL  Jeff served with 3rd Amtracs. "I was with THE ADDAMS FAMILY from Mar67-Aug67 3A-47."
 French, David (L/Cpl)  EMAIL  David served with 3rd Amtracs; 4th plt from 6/67-8/68. Like most of us, Fred is looking for old buddies from 3rd tracs.
 Frerichs, Roger (Fritz)  EMAIL  Fritz served with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from Nov. 67-early 70 ... " when the entire Bn. came home via LST's. Spent April '68-Jan'70 in 1st Plt. on Hills 10, 41 and 55. Med-evacked to USN Hospital on Guam mid-69 for a couple months to get sewed up. I remember Cpl. Tony Eversull well, he was one of A Co's radio techs, KIA when the LVT he was on hit a mine. Also remember Ralph Lydon from PA and Mark Madsen, both 1833's KIA. Went to Hong Kong for R&R w/Madsen. Anyone remember a Dobbinski from WI, Cpl Newbery from MI, "Pappy" (radio man) from FL? Or a Cpl Walt Taylor from Miss., '68-'69? Taylor was quiet, unassuming, & my first crew chief on 3-A-110 on Hill 10. He always wanted to be a cop like his Dad so when he got out he became one in his hometown and was killed in the line of duty....still unsolved.
 Furlong, Tim  EMAIL  I see a number of names here that I remember. Clements, Tommy Slagle, Wayne Burnett. Slagle and I arrived and left 3rd Amtracs together (May 67 - Jun 68). Wayne and I were in B Co Comm together. We were with 4th Plt when we were assigned to the ROK Marines. During the first week with the ROK's much of the platoon was wounded. Gunny Pennybaker was the platoon sergeant...a true PROFESSIONAL MARINE...he had 28 years in the Corps. Last I saw of the Gunny, he had orders for Embassy Duty! I was on 3-B-46 with Stan Gill on 1-17-68 and I was wounded when the gooks hit us while we were in the river hauling a company of ROK's. 1 ROK was killed and 2 ROK's and I were wounded during the firefight. Our C/O, LTC SHUFORD and his driver "Frenchy" Gaudette arrived on scene while we were waiting for medevac. (the remainder of Tim's comment can be seen in guestbook-Dec 16, 2003)

 Gaddis, Douglas K.  EMAIL  Douglas served with 3rd Amtracs from 12/66 - 08/67; medevaced out and home.
 Galligan, Pat S.  EMAIL  Pat served with 3rd Amtracs and rotated back to the states in April 68. "Stub was Bn XO and I was the Bn S-3 at the time."
 Galloway, Gene.  EMAIL  "I was with A Co 5th Tracs in 1969 as a radio operator. Was on Bold Mariner I & II plus Eager Pursuit I & II."
 Gambill, Chuck ("Chief")  EMAIL  1st Amtracs; 3rd Marines Alpha Co 1966-1968. Landed in Da Nang in Dec 66 as part of an amtrac battallion. Some time in March of 67 we left Da Nang and our Amtracs and went up to our base camp along the South China Sea and the Dong Ha River. We would make 25-30 day treks north of the Dong Ha River towards the DMZ looking for enemy strong holds or NVA storage or supplies on September 6 we were ambushed just inland from the South China Sea and recieved heavy casualties. Anyone that was there during that time or knows of these events please contact me. This is the first time since the war that I have tried to contact anyone as these memories are still very painful. Also I would like to hear from anyone that served under Lt. Jenkins that was wounded the same day as I I have several home movies of Camp Kistler if someone would like to see them. Email me and I will send you the links. I also have still photos. I was in 1st Amtracs 3rd Marines Alpha Co. and the pics are of Camp Kistler May or June of 1967 .
 Garner, John C. (Sgt)  EMAIL  John served with 1st Amtracs; "H&s" Co. Comm-Elec Plt. from 9/66-10/67. John writes, "Looking for others who where there at the same time like "Motor T" guys Sgts. Friend and Kidd. "Comm Plt" guys such as S/Sgt.Yates, Sgt Gene Altland, Sgt. Greenleaf, Cpl. Bill Denby, Willie Exum, and any other persons who can tell me what happened after I left when the unit was over run. Oh yes, I can't forget Moon Mullens (Sgt). Sgt Smith (Smitty) wounded and med-evaced around Aug or Sept 67.
 Garnet, Dave D.  EMAIL  Dave served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. from 11/67-10/69. Like most of us, Dave is looking for old buddies from 3rd tracs. His tractor had Tigers on the side and his call sign was "CoolCats." Dave retired from the USMC in 1989 after 22 years.
 Gawrys, Ken   EMAIL  Ken served with 3rd tracs E1s from sept 68-march69. was on operation feb69 when E1 blew up
 Gerdeman, Joe  EMAIL  Joe was with 3rd Amtracs, "H&S Co. from 1968-69. Joe writes, "Want info on anyone or from anyone who was with 3rd Tracs and was on foot patrol Nov. 68 when Kurt Hussmann was KIA and I and two other Marines were wounded (booby trap)." Joe was wonded on foot patrol in November, 1968.
 Gesumaria, Phil  EMAIL  Hoping to hear from anybody that served with H&S Co. 1st Tracs 3rd MarDiv CauViet 67-68. Some knew me as Jesse. I would especially like to hear from Mike Correl. Semper Fi
 Goldstein, Bob  EMAIL  Bob served with 1st Amtracs as a 2531 up in Cua Viet.
 Gomez, David  EMAIL  David served with "H&S" Co.; 1st Amtracs from Feb to May 69 then was with 3rd Amtracs, "B" Co. David did all his time on "B-47" May and June 69 was on operation "Pipe Stone Cyn" then worked with the ROKMC until unit returned to Hawaii in march 70.
 Gonzalez, John R. (Sgt.)  EMAIL  John was at Cua Viet, Nov.`67-Dec.`68, with Amtracs, maint.platoon "the south china sea bordered our camp along the cua viet river.hope to hear from anyone who was there with the rest of us. Semper Fi."
 Gorman, Leonard (Sgt)  EMAIL  Leonard writes, "Great page, I never thought I would ever find anyone from 3rd tracs, found 3 guys I remembered. I was at Hill 357 and at Marble Mt., there during the Tet overrun and on the reactionary squad during that time. In H&S Co., worked in S-2. Ran several patrols around the perimeter, the ville and the mountains
 Graf, Mike  EMAIL  Mike served with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. 2/4 Float Bn. from 1967-68.
 Greenspan, Douglas J.(last name changed to Vaughn)  EMAIL  Doug served with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. from Sept 67 to Oct 68. I recently published a novel which covers two generations. In the second half one of the main characters does 2 tours in Vietnam. One with 1st Amtracs. It can be orcered throuh Amazon or Barnes & Nobles websites by putting in the title "From the Heights" and my name Douglas J. Vaughn. I would love to hear from everybody.
 Guenther, Dan  EMAIL  Dan served with 3rd Amtracs from July, 1968 to February, 1970, both in HQ Company and Alpha Company. As Platoon Leader for First Platoon, Alpha Company, supported 3/7 at Hill 10 on Operation Oklahoma Hills; 1/1 and 3/1 off of Hill 55 on Operation Pipestone Canyon (Go Noi Island); and the Fifth Marines down at An Hoa and Liberty Bridge. After Vietnam served with 2rd Amtracs at Courthouse Bay before leaving active duty.

 Haiser, Keith (the field marshall)  EMAIL  Keith was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. blt 1/5 Feb-Jun 66; transfered to "B" Co. at Chu Lai, then on to Da Nang, for a 6 month extention where I found 2 land mines in 3 months; stateside to lvtpx12 project. y.a.t.y.a.s=you aint tracs you aint shit. semper fi devil dogs!
 Hale, Bruce  EMAIL  Bruce was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; Radar Plt. from December 1967 to April 68. Spent most of my time up at C-4.
 Hale, Terry (Coco-Nut)  EMAIL  Terry (Coco-Nut) served with 1st Amtracs; 68-69. He also served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. in 1969.
 Hall, Lester R.  EMAIL  Lester was with 3rd Amtracs; "C" Co.; 4th Plt at An Hoi 1967 to 1970. Made lots of river crossings.    
 Hann, Carl (L/Cpl)  EMAIL  Carl was with "H&S" Co. 3nd Amtrac Bn 1stMarDiv at Marble Mtn.   
 Hannon, Jim  EMAIL  Jim served with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. 4th plt. at Chu Lai 9/66 to spring/67. Then he transfered to 1st Amtracs at Da Nang and later CuaViet.
 Harms, John E. (Col.-Ret.)  EMAIL  Col. Harms was the Commanding Officer (last one) of the 1st Armored Amphibian Company, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division. We had LVTH6A1 gun systems at Ho An with the Korean Marines (six guns) along with my organic Fire Direction Center. Took command from Maj.Ray Berling on 15 May 1968 and relieved/cadred (More info about Col Harms can be found in guestbook entry on homepage.)
 Haroldson, Harlan (Sgt.)  EMAIL  Harlan was with 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. from 1966-67. Harlan wrote in my guestbook, "looking for info on 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. from 1966-67."
 Harris, H.B. (Cpl)  EMAIL  HB Harris was with 1st Amtracs; from 65 to 66. His Co. moved around from Da Nang to Phu bai and spent some time on Thun An island at the mouth of the Perfume river. HB hasn't had any contact with anybody since he left and would be glad to answer any calls.
 Hart, Michael  EMAIL  Michael served with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co; P-5 Plt. from 1968-69. I remember Aug23-26 like it was yesterday; I was on Bunker 1 by the main gate. Like to know when the next Amtrac Reunion is and would like to hear from any amtracers.
 Hartford, Joe  EMAIL  Joe was 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. from October 66 - November 67. Joe writes, "I was a radio operator. And the platoon I was with were with 2nd Batt 5th Marines at An Hoa from about Dec 66 until I left the country. I would like to hear from anyone who was with me.
 Harty, Don (Cpl)  EMAIL  Don was with 3rd Amtracs; "HQ" Co. from 12/66 to 10/67. He was at ChuLai and DaNang as a welder and electrician in Engineer section w/ Gunny Gallion and Sgt Diprita (SP??) Don returned home Friday the 13th of October, 1967.
 Harwood, Gerry  EMAIL  Gerry served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 1966.
 Hatch, Chuck  EMAIL  Had a plt. in B Company and was assigned to ROK Marines mosting around Hoi An. 1968.
 Hatch, R.D.)(SSgt)  EMAIL  Rusty joined 1st Armored Amphibian Company in Cal. in summer '66 and served with them in the Fire Direction Center at Da Nang,Marble Mountain, and with the ROKMC(2nd ROK Marine Brigade) at Hoi An. I left country June'68 and would like to hear from anyone I served with during that time. Jack Ralph,Jim Gringich,Sgt.Wilson,Ken Larsen and any others. Got out in '69 as SSGT. Simper Fi. /span>
 Hawkins, David  EMAIL  David served with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. Hq plt. at Cua Viet from July 68-July 69 and I've got lots of pictures and if I ever get a scanner I will send photos to whoever wants em.
 Hayes Jack (Sgt).  EMAIL  Jack served with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1966-69
 Haynes, Bernard D.(Cpl)  EMAIL  Bernard served in Dong Ha unit FLSG B 2142. As a repairman, Bernard was sent to 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. which at the time was at the mouth of the Cua Viet River. Bernard served in Nam from 9/67-10/68 and would like to know if there's anybody out there who knew Cpl. Wayne Ward--KIA on the Cua Viet River on 1/68? Bernard lives in Buffalo, NY today.
 Headon, Lyle G.  EMAIL  Lyle was crechief of 210 amtrac Jan 65-Dec66
 Heath, Conrad  EMAIL  Conrad was with 1st Amtracs from 1966-67.
 Heath, David  EMAIL  David writes "served under David Sconyers on Okinawa and VietNam. Was great to see someone I knew back then. God Bless You All."
 Heidekrueger, Robert  EMAIL  I served with the 1st Marines 3rd Amtrac\'s from aug.66 till sept.67 had Barry Isom and Walt Stewart as my crewmen Was in Chu Lai from aug.66 till may 67, then went up to Da Nang and hill 65 till my rotation home in sept.67.
 Herron, Dave (SgtMaj)  EMAIL  Dave was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th Plt. from 1966-67. Retired after 26 years. It would be great to hear from anybody who served with me. Semper Fi Marines.  
 Hoffman, Richard  EMAIL  Served with S-2 Scout/Snipers from October 1966 to November 1967. Was at Hill 55 and Khe Sanh. Semper Fi!   
 Hogan, James Larry  EMAIL  joined 3rd amtrac bn in dec 1963. stayed with the bn until dec 1966. I was a 2531 voice radio operator all that time with different groups. Landed in nam with 1st div in may 65 at chu lai and stayed there until dec 66. washed my clothes in the creek leading to the ocean. Don't really remember a lot of names or details. Have seen posts on here that mention cpl green, lt. gill. both of these men i knew well. also sgt tony morris, comm chief, steve borgstadt, charles zebrowski, don hughes, lt turner, cpl brown, and a radio repairman we called droopy. anyone rembering of these men please contact me. Larry Hogan (hogie) at 407-649-0035 or write 431 e. jersey st orlando fl. 32806 love being a MARINE. SEMPER FI!  
 Hollar, Lonnie  EMAIL  Lonnie served with 5th Amtracs; "A" Co. at the mouth of the Cua Viet river in late 66 and 67.
 Holmes, David  EMAIL  I was in 3rdAMTracs located near Marble Mtn but left in Feb68. I'd heard the base had been overrun but never spoke w/anyone later that had been there at the time. I think when I left the CO of my company was a Lt VanJanke
 Hoodenpyle, Chuck (Cpl)  EMAIL  Chuck spent almost 2 years with 1st alvts. Would like to here from you, I was with maint. platoon but spent most time with platoons in bush.
 Hukill, William T.  EMAIL  William was with 3 Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; and was wounded on Feb 19, 1968 while on patrol.
 Houser, Randal  EMAIL  Randal was with: A co. 2nd plt. from Feb. 67 to Mar.68. Better known as koolaid kid.
 Hopkins, Charles  EMAIL  Charles served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 4th plt. from 1967-68.
 Horn, Tom  EMAIL  Tom was with 1st ALVTH-6's from Aug '66 to Nov '67. I was 1plt's radio op.
 Hummel, James  EMAIL  James served with 1st Amtracs "B" Co. 1st plt. from 8/65-9/66. James was on B-13 "Gone With The Wind" was painted on the drivers side and "Rolling Death" on the crewchiefs side.
 Humphries, Fred  EMAIL  Fred served with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. at Cua Viet.
 Humphrey, Michael  EMAIL  Michael served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st Plt. 05/07/65-06/16/66 Chu lai, Da Nang.
 Hunter, W.R.  EMAIL  JR served with both 3rd Amtracs and prior to that he was with 5th Amtracs "A" Co. 1st Plt. 26th Marines.
 Hurd, Martin K  EMAIL  Martin was with 3rd Amtracs
 Hutchinson, Michael, Sr.  EMAIL  Michael was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 1st Plt. on 3b11 as a crewman and crewchief on 3b16 from 1966-67.

 Isom, Barry C.  EMAIL  Barry served with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co 1-3 from Jan. 67 to March '68. I would like to hear from anyone who was on Hill 10 in Jan. or Feb. '68. We were supporting Bravo 1-7.

 Jacquith, Jake  EMAIL  Served with 1st Armored 1968 until they were Cadred 1970 First Co was Col PJ Saxton (ret) Last one wasCol J E Harms (ret) Made the whole tour for How6es Cau Viet to Hoi An many ops in between and of course Hill 47 This page is great brings back many memories most of them good Semper Fi Jake .
 Jennings, Dwight, (Sgt)  EMAIL  Dwight served in "A" co. 4th plt. Aug.67-July68 close to end of tour, was transferred to 1st plt.
 Jenkins, Craig  EMAIL  Craig was in 1st Plt Bravo Co, 3rd Tracs Okinawa 65,Chu Lai in 66. 5th Tracs at Delmar in 67 until Feb. 68 when I went back to Vietnam with Lima Co. 3rd Bat. 27th Marines.
 Jensen, Harley "Chopper"  EMAIL  Harley was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. LVT Plt. at Cua Viet from Jan. 1968 to Feb 1969. "I'd love to hear from anybody from my old platoon if you're out there.
 Jessamy, Charlie  EMAIL  Charlie was an RTO (2533) with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from June 1968-69 .
 Johnson, Art  EMAIL  1st Tracs 'AMGRUNTS' March 67 to Jan 68. B. Co. B1B24 Camp Kistler and the Cua Viet. Served all along the DMZ to include Ghio Linh and Dong HA as well as Con Thien. Served with Terry Pitts. He is on the wall.33E 21. Semper Fi. Anyone knowing Winston Self call or E Mail me. I know Rick from his Forum.
 Johnson, Ed (Sgt.)  EMAIL  Ed was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. from September 1968- March 70 .Ed is looking for Guy Knak and Glen Kirkpatrick.
 Johnson, Jim  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs at Marble Mtn from 1967-68. "I came over with 1stplt. 5th Amtracs and would be interested in hearing from anyone in the platoon."
 Johnson, John  EMAIL  John would be happy to hear from any amtracers.
 Johnson, RD  EMAIL  RD Johnson was with 1st Tracs; "B" Co.; 4th Plt. in Aug 1966-Sept 1967 at Hill 55, Marble Mtn, Cau Viet and a float on the Qgden during Dechouse operations. JD would like to here from anybody who he served with.
 Johnson, Rick  EMAIL  Rick served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. from March 66 to March 1967. Rick says, "Was at Namo Bridge in May-'66, South towards DaNang 'bout 1/2 way--don't recall the Grunt unit--till Aug. '66. Then down by HoiAn with 1/1. I crew chiefed 1A12 the majority of the time. I'd like hearing from Tractor Rats I served with
 Joy, Jack, E. (GySgt)  EMAIL  Jack wrote in my guestbook: "Served with Amtracs in Vietnam in 65-66 and 69-70." I am waiting to hear and see if he sends any more additional info.
 Jones, Chris  EMAIL  Chris served with 1st Amtracs "B" Co. 1st Plt. from 1967-69 Cua Viet, Sand City, Ocean View and Coco Island and I'm putting my name out here in the hopes that I'm reunited with some of my old Vietnam buddies or maybe some new ones.
 Jones, Don  EMAIL  Don served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. from 1969-70 as a 2142. Don wrote, "I was at Marble Mtn. (glorified Barrel Burner) and was attached to the ROKS on Barrier Island. When the tracs pulled out, I strung a lot of wire on Generals Mtn DaNang then rotated back to Okinawa. Anyone who thinks they know me send me a note."
 Jones, Gary  EMAIL  Gary served with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; Maint. Plt. from April 1967- May 68 as a 2142. Gary was also served as Defense NCO for "H&S Co.; '67."
 Jones, Patrick  EMAIL  Patrick was with 3rd Amtrac Bn Feb '68 thru Mar '69 -- 1st few months H&S Co. at Marble Mountain (I was on guard duty in the tower the night of May 5th), thought mostly as maintenance chief (2142) with 3rd Pltn (Friendly Cats), Bravo Co. with the ROKs near Hoi An.
 Jones, Phillip  EMAIL  Phillip Jones paid the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE while serving in Vietnam with amtracs. His brother, Ron writes: My older brother, Phillip Jones was an amtrac driver during the same time you served in Viet Nam. I was wondering if you or anyone else remembered him. He was KIA in January 1969 while serving as a 2ndLT.  
 Jones, Robert  EMAIL  Robert served with A co 1st Amtrac Bn 3rd marines 1965-66 on tractor alpha 15 with road runner on side.  
 Jordon, Jim  EMAIL  Served in 1st Tracs, B Co., 4th Plt. and H&S Co., 10/66-11/67. I remember the following names. Bonhner, Schmidt, Lt. Sullivan, GySgt Lawrence "Schooch", Sgt Echols, Tom Soliz, Bruno, Cpl Hamilton from PA (?), Bonamichi brothers(?), Gonzalez, SSgt Marta, Vargas was my Cpl. Crew Chief. PFC Delaney was my driver after becoming Chief on B-42. Ran at Marble Mountain, Hill 55, Cua Viet, Deckhouse etc.  

 Karpinski, Leo  EMAIL  Leo served with 3rd 8" Howitzers; Hue-Phu Bai, Hill 55. Jan. 69 to Feb 69. Looking for Mike M.J. Johnson, Alpha, 3rd tracks, 68-69, and former first Lt. Ronald E. Crane 0100149. Semper Fi.
 Kawtoski, Stan (E-4)  EMAIL  Stan was with 3rd Amtracs "A" Co.; 4th Plt. (Radio repair/Operator) from September 1965 to January 1966 at ChuLai. I rode in the tractor with Cpl. Green. I was a radio repairman for the platoon. I then was transferred to "A" company 1st amtracs up the beach. We left a month later for Danang.
  Keagle, Rich "Doc"   EMAIL  Rich was with 3rd Amtracs 1968-1969 .
 Keegan, John (Maj. Ret)  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs from 1968-1969 as S-3, Xo, CO & S-4. "Proud to have served with you all Marines."
 Kehres, Dennis  EMAIL  Dennis served with 3rd Amtracs from 1967-1968.
 Kellers, (Mike) M J   EMAIL  3rd Mar. Div. 1st Tracs B Co 4th Plt -BLT 2/4 -B-49 -'67-'68.
 Kelly, J.R.  EMAIL  J.R. was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 2nd Plt. from 66 to 67.
 Kelly, Rick L.  EMAIL  Rick served with 3rd Amtracs 10/67-12/68. H&S COC Hello to all. May 5th 68.
 Kennedy, Tim  EMAIL  Tim was with 2nd Amtracs and 3rd Amtracs; 1964-1968. Chu Lai 65/66. "I found a lost buddy, Buck Stout, 3rd Plt. A Co. 3rd tracs Chu Lai ,another old "rattle box"driver.
 Kilgallon, Ford  EMAIL  Looking for anyone who served with me in 1969 with 1st amtrac H & S co 3rd Marines in cua viet or outpost C-4 and oceanview .
 Kimble, Al (Sgt).  EMAIL  Al was with 1st Amtracs; 3rd Plt. from Oct. 67 to July 69. "I'm searching for: terry burns Mike Burke Trammel Rushing Jonhnie Chandler Dwanye Copland Dalles Brother Kale .
 Kleppen, Dennis (MGySgt-Ret)  EMAIL  Dennis served with 1st Tracs from 1/67 through 6/69 and and 3rd Tracs from 12/69 through 6/70. Served with many great Marines as a mech, crewman, battalion scout, CAP unit member. Still an amrtacer at heart I'm working on the P7's that go on our MPF ships. Once one always one. Met Mike Dahlkamp when he was a boot to Nam and I was his first squad leader in country.
 Kleparski, Eugene ("Gene or SKI")  EMAIL  Gene served with 3rd Amtracs from 1968-69. Gene writes, "my trac had a rebel flag on the cewcheifs side and the name rebel. We had a Lt. Metcalf in charge.
 King, Edward E.  EMAIL  Edward was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. LVT-E1s May 1969 through Feb. 1970. "I heard many tales about May 1968 and also the day an E1 blew up with 3000 lbs of C4 and 7 Marines aboard
 King, Kevin  EMAIL  Kevin was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 3rd & 4th Plts from 67-1970. Kevin and I served together and IS one of my BEST friends!
 Koller, Joseph R. (Sgt.) EMAIL  Joe was with 3rd tracs in 69 and left in Oct.
 Koone, Gene EMAIL  Served with B Co.,1st. Amtracs on Okinawa (64-65) and with H&S Co., 1st Amtracs in Vietnam (DaNang)(65-66).
 Kopycienski, Richard  EMAIL  Richard was with 1st Amtracs; 1966 - crew chief of B-47. Pie and Vargas were my drivers. Prior to Vietnam Richard was crew chief of A-02 during the Dominican Crisis. "If anyone remembers me,drop me a line."
 Koval, Michael  EMAIL  Mike served with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. in the first part of 69.
 Krachie, Joseph  EMAIL  Joe was with "A" Co.; 3rd Plt. from 1967-1968. He served with Hank Ryla, Dennis Prather, Bob Bashaw, Jim Alles and Mike Pierce.  
 Kunkel, Roland  EMAIL  Roland was with 1st Amtracs at the mouth of the Cua Viet River. 09/66-10/67.
 Kulik, Leonard J  EMAIL  Was with 1st Amtrac's 5/20/66 till 6/15/67. H & S Company, Communications Platoon. MOS was Field Message Center but became a radio operator.My call sign was "Murphy Yankee". Worked a lot with the E-1's doing mine clearance. I remember the 8/17/66 Sapper attack with Gooks in the wire. 3/15/67 When large rockets flew over our camp and landed inside the Danang Air Base. 4/24/67 When we left Danang and went to the Cau Viet facility. 6/12/67 when we were shelled by the NVA, our tent took a direct hit and Dennis C. Boll was wounded and medevaced. 6/15/67 Would like to hear from anyone else.

 Landis, Jim  EMAIL  Jim was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. from 67-69 and Jim wrote in my guestbook: Looking for anyone who served with Alpha Co 1st Amtracs '67-'69 era with pictures of their Tracs and crews at Cua Viet or out on OPs. We were Grunts an awful lot so any Pic's will do.
 Lane, John (Capt.-Ret)  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs., "E-1 Plt" when we mounted out for Nam in early '66. 1st Mar. Div. grabbed up lots of 2nd Lts from Amtracs in '66 and sent us to the grunts. Finished my 1st. tour with 1-7. Spent lots of time 2d Bn.Courthouse Bay,CLNC as a 2141 in early 60s. .   
 Larivire, Don  EMAIL  Dan served with HOW-6 platoon 65 -66 as a radio operator.
 Lariviera, John  EMAIL  John served 1st Amtracs at Cua Viet in 1969 as a Radio Repairman (2841).
 Lattone, Joe  EMAIL  Joe served 1st Amtracs from September 1967 - October 1968.
 Lavato, John  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs; H&S Co Motor Transport from 12/68-11/69.
 Lavello, Richard (SgtMaj)  EMAIL  Dick was with 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. 65-66.
 Law, Don  EMAIL  Don was with 1st Amtracs from 01/09/67-09/68. Don was a Comm. Tech near the mouth of the Cua Viet River and Don wrote in my guestbook that he's found two of his buddies from Nam because of this roster; that really makes this ole' jar happy!
 Leavitt, David L.  EMAIL  David was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; Headquarter's Plt. from February 1967 to March 1968. David writes that he's hoping to locate some of his old platoon buddies.
 Leblanc, Lloyd J. ("Frenchie")  EMAIL   I was at Marble Mountain from May 1968-June 1969. 3rd amtrac Bn. H&S Co. 1st Marine Div.
 Lee, Terry  EMAIL  Terry was with 3rd Amtracs "A" Co; 4th Plt.. from 1968-69 at Anhoa and Liberty Bridge. My picture is the second one from left on top row under PICTURES of AMTRACS from Roy C. Hope to hear from you.
 LeMasters, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. from 11/67-6/68.
 Lewis, Winford G. (Jake)  EMAIL  Jake was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 4th Plt. from July 65 to April 67. Would like to hear from others from 4th platton. We wore camo bandannas as a sign of being in the fourth platoon.
 Lichtfield, Jim  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from Dec. 66 till Feb. 68
 Lillard, Gary (lilly) EMAIL  Gary served at Marble Mtn. from 1969-70 3rd tracs "B"b Co. email me. Looking for my buds I was with over there. Oneal Butch Brasher
 Linthicum, Harold EMAIL  Harold served with 1st Plt ,B Co. from 1965-1966; made operation Double Eagle at Chu Lia in 1966 Looking for anyone who served with me. Semper Fi
 Liversidge, Charles, "gate" EMAIL  Charles was in DaNang Dong Ha from 66-67. "remember marble mountain? semper fi."
 Livingston, Lonny M.  EMAIL  3rd Mar Div, 1st Amtrac BN, B Co, 4th Plt. Looking for James Bond from Calif and any others in our unit Nam '66-'67. Also looking for 1st Amtracs Bravo Co, 4th Plt '66-'67 members. Biehl, Biggs, Carroll, Dennie, Denysenko, Freen, Harris, Sgt Hodge, Kaminski, Doc Kelly, Lamb, Lyons, Sgt Neal, Perry, Pickett, Provencio, B.J. Young and others. Semper Fi.
 Llapur, Al  EMAIL  Al was with 1st ALVT's (1st Armored Amphibian Company, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division); in 1968 and then with 3rd Amtracs in 1969. "I served in Danang, Hoi An and Cua Viet. Would love to hear from anyone I served with."  
 Lynch, Jerry  EMAIL  looking for Steve Merten, Carl Elhers, John Kaylor..we all serverd together in 1st amtacs 67/68, Harry Manning E1s .
 Lynch, Jim  EMAIL  Jim served in the E-1 Plt, 3rd Amtracs, in Chu Lai during 1966-67. Frank O'Rourke was our plt. sgt. when we arrived and John Lane was our Lt. Does anyone remember a truly good guy, Cpl. Charles Nicastro "Nicky", who sadly was killed early on? Take care all you "tractor rats", it was good to serve with you.

 Machtolff, George H  EMAIL  George was with 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. 68-69. George was down on hills 37, 55, 65, 10, & parts east & west into the big hills. He also received a Purple Heart, Navy Commendation and is entitled to wear the Combat V. I should say that I have taken it upon my own to place the medals earned here and I hope that I don't embarass anybody.
 MacPherson, Ron  EMAIL  Ron served with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. Maintainence Plt. He arrived In Country on June 1966. Ron's memories of amtracs are many  CLICK HERE  to read some comical memories and other questions Ron put in my guestbook.
 MacPheators, George, D.  EMAIL  George served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. Maint Plt. from Jan 67- Feb 68.
 Manley, Mark C.L.  EMAIL  Mark served in LVTH in 1966 as Fire Direction Control Op. Mark was there during August when Charlie came into the Compound -- Been to TJ Smith's and Tom Williams recent reunions. looking for Boot Plt.236/Stoner 63, members.
 Marko, Keith  EMAIL  Keith served with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. He arrived In Country in March 1967.
 Martin, James H. (Red)  EMAIL  Martin was at CuaViet in 1968 and is looking for Ben Kopoeka, Morris (Tex) Ashley, Buzz, Benny Clark, Poncho, and E. Parker. I have found Victor (Tinny) Wheeler.   
 Massey, Frank (sparkey the welder)  EMAIL  Frank was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from Feb. 1967 - Oct. 69 at An Hoa, Dong Ha, GoNoi Is.
 Mater, Joe  EMAIL  Joe was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; Maintenance Plt. from May 1966-Jan. 68. DaNang and Cua Viet. Del Mar mechanics class 2-66, MOS 2142. Remember all our brothers that gave their all, (19) 2142's and (128) 1833's..  
 Matthews, Larry  EMAIL  Larry served with 3rd Amtrac Bn. from May 65 to Sept 67. I started off in "B" Co. then went to "H&S" Co. and Finished in "A" Co.   
 Mauntel, Bob  EMAIL  Bob was with 3rd Amtracs from May 3, 1968-December 2, 1969.
 Mawhirter, Steve  EMAIL Steve was with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. 3/68-10/69. Steve was a 3531 (truck driver). The first time he went into the field he drove a 5 ton wrecker (Red Baron) and hit a land mine. Killed 3 Marines riding on top and injured 5 including himself. He had been in country for 30 days and figured it was going to be a long war.
 Maxwell, George (Cpl)  EMAIL  George was with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. from November 67 - November 68.
 Mcandless, Gene  EMAIL  Gene was with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. 3rd & 4th Plt. 1968-69.
 McCart, Greg  EMAIL  Greg served with 1st LVTs from 1968 to 1969 and then with 3rd tracs; " H&S" from 1969 to1970 at Marble Mountain.
 McCollett, John  EMAIL  John was with 3rd Amtracs during May and June of 68. John must have gone on countless patrols while with 3rd tracs as he was a Scout Dog Handler. His dog's name was "Colonel."
 McConnaughy, Bill  EMAIL  Bill served in "H&S" Co. e-1 platoon from dec.66 till aug.68 sank trac at mouth of cau viet river. have 1st hand experience with apricots.
 McCormick, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. from Sept 66-Oct 67. Mike was at ChuLai, DaNang, An-hoa. Tractor was called "JOKER"."
 McFarland, George E. (SSgt-Ret)  EMAIL  George was platoon sgt. with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st plt from 67-68. George was at Hill 10; Elephant Valley/Mortar Valley.
 McGregor  EMAIL  McGregor was with 3rd Amtracs E-1 from 1967-68."
 McGaa, Roy L.  EMAIL  Served with B Co. 3rd Amtracs 62-66, RVN 65-66. Semper Fi.
 McKinley, Ron  EMAIL  Ron was with 3rd Amtracs at ChuLai from 1965-66.
 McNeely, Herman W.  EMAIL  Herman was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1965-67. "We landed at ChuLai in early 66. I was with MT and drove a 1400 gal gas truck to various amtrac refeuling areas. I rember refueling tracks at different places around Chu-Lai. You guys had a habit of seeing who could get the closet to my truck without hitting it. You have seen the thing by the time I left.
 McNichols, Jim H  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs from 8/67-8/68. Jim was a CORPSMAN (I personally THANK YOU) and was known as "Doc" Muck. Doc writes, "am wondering if there are any tracers who were with us when we moved from hill 327 in DaNang, to Marble Mtn, just south of the NAS, on the beach?"
 McVey, James (Jim)  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs from 1965-67 at ChuLai and DaNang areas. Jim was a 2533 (Radio-Telegraph-Operator). CLICK HERE FOR "THE VIETNAM ERA (Music and Songs)
 Medina, Hector  EMAIL  Hector was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 4th Plt. from Jan. 68 - Oct. 69 "our plt. just had a reunion in july and it was great. welcome home."
 Meehan, Jim  EMAIL  Jim was with 3rd Amtracs "H&S" Co. 10/68 to 3/69. Jim was a medevac driver and a fuel tanker driver that made runs to our trac's at 2/1. Jim was also involved in the Echo patrols which maintained battalion security 24 hours a day. During a medevac his truck hit a mine and it caused serious wounds to some 1833's, 2533, 3041 and a Corpsman. If anybody knew these Marines: Boesgh, Srygler, Zibart, Fendley, Steiner and HM3 Barton please give Jim a call.
 Merclinski, Frank  EMAIL  Frank was on hill 10 and 41 Aug.- Oct 69 then "B" Co.; 3rd Amtrac Bn. Marble Mtn .. Semper-Fi.
 Merkel, Conrad Victor (Merk)  EMAIL  Merk was with 1st Amtracs; 2nd platoon "A" Co. from Dec. 67 to Dec 68
 Mero, Michael J. (L/CPL)  EMAIL  Mickey was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. in 1969 and was a 2511 Field Wireman/Switchboard Operator in COC Bunker, night patrols as radio operator. Barrel Burner most mornings! HAAA who didn't!. Mickey moved from NC in April to his new address: 1638 Crosshaven Ct., Goshen, IN 46526
 Miller, Gene  EMAIL  1st Amtrac Bn. Homepage Gene was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. at Cua Viet from November 1967 until November 1968. Gene was with Maintenance Plt. and spent a lot of time out in the field with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th plts. Gene says, "Of all my accomplishments in my professional life, I am most proud of the time that I was a US Marine and my service in Vietnam. I am proud to be an 'AmGrunt' and 'Tractor Rat'. I am proud to have served with you guys. Welcome Home."
 Miller, Leon  EMAIL   I served from 8-1967 to May of 68 at Cua Viet sith 1st tracs B Co. 4th Pltn.A great bunch of marines.I always remember especially John Bibby & Ed Wierzba both KIA on Feb.1968. I was crewchief on Bravo 49er.I had welch,& ashworth as crewman. After all thes years I still can remember some of the names. Job Well Done. Semper Fi
 Miller, Terry L.  EMAIL  Terry was with 3rd Amtracs; "Comm" Plt. from 1967-68.
 Miller, William Ray  EMAIL  Stationed outside DaNang 3-65 to 8-65. Albany Ga. 965 to 3-66. DelMar Trng Btln 4-66 to 7-66. Honorable Dischagred as Sgt (E-5) 7 4 66 Del Mar
 Milligan, Jim  EMAIL  Jim wrote, " I went from OKinawa to Nam with Third Tracs, I was with H&S Co.; Third Tanks, then with "B" Co. at Marble Mt. Got to Nam in March 65. Trying To get in touch with anyone who was there at that time. I left Nam in August 66. There must be someone out there who remembers the mortar attack in Aug. 65, If so please get in touch with me!
 Minotti, Dennis Earl  EMAIL  Dennis served with Alpha Company 5th Amtracs 69-70 attached to 2/26 Marines Vietnam. B company 3rd Amtracs 2nd plt after 5th tracs was pulled out of Vietnam. Headquarters 1st Marines when B Company 3rd Amtracs pulled out. Would like to hear from any Alpha company 5th Amtracs or B Company 3rd Amtracs who think they might know me. Also anyone who served with 5th Amtracs on the "Rock" Okinawa.
 Misanko, Bob  EMAIL  Bob was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1967-68.
 Mochi, Robert (Bob)  EMAIL  Bob served with both 1st and 3rd Amtracs from 67-68-69 at Danang and CuaViet; Bob was wounded "up north" on first tour in 68 and in 69 returned to 3rd Amtracs.
 Moeller, William  EMAIL  William served 1st Amtracs from 65-66.
 Molleo, Richard  EMAIL  Richard wrote the following in my guestbook so he's an Amtracer to me huh! Served in Country for 20 months, in Danang at 1st FSR, Maint Bn., Ordnance Co., Trac Vehicle Platoon. We worked on anything from a 45 to an 8" gun. Primary MOS - 2142.
 Molina, Javier D. (SweetPea)  EMAIL  Javier served with 3rd Amtracs; 2nd Plt. from 1967-68. He recalls Brown, Frenchie and Justice so if anybody remembers Javier, he'd like to hear from ya.
 Monette, Roland E. (Capt.)  EMAIL  Roland was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. (Cua Viet); PltCmdr, How6 Platoon (Hill 34), 7/66-8/67.
 Montuoro, Joe (Sgt)  EMAIL  Joe was an e-5 with H&S Co. from July 68 to Aug. 69 Semper Fi
 Moore, Tom (Cpl)  EMAIL  Tom was with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. from 10/67 to 7/69. Tom mentioned Lt. Mason, S/Sgt Shaw and Ray Morris whose name is also on this roster.
 Morgan, Robert M.  EMAIL  Robert was with 3rd Amtracs from February '68 to March '69. Robert wrote, "I remember the attacks in May and August of '68 very well. I was an Infantry Operations NCO for the Bn. at that time. On one of those days in August, I remember Major Chase ordering me to go up the staircase carved into the side of "Chinstrap" mountain, the largest of the four. My orders were to go up the staircase as far as possible and throw a yellow smoke grenade. The purpose of this was to indicate where the attacking helicopters were to attack.As I recall, the CO of the attack helicopters was "ALLEY CAT 6"." The rest of what Robert wrote can be seen in guest book entry on 12/29/04.
 Morris, Gerry  EMAIL  Gerry writes, "I was in Chu Lai from April or May (again the memory) 65 and my company left Christmas Day 65, and headed back to Okinawa for repairs. One of my memories was the 4 men in the Company named John Bell. In August 65 we hit a regular NVA company and one of the John Bells was killed when his tractor was hit. Two guys from my tent died that day, and one walked away with 245 pieces of shrapnel in his back.
 Morris, Ray  EMAIL  Ray was with 3rd Amtracs and was with both "B" and "H&S" Co. from 2/68-3/69. Ray sent me some of his fine pictures of 3rd Amtracs. Thank you my friend!
 Morrison, Floyd  EMAIL  Floyd was with 3rd Amtracs in 1969
 Muellar Ron "Hans"  EMAIL  Ron was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 1st Plt. Aug. 68 thru Sept. 69. Tractor #3-B-11. Remember Tom Moore, from West By GOD Virginia, and Willie Woolfolk from Mississippi.
 Mulvihill, Mark  EMAIL  My nickname, was Waterboo. I was with 3rd Tracks from Dec. 31, 67 - Jan 70 when 3rd Tracks left RVN. I was also there when the NVA sapper's came into our compound. Peace, WaterBoo .
 Murphy, Tom   EMAIL  Tom writes, "I was crew chief on 3-A-26 from 1966 - 1967, got out in 69 back at Camp Lejuene. Take care.  
 Murray, Mike  EMAIL  Mike was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. HQ plt. Mike emailed me, "Hi Stan; I was there the night 3rd Amtracs got overran. I was on guard post next to the enlistment club. Your web page brought back a lot of memories that never left. Semper Fi." I hear ya 5X5 Mike!
 Murrieta, Ralph  EMAIL  Ralph served with "A" Co. 4th plt.; 3rd Amtracs; tractor 46 from July 66 - April 10th '67 with ADAMS FAMILY! Interested in contacting my crew.

 Nail, George  EMAIL  I served with 1st Amtracs "A" co. 1st plt. from Jan '68-Mar'68.
 Neal, Chess  EMAIL  Chess was with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. 2nd plt. from 2/68-3/69. Chess writes, " I was on B-21 and B-22, my nickname was Flub, cause I have always been overweight, although I only weighed 165lbs when I finally got home. During my tour in Nam I was sent down south of Marble Mountain to support the Roc Marines for most of my tour. Anyone else remember a Island called Rock Island down by Hill 63? We were surrounded and cut off for quite some time. One night we were about to be overrun when all got real silent and all the Korean Marines with us started singing the "Star Spangled Banner," shortly after they finished singing we were hit real hard, almost overran us, thanks to Puff firing into the perimeter wire we were saved to fight another day."
 Nell, Martin D.  EMAIL  Martin was with 1st Amtracs from Feb 67-Feb 68 at the mouth of the CuaViet River. "When I came back I was stationed at Del Mar area schools bat. until I got out in '69. Semper Fi Brothers."
 Newton, Michael (Mickey)  EMAIL  Mickey was with How-6 7/66 to 9/67 was WIA at Cua Viet 9/2/67. "I think we arrived at Cua Viet around the last of june 67 and on Sept 1 we went out on operation with 1st Track, next day they Hit our base camp and hit the bunker that I was in. I was WIA and Two other Good marines were KIA. Have lost contact with all but one that was in 3rd plt. with me. Would like to hear from any how-6ers thanks and may GOD BLESS EACH and EVERYONE. Just a good old REB from GA.
 Nieman, William  EMAIL  Bill served with 1st Armored Amphibian Co. 2nd Platoon as a 2142. Feb 68 to Jan 69. We had HOW 6s and were used all over. I was at Hoi An, Dien Ban, Hill 34(HQ), hill 47(OP Hawk) 2nd and 3rd Plts went on Operation Moey(Maui)Peak,(spelling) in fall of 68 where I was bitten by a snake. I was back in the field in 4 days. In Jan 69 I was burned in an Amtrac fire near Danang and sent Japan and finally to US to recover...which thankfully I did. Semper Fi.
 Niles, Bruce L.  EMAIL  Bruce was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. Bravo 4/7 (Egyptian 1968-70).
 Noland, Ray  EMAIL  Ray served with "A" Co. 1st Amtracs from Jan '66 to 12/66 as the Maint Chief. Picked up WO and moved to "B" Co at the mouth of the Cua Viet River out of Dong Ho. Rotated back in Feb '67. Served second tour April 69 to Jan '70 with LSU # 1 in An Hoa. Would like to hear from any amtracters I served with. Especially those in "A" Co. Maint. .  
 Norris, Jack  EMAIL  Jack was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 1st Plt. Jan 67 to Feb 1968 Da Nang. He was attached to 3/1, 2/4 and 2/5.
 Nunes, Anthony P. (GySgt Ret.)  EMAIL  Anthony was an 1833 with "B" Co 1965 1st.tour in NAM with 3/1 Jan 66 work out on the sand ramp RET 1981 E8 0491 w 26 years in the Corps.
 Nusbaumer, Tom  EMAIL  Tom was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 1st Plt. at both DaNang and CuaViet. Arrived February 9, 1967 and was medevaced on July 15, 1967. Tom lost a leg on "Grasshopper Hill"

 O'Brien "Obie" Pat.  EMAIL  Pat was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. (Bravo 32) at Da Nang, An Hoa, Cua Viet - 1966-67. Pat writes, "grunted a bunch, both sides of the river. On Operation Beau Charger with 3rd Marines. Looking for Sgt John Trotter, Lt. Mike "Mung" McDonald, also "frenchy", Chuck Bullock. Semper Fi!
 O'Hare, Vince  EMAIL   Served as crew chief on 3-A-27. Left Camp Del Mar in May 1965 and landed in Qui Nhon. Moved from there to Chu Lai. Left VN in May \'66 to Schools Bn at Del Mar. Left the Corps in Feb 67. Joining was the best decision I ever made.
 Ohler, John R. Jr.  EMAIL  John was with 1st Amtracs; 1967-69. Cua Viet,C4 Ocean view.
 Olds, Larry  EMAIL  Larry was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. LVT Plt. from September 1968 - May 1969 at Cua Viet operating as an Amgrunt. I was then transferred to "B" Co. 3rd. Amtrac Bn. 1st Mar. Div. in May of 69. Semper Fi and welcome home.
 Osborne, Joe  EMAIL  Joe was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 2nd Plt. from 1968 - 69.
 Osborne, Kenneth R.  EMAIL  Sgt. 3rd Tracs, A Co. 1st Plt. crew chief 3-A-16 with Dale Spangrud and Cpl Bell
 Owens, Don  EMAIL  Don was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. LVT Plt. from Dec. 1966 to Jan. 1968. "I was in DaNang for awhile before going to Cau Viet. I was with guys such as Jack Norris, Dave French, Sgt. Smitty. One time while we were hauling fuel to the DMZ we were refueling and the tractor blew up from the fumes, and lucky no one was hurt. Like to hear from anyone that was there. SemperFi,"

 Parish, Gary, M.  EMAIL  served with 1st mar div 3rd tracs 1969-1970 btln was Marble Mtn. my platoon was a to-cal bridge.when they pull tracs out some of us where transfered to guard duty on the bunkers over looking rumor valley. we ran patrols down in to the valley.looking for penington in mant pltn. or sgt. ski taught me to play pinochle looking for anyone who I served with. Semper Fi.
 Parks, Glen  EMAIL  Glen writes, "H&S Co, Maint Plt. Rob Ware was my section chief, Master Sgt Terrell had just made Captain. 1970-1971
 Patterson, Jon  EMAIL  Jon was with 1st Amtracs "B" Co. Jon's daughter wrote: Hello, I'm writing this for my dad. He served 1st Amtrac Bn , B Co. Trying to relocate some buddies for him. He was a 2142. He says "his trac had Cinderella painted on it and was the only one with double machine guns on top". Does anyone remember this or him? Thanks, Natasha
 Payne, John  EMAIL  John was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd Plt. from 3/67 to 2/68.
 Peacock, Bruce  EMAIL  Bruce was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 3rd Plt. from 1967-68 at Marble Mtn., Hill 10, Hill41.
 Peddie, John (Sgt)  EMAIL  John was with 1st Amtracs "B" Co. and "H&S" Co. 5/67-3/68. His base was on the Cua Viet River and was later named Camp Kislter. John serverd with Ron Kovic who wrote the book "Born on the Fourth of July" and he knew Ron very well. He and Ron shared the same hootch together and pulled several patrols together.
 Pellini, Leo  EMAIL  Leo was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. Leo writes, "Most of my time was spent around Chu Lai and Danang from 1/66 to 2/67. It would be great to hear from N. Frank and Udell.
 Perez, Randy (L/Cpl)  EMAIL  Randy was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; 3051 Supply from February 1968 to March 1969 at CuaViet.   
 Perry, Tom  EMAIL  Tom was in "A" Co.; 4th plt. from from Mar 67 to Apr. 68 "THE ADAMS FAMILY."   
 Peterson, Paul  EMAIL  Served with 3rd Amtracs from 1966-1968 at Chu Lai and Marble Mountain as a radio repairman (2841). Would like to hear from others who served during that period, especially during TET in 1968. Would also like to hear from anyone who knows the circumstances in which CPL. Tony Eversull was killed. Are there any reunions for the 3rd Amtrac Bn? Thank you and Semper Fi  
 Peterson, Stan  EMAIL  Stan was with the 3rd Amtracs as a Radio Relay Operator from Jan 69 until Sept of 69 at Marble Mountain
 Pickrell, Bill  EMAIL  Bill served with 1st Amtracs from 1968-69 as a Corpsman.
 Pierini, Gerald (Jerry)  EMAIL  Served with 1st Amtracs "A" Co. 2nd Plt at Cua Viet from Feb 69 to May 69. Then to 3rd Amtracs "A" Co. 4th Plt at Am Hua May 69 to Jan 70. I would love to hear from anybody who served with me. Semper Fi.
 Pike, Bill (Sgt)  EMAIL  Bill served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. " Went from Danang to Cau vet 1967. Shot on July 5 outside of Cau vet. I would love to talk anyone I served with."
 Pinkston, W.T. (GySgt)  EMAIL  LVT 3 TO LVTP7 1947-1978 VIET NAM 1966 1967 H&S CO BOB SHUFORD CO .
 Pleasant, Herbert  EMAIL  Herb served with both 1st and 3rd Amtracs from 1966-67 as a Radio Operator (2531). Herb was at DaNang and CuaViet; CallSign: Snowflake.
 Polo, Marco  EMAIL  Marco was with 3rd Amtracs; "E1" platoon from March 1968-May 1969 when they moved to Marble Mountain.
 Pommerich, Mark  EMAIL  Mark was with 1st Amtracs; "1st" platoon; from 1968-70 I was also on Mameluke Thrust and Mameluke Sword. I would like to hear from anyone else from 1st platoon during that time.
 Pooler, Ed  EMAIL  Ed was with 1st amtracs in DaNang, Chu Lai at Phu Bai65 & 66. My nick name was pot Long story but nothing to do with dope and would enjoy hearing from fellow amtrac animals.
 Popp, John  EMAIL  John was with 3rd amtracs; "H&S" Co. from September 67-October 68.
 Porter, Glen  EMAIL  Glen served with 1st Amtracs at Cua Viet 1969 H&S Co. (2142) .
 Post, Ron  EMAIL   I was with 1st armored amphibian company (LVT-H-6) 2nd platoon tractor 26. April 67-May 68. Danang,Cua-Viet.
 Potemra, Frank B. (Cpl)  EMAIL  Frank was with 1st Amtracs "A" Co. 1963-65. Frank was at Hawaii, Okinawa and Chu Lai.
 Priest, Roger  EMAIL  Roger was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; E1's from 1966-67
 Prill, Tim  EMAIL  Tim was a 2533 with B co 4th.Plt 3rd Amtracs from 66July to 67Aug

 Quinn, Dennis  EMAIL  Dennis was with 3rd Amtracs from 3/67 to July 1967. At that time 3rd Amtracs was on Liberty Road; across the road from 3rd Tanks. Dennis was an RTO ( 2533).

 Rabenort, Lee (Sgt)  EMAIL  Lee was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. Lee wrote, "I was present for the May 4 and 5 attack. I read In the Wire and know there is a lot more to the story, hero's everywhere. My handle was Rabbit. I was a sgt and had a reactionary Squad and frequently ran patrols. Can't believe this many years later I find your website.   
 Rahn, Fred  EMAIL  Fred was Radio operator with H&S Company 3rd Amtrac 67 68 69...Have always been looking for Joe Culver of A Company during Tet. Also anyone who remembers me...Would be GREAT to hear from you!!!.
 Ramsey, Russ  EMAIL  I served with 3rd plt 1st alvts 66-68. Some of the guys I remember are Hanna, Mittendorf, self ,bohannon, Johanson, Ponvelle. Would like to hear from any of the boys I served with.
 Ramsey, Harry H. (Sgt)  EMAIL  LVTR5 & MAINTENANCE Plt Sgt "A" Co.
 Ratley, David S.  EMAIL  David writes, "I don't remember you. I was there from Dec68 to Dec69. I was in "H&S" Co. for a short time, then I was transfered to "B" Co."
 Rauschkolb, Louis, H. III  EMAIL  Louis served with 1st ALVT's, 1st platoon November 1967 through September 1968. Spent most of tour in DaNang area, Op in Happy Valley, rotated to mouth of Cau Viet river, made it as far north as C4 before rotating back to DaNang, then went on Operation Mameluke Thrust and ended up rotating to Hoi An two weeks before going home. Have fond memories of friends but just can't seem to remember all of their names.
 Rawnsley, Renton C.  EMAIL  Renton was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th plt. from 68 to 1969.
 Ray, Howard (Cpl)  EMAIL  Howard was with 3rd Amtrac Bn. from 11/67-12/68. He was at hills 10 and 41....others with him were...Boyette, Schlaier, Riddle, Peacock, Graf, Gardener, Huff, Dutton, Scott,J ohnson, Miller and Foster.
 Regan, Paul K.  EMAIL  Paul was w/ 1st alvt from tet thru aug '68 as gunner and crew chief on trac 13. spent tet in da nang and went to cua viet from mid feb to may or june. anyone know hill numbers or map co-ord. for OP Hawk or our da nang hdqtrs. I think we shared hdqtrs w/ 1st tanks and some grunts but don't remember the unit. i seem to remember hill 10 or 55 or 37. i spent a lot of time on OP Hawk watching a river bend. anyone know the name of the river. I'll be in vietnam jan 25 2009 and can find cau viet ok but having trouble w/ da nang locations and c-4. will spend a few weeks in da nang area and would like to visit our old bases before i die. any help will be greatly appreciated. semper fi. .
 Rios, Benjamin D.  EMAIL  Benjamin was with 1st Amtracs in may 1965, 4th Marine Div in June 1965 and 2nd Amtrac bn in March 1966.
 Reynolds, Dennis  EMAIL  Dennis was a radio operator with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. 11/67-2/70. He also was with H&S Co. briefly, then with Bravo Co. from about 1/68 on--mainly down south with the ROK Marines. Call sign at ROK Marine Brigade was "Bravo Xray." Today Dennis is happily married with a family, living at the End of the Oregon Trail and has been in the insurance business since 1975.
 Regal, John (Lt.Col.-Ret)  EMAIL  Col. Regal was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. with BLT 3/1 Dec 67-Apr 68. Looking for Marines who served.
 Reiman, David A.  EMAIL  David writes, "I originally went to Nam as an Amtracker Co.A, 5th Amtrac Bn.assigned to H&S Co, 2nd BN, 26th Marines. I was with them for about 5 months and was located south of Marble Mountain. I then was sent north to be located near the DMZ attached to 1st Bn., 3rd Marine Div. until my return to the states on May 20th,1967 for discharge.
 Richardson, Robert L.  EMAIL  I would give anything if I could contact Bravo CO Maj. Raymond Burger! I had the previlige of serving under him and found him to be one of the best officer to lead while I was in the Marines! If anyone has any information on him Please let me know! .
 Rivera, Reinaldo  EMAIL  Reinaldo was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1969-70. "I would like to hear from anybody that remembers me."
 Rivera, Ray  EMAIL  Ray was at marble mountain in 1968, and left in 1969. I was with 3rd Amtrac bn, H&S Co.
 Roche, Curt  EMAIL  Curt served with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. Bn Supply from 12/67-1/69.
 Rogers, Dennis EMAIL  Dennis was a 2142 with FLSG-B, 1st Amtrac Bn and 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. He was in Vietnam from 1968 to '69 and was at Dong Ha, Cua-Viet, Marble Mtn along with other assorted stops.
 Romain, Art  EMAIL  Art was with 3rd Amtrac Bn; 1st plt. 1968-69 at Hill 10 , Hill 41, some that had no name and Marble Mtn. Home phone is #410-766-1892 and live at 1616 Tieman Dr., Glen Burnie, MD., 21061-2121. I am home most of the time and will talk to any one Or if you would like stop by and see me, that too would be great. If anybody was with Shorter John Joseph KIA on 6-23-68 I'd like to talk to you. His trac hit a mine!
 Rose, Cecil J.  EMAIL  Cecil was a member of H&S Company E1 Plt. 1st Amtrac Bn. 3rd Marine Division. "I started by tour of duty January 1967-February 1968 at Da Nang and moved by ship to the mouth of the Cua Viet River. We were the origonal AMGRUNTS."
 Rose, Richard (Dick)  EMAIL  Served with 3rd amtracs vietnam from nov.1967 to nov.1968
 Roveto, Ron  EMAIL  Ron was with 3rd Amtrac Bn from 1966-67.
 Ruble, Jon  EMAIL  Jon was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 2nd Plt. Marble MT./Hill 55/DMZ 1966... As a Tractor Rat most of us were pretty crazy in those days, but now I'm just FishinNuts.  
 Rushing, Trammel  EMAIL  "I have talked to a lost friend thanks to your web sight. I also served 1st armored LVT-H6's 67-68."
 Rush Ken  EMAIL  Roy, very inspiring story! I served in Nam from 3-69 to 3-70 on Hill 190 as a 2142, amtrac repairman. Semper Fi."
 Russell, D.L.  EMAIL  I'm looking for tractor rats 3rd herd "B" Co. & H&S PLT from 1968-70 .

 Savage, Ron  EMAIL  Ron was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; H-6 Plt.from 1965-66.
 Sawyer, Bob (Wade)  EMAIL  Wade was with 1st Amtracs, 3rd and 5th tracs. Looking for anyone that served with 3rd TRAC'S 70-71 with S.O.G. BLT 2/9 Off N.Viet Nam Coast.
 Saxton, P.J.  EMAIL  I'm an OLD AMTRACER; 46-81 with four tours in 1st Tracs (47-52/53, 58 & 72, one tour in 2d Tracs (58/60), 3d Tracs, one tour (54-56), 1st ArmdCo (68); and I-I Staffs, 12thTracs (47-49) and I-I 4th Tracs (61-64), San Francisco and Tampa and a number of other LVT related jobs at the T&E shop in Del Mar; Project officer at MCSA, Philly; Naval Research Project for surf studies, LST 692; and two tours at the Amtrac Schools in Del Mar. Currently in Hawaii enjoying my 22d year of retirement after 35 + years of active duty. Good luck with your project..
 Scachette, Chuck  EMAIL  Chuck was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; from 1968-69.
 Schmidt, Jim   EMAIL  H&S Co 3d LVT 68-69 from June 68 to June 69. I worked in the Ops office. I have liver cancer and would like to get these pics put on a website for posterity before I kick the bucket. If anyone has any website suggestions where I can send the pics please contact.
 Schmidt, Sid   EMAIL  Sid was with 3rd Tracs, A Co. 1st plt. Tractor 3A-110. Was in Chu Lai , then moved up to Danang. We were out on Hill 65. Charlie Lauer was my Crew chief. Came in the end of '66 and left in June of '67 after hitting a mine. Would like to hear from anyone that might recall this, like who pulled me out and who kept my personal knives. I want them back. Spent a year and a half at Brooke Army Medical Center at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. Anyone else get there, it was the burn unit. Like to hear from anyone in 1st Plt of A Co. '66 - mid '67.
 Schrein, Mel  EMAIL  Mel was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. and "A" Co. from January 1968- Feb. 69. Mel was at CuaViet. "SEMPER FI" Amgrunts..
 Scorsone, Frank J ("SCORSONE THE MACARONI")  EMAIL  Frank was with 1st Amtracs "H&S" Co. LVT-1 Plt. from 8/28/65 to 8/31/66. Frank was WIA on June 13, 1966. On 13 June 1966, while in support of 1st Bn, 9th Marines (Hill 55), a mine explosion, (boobytrap M-16 A-1 bouncing-betty), detonated at approx. 1 p.m. which resulted in 4 KIA and 4 WIA. Clarence J. Copeland, Edsel D. Miller, Gerald J. Ziolkowski and Frank J. Scorsone were WIA. KIA were J.D. Cook, William Dely, Donald Di Sapio and John D. Young were KIA.
 Sconyers, David  EMAIL  David was Plt Leader, 1st Plt "B" Co from August 1965 to May 66 then was Alfa 6 from August 1968 to March 1969. Commanded H&S after that. Love to hear from anyone who served with me.
 Scott, Steven  EMAIL  Steven was an 1833 on LVTE-1's at Cua Viet from November, 1967 to to October, 1968 .  
 Scranton, Nels  EMAIL  Nels was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. E-1 Plt. from 7March66 to 11Sept67. I served 2 tours at Chu Lai and destination west and North in Viet Nam  
 Semrow, Ken  EMAIL  Ken was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. 2nd Plt. at Cua Viet from January 1968-Feb 69.
 Shore, Daniel W.  EMAIL  Daniel was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co; 2nd Plt. at Cua Viet. Daniel writes, "trying to find John Paul, I was B-20 looking for B-23 or 2nd Plt. SEMPER FI
 Shelton, Bobby  EMAIL  Bobby was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from January, 1967 to February 1968.
 Sicard, Zeke  EMAIL  Zeke was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 3rd Plt. 03/66 to 12/67.
 Silverman, Michael  EMAIL  Mike was with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 3rd Plt. from January 1967 to February 1968 and served first at DaNang and then at Cua Viet.
 Simon, Joseph  EMAIL  Joe was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 2nd Plt. tractor 20 from February 1967 to March 1968.
 Sirignano, Louie (Lucky)  EMAIL  I was with "A" Co. 2nd plt. in the action on the 1-20-68 when L/cpl Parker was killed saving wounded Marines. Same Vehicle with cpl Rogers (k.i.a.) 4-68,wounded end of march 68,Friends with Azor,Merk,soley,Cool aid kid and Cpl George Nail from 1st platoon. Great site! I was the guy with the Boston accent. SEMPER FI! Louie
 Sisco, Bill  EMAIL  I served with 'Bravo Co' 4th Plt from 5/69 till 2/70 CAP to ROKMC till Feb when we were sent to Hawaii SEMPER FI
 Skaggs, Dennis .  EMAIL  I was with 3rd Amtracs, H&S Co. when I arrived in Chu Lai in March 1966 as a radio repairman and used as a radio operation when needed. I rotated out of Nam to MCSD in Barstow, California and was discharged in 1967 after 4 years.
 Slagle Tommy J.  EMAIL  To my surprise when I opened my guestbook this morning the following comment appeared: "The article on the sapper attack really unnerved me. I was within a few feet of you, outside the command bunker, during the attack. Please call me or e-mail me your phone number and I will call you. Tommy (Tom) J. Slagle." Of course I'm anxiously waiting to talk with Tom.
 Smallwood, Gene G. (Capt Ret.)  EMAIL  Gene was with "How6" Plt. from Sept 66 till Feb 67 as 2ndLT.
 Smith, Darryl A.  EMAIL  Darryl was with 1st Amtrac Bn. "H&S" Co. from june 1 1966 to oct 1967.  
 Smith, Gary (L/Cpl)  EMAIL  Gary needs our HELP! He writes, "FLSG - 6/65 - 12/65 2142 can remember, but a very few. Need substantiation for PTSD claim. Anyone remember 11/10/65, at FLSG, Da Nang? ANYONE??? If so, please get in touch. SEMPRE-FI (still there, - in my mind).  
 Smith, Glen A.  EMAIL  Glen was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. Maintenance Plt. from 1968-70. Glen spent most of his time on patrols and security around the villes. Glen writes, "Was on ville security late 69 when member(s) of the CAP Unit tripped a grenade booby trap...we called for Medivac from Bn CP...a Driver and Two(?) corpmen in a jeep responded...Does anyone know if the members of the CAP Unit made it "HOME"?
 Smith, Phillip S. (Smitty)MSgt Ret.)  EMAIL  Smitty served with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from March 68-April 69. "Waiting to hear from those who we were together." Smitty Retired in Oct94.
 Smith, Robert (Sgt)  EMAIL  Robert was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1966-67. Was at ChuLai
 Smith, Ron  EMAIL  Ron was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd Plt. from April 67 to May 68. Hit a mine Dec 67 A-23 near Hill 55.
 Smith, T.J. (Sgt)  EMAIL  T..J. was with 1st Amtracs; 1966 and 67. He Spent 20 months 23 days in Nam; most of 1966 South of DaNang, Happy Valley, Monkey Mountain and the remaining time was at the mouth of the Cua Viet River. Operated at Con Thien GEL/LIN DMZ Area. T.J.'s Looking for anyone - Stout, Boatman, Pudvay - anyone else from that time and area. Hope to hear from someone.
 Soley, Tom  EMAIL  Tom is Looking to hear from any of my buds that served with me in Alpha Co. 2nd. Platoon at Cua Viet during 68 and half of 69.   
 Sontag, John F. (SGT)   EMAIL  John served at Marble Mountain E-1 Amtracs (MISSLE WITH A LINE CHARGE) 1967 - 1969
 Spiker, Danny   EMAIL  Danny was with "H&S" Co from April 1967 to May 1968 and is looking for good friend Leander, "I think he was a Sgt."
 Spitzer, Don  EMAIL  Don was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 2nd Plt. at Chu Lai. "Worked with the Korean Marines in operation Dragon Fire for a couple months.
 Stanford, Roy (Stan)  EMAIL  Stan was a radio operator (2533) with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 3rd & 4th Plt. from 12/67 to 01/69. I've been looking for Joe Nolte, John "Dusty" Hollman and Red Vandiver especially and anybody else out there who remembers me.
 Stain, Larry  EMAIL  Larry was with 1st Amtracs at DaNang then moved to Cua Viet in 67. "I was on advance party moving up took about 100 rockets first night. Got used to it and that was small numbers. Came back with E-1's 3rd Tracks in 69-70 at Marble Mountain."
 Staub Raymond  EMAIL  Raymond was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 1st Plt. as crew chief on B17 from 1966-67. "I would like to hear from anyone that served with me or has contact info on anyone on B-11 and B-19."
 Steelman, Bill  EMAIL  Bill writes, "I was with John and Sam On tractor 35 3rd Amtracs B co. 3rd section Chu-Lai Dec 66 to Hoi-An summer of 67 then Tractor 32 with Tom and Stan Hoi-An Operation Pike. Wanted to say Hi I made it home!  CLICK HERE for Bill's homepage and experiences while in Vietnam.
 Stefansson, David   EMAIL  David was with 1st Amtracs at Cua Viet in 1968-69. David was the CO of Company "B" then the Battalion S-3, and for a few months the CO of the battalion. David writes, "In another words a great tour of duty with a fine bunch of Marines. In 1975, I returned to 1st Tracs at Camp Schwab and experienced its transition to 1st Tracked Vehicle Battalion, combining the division's Amtrac and tank assets."
 Stewart, Roger W. (Sgt.)  EMAIL  Roger served with 1st Amtracs; "How6's" from Tet 1968-September, 1969 from DaNang to CuaViet. SEMPER FI.
 Stewart, Walt  EMAIL  Walt was with 3rd Amtracs "A" Co.; 1st Platoon. Arrived in Chu Lai then went to Da nang. 67-68. Was Phil Anninos's crewman for awhile! SEMPER FI Marines!
 Stilwell, Joseph Mark  EMAIL  Joe was a mechanic with 3rd Amtracs from early '67 to just before the Tet offensive of '68.
 Storch, Dan  EMAIL  Dan was Amtracs Feb68-Mar69.
 Stout, Buck (Sgt)  EMAIL  Buck was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co.; 2nd Plt. at ChuLai from May 1965 to June 66. Buck was also with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co.; LVT Plt. at DaNang and CuaViet from December 1966 to January 1968   
 Stuart, Michael  EMAIL  Mike served with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. during 68, 69 & 70.
 Stump, Allan  EMAIL  Alan was an HM3 Corpsman with 3rd Amtracs in Chu Lai, July to December '66. Replaced corpsman in "A" company, 3rd amtracs in Danang which was supporting 1st amtracs; Jan to Sept '67.
 Swab, James E.  EMAIL  James writes, "I left 3rd Amtracs in late Nov 1967. During one period of time, in mid "67, I was the Bn CO, XO, and S-3. Rod DePaoli, the only other field grade officer in the Bn was the S-4 and H & S Co. CO.

 Tampleton, Doyle Wayne  EMAIL  Doyle had quite a tour in USMC...He was in the Corp from 6/16/60 to 8/85. Doyle went from Pvt. to Capt. and retired before accepting the rank of Major. Doyle retired as the 3rd marine div ord. officer. Doyle would enjoy hearing from anyone that may have served with him. He was at Marble Mtn.; HoiAn with the ROKS and managed to hit 7 mines (2PH).
 Taylor, Roger Lee  EMAIL  Served in Vietnam at Chu Lai and DaNang 1965 until May 1966 with 1st Amtrac.
 Tedeschi, Richard  EMAIL  Richard was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. from Nov. 1967-Dec. 68. Retired here in Jacksonville N.C. April 89 after 22 years.
 Telzrow, Tim (Cpl)  EMAIL  Tim was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1967-1968 at Marble Mountain.
 Terrien, George  EMAIL  George served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co. 3rd Plt. from Jan. 68 to April 68 at which time he was WIA. George would like to hear from anybody who remembers him or who served during that time.
 Thomas, Howard H.  EMAIL  Howard was with 3rd Amtracs as a Dog Handler August and September 1968 at Marble Mountain. Was wounded walking the wire 9/26/68. Had the only bob-tailed german sheperd in the corps, his name was Tiger. SEMPER FI
 Thompkins, Bob  EMAIL  Bob was with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co. ?-8/68. Bob read my article and said, "The night in May 68 really hit home. I was one of the wounded that night. I think they medevaced about 35 that night but only 3 came back to the Bn. We went by Amtrac down to the 95th Evac hospital just the other side of the mountain. I had a head wound."
 Thompson, Jim.  EMAIL  Jim was 3rd LVT Asst S3 Officer Aug. 1968 TO Feb. 1969. Came over from 2/27.
 Thompson, John (T.J.)  EMAIL  John (T.J.) served with 1st Amtracs; "A" Co; 2nd Plt. from July 1967 to August 1968.  
 Tobin, Stephen  EMAIL  Stephen served with 3rd Amtracs from Feb 68 to Oct. 68. He writes, "Originally attached to 1st Battalion 27th Marines out of Kaneohe Bay, HI... then came the Tet offensive of 68 and we were directed to RVN. Our platoon of tractors were dropped off shore at Marble Mountain and came ashore bearing hull numbers belonging to 5th Amtracs originally from Camp Del Mar. We were then split up and assigned to different elements of 3rd Tracs at Camp Lauer. My tractor became part of H&S Company and given the call sign Wage Earner Yankee Three Zero. We worked with units south and west of Marble Mountain, the names of which I cannot remember today. I remember clearly our first night in country out in the holes on 100% alert and watching the rocket tails heading up into the sky and impacting the Marble Mountain hospital complex north of Camp Lauer. I also remember clearly the night the Camp was almost overrun... an unforgettable night in my life. I salute each and every Marine listed here at this web site, Semper Fi! .
 Todd, James R  EMAIL  James was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co.; 4th plt.; Hill 327, 55 Marble Mountain from 6/65-7/66.
 Treichel, Buddy (GySgt)  EMAIL  Buddy Served with 1st AmTracs 66-67 in the Nam. "Retired in 1976 after 22 years. His MOS was 1871 (AmTrac Mechanic) and in 1960 they changed our MOS to the 2100 field. I spent most of my time with Amtrac's or FSR."
 Trevino, Roland  EMAIL  I served in Nam with the First Armored Amphibian Tractors from 11-67 to 11-68 mainly at our cp near Danang. I also did 3 months at Cua Viet during the tet Offensive in 68. I saw Paul Cade on your list.That is my first contact of any kind from some one that was there. Would like to hear from him and others I served with in the Marine Corps. Hope you can help.

 Valdez, Jose  EMAIL  Jose was with 1st Amtracs, Ammo Tech. from 1968-69."
 Vandiver, Terry  EMAIL  Terry was with 3rd Amtracs, "B" Co.; 3rd Plt. from 11/67 - 12/68. I'd really like to hear from anybody that remembers me!
 Valentine, Charles R. "Val"  EMAIL  Val was with 1st Amtracs, "A" Co. 3rd Plt. and "B" Co.; HQ Plt. from Febuary 1966-March 1967.
 Valenti, J.C.  EMAIL  I was assigned to the R-1 at FLSG in Phu-Bai and FSR in Da-Nang. In country, from Thanksgiving Day 67 to June of 69. I was given a white puppy from a village girl because we saved her grandfather from wounds received from "Puff the Magic Dragon". Anyone out there remember? Sure would like to hear from you. 
 Vega, Carl (Sgt)  EMAIL  Carl was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 01/09/68-09/23/68. Carl was a Section Leader and would like to hear from anybody that remembers him. Carl spent a lot of time by the Cua Viet River when he was with 3/1 and I think that it's important to put in that Sgt. Vega is authorized to wear the Combat "V".

 Wagner, Barry  EMAIL  Barry was with 3rd Amtrac Battalion; 1st Marine Div. "H&S" Co.; P-5 Platoon, August 1965 to 1967 Republic of South Vietnam.
 Walden, Ronald  EMAIL  Ron was with 3rd Amtrac bn.; "B" Co.; 1st marine div. "I was at marble mountain for a while then went to cua viet river then back to marble mountain again; looking for amtrac buddies that that served between 1967 trough part of 1969 when i hit a mine and went to pendleton for scools instructor I am looking for s/sgt Pat Newman and gysgt Beale I will never forget those men.
 Waleski, Mike (Ski)   EMAIL  Mike served with 3rd Amtracs "B" Co.; 4th Plt. from May 1966 to December 1967 in the Nam.
 Walker, Clovis W. (Butch)(Sgt.)   EMAIL  Butch was with 3rd Amtracs in 1969 by Marble Mountain then went TAD to 2nd ROK Marine Brigade at Hoi An.Semper Fi! 
 Walker, Perry (Red)  EMAIL  Red was with 3rd Amtrac Battalion; 1st Platoon, then "H&S". Landed at Cau Viet Dec 66 thru Oct 67. Looking for buddies. Semper Fi
 Wanland, Rex  EMAIL  Great account of the attack - I was there that night too! a corpsman.
 Ward, Charlie E. (SSgt)  EMAIL  Charlie was with 3rd Amtrac Battalion; "H&S" Co. 1967-68. Charlie was wounded in May.
 Ward, Kenneth  EMAIL  I was with H&SCo,3rdAmTracBn,1stMarDiv from August 68 to Sept 69 as the records clerk and reactionary squad. Lost my best friend Raymond Hardster and Cpl Jolly while there. I don't remember some of the days over there and other days seem like yesterday. Thanks for your website
 Watkins, Floyd  EMAIL  Floyd was in 3rd Amtracs, "B" Co. 2nd & 4th Platoons. He was there from early 1966 to early 1968 "Welcome home guys!
  Watson, James  EMAIL  1st Mar Div 3rd Amtrac Bn 'A'Co Nov68-Nov69
 Weiler, Don.  EMAIL  Don served with 1st Amtracs at Cua Viet in 1969.
 Westergard, Timothy A   EMAIL  I was a navy corpsman with D. co. 3rd amtracs, from dec 1967 to dec 1968 at cauviet to the DMZ, and spent the last cpl monthes at the field hosp in dong Ha
 Wickstrom, Dennis L.  EMAIL  Dennis was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co.; 4th Plt. from October 1967 to July 1968. Dennis was also attached to the Blue Dragon Brigade KMC.  
 Winger, Dave  EMAIL  Dave was with 3rd Amtracs; "H&S" Co. "I was a clerk in S 1 as of Nov 1968 and in about Mar of 1969 I went to H&S Company office. Capt Whiteside was CO. and 1stSgt Brown made is presence known."
 Williams, Tom  EMAIL  Tom was with 1st Amtracs and allowed me to use a couple of his pics in my Amtrac Pictures section. Tom has an excellent website  Amtracer Photos Page 45  and from there you can get to his Amtrac Platoon Website. Hey, don't forget to come back to my webiste though.
 Wilson, John  EMAIL  John was with 1st Amtracs at Cua Viet from November 1967- November 68.
 Wingfield, Fred  EMAIL  Fred was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. Fred was "B" Co.'s Armorer and many of the pictures seen on my homepage were taken by Fred and emailed to me. Thanks bro!
 Woodward, Bruce  EMAIL  Bruce was with 3rd Amtracs; "A" Co. 4th plt. from May 1968 to April 1969.
 Woolen, Tony  EMAIL  Tony was with 1st Amtracs; "B" Co. 2nd plt. from February 1968 to December 1968. Would like to hear from anyone would remembers me; I recall a few names: fly paul tex mooch roach.
 Woolfolk, William E.  EMAIL  William was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. 4th and 1st Plt., from 02/1968 to 03/1969.Tractor numbers were 3-B-46 and 3-B-13. Semper Fi, WILL.
 Worrell, Robert.  EMAIL  Robert was with Amtrac Maint.; ChuLai from May 1965-66.
 Worth, Tim (Cpl.)  EMAIL  Tim served with "H&S" Co. as a cook from July 67 to August 1968.
 Wygand, Robert J. Jr. (Sgt.)  EMAIL  Robert served with B Co. 1st Amtrac Bn. with 1-9 in the Danang Area 65-66.

 Young, Jeff "Moose"  EMAIL  Jeff was with 1st Amtracs; "H&S" Co. from 1968-69 at Cua Viet.

 Zerega, Al  EMAIL  Al writes, "I served with you guys in 1968 and 69 on 5a12 with Sgt. Epperson.
 Zvara, Bob (Cpl)  EMAIL  Bob was with 3rd Amtracs; "B" Co. detached to LimaCo3rdBn 4thMarDiv aboard USS San Bernardino off the coast of Nam Crewchief-B-310 .

So far over two dozen Marines have been reunited with old buddys from Vietnam here. I believe that number will keep growing significantly as more people sign in. You can help by signing the guestbook (preferably) or by emailing me the necessary info. To date the names keep coming in steadily.

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