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Neil & Maggie Beard 1905


        My journey has taken me back in time to seek out my family.  I  am  now in my late 50's  and feel closer to them than  at any other time in my life.  It's funny that as I get older my need to connect with them grows stronger.

        I was very fortunate as a child to have been very close to my Grandparents.  I traveled with them to visit their brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.  I was able to travel with my Grandfather, Neil Beard and Grandmother, Mary Margaret (Maggie) Smith Beard to her home place in Grays Creek, outside of Fayetteville, NC.  I spent many nights snuggled up in my Grandmother's arms in the very room she slept in as a  young girl.  Below are pictures of her parents, Clarry Lucindy Register and William James Smith.  As you can tell, these pictures were taken at different times in their life.

Clarry Lucindy Register Smith, my Great-Grandmother

William James Smith, my Great-Grandfather

Robert Neil Beard and Mary Margaret Smith Beard

  This picture was taken sometime in the latter part of 1905, my Grandfather, Neil, my Grandmother "Maggie", with their first born, Thelma Macy.

         My Grandparents were married the last day of February, 1904.  My Grandfather was 21 years old and my Grandmother was 16 when her two brothers helped them run away, that Sunday after Church,  to be married.  The next day her Father, William James "Bill" Smith, drove into Fayetteville to his attorney's office and made out a new Will disinheriting her.  At that time, he told everyone that she was no longer his daughter.   Grandmother told me that when he got back home he took everything she owned outside to the front yard and set it on fire.  The only thing she had left were the clothes that she took with her in a small bag when she and my Grandfather eloped. 

        Grandmother remained very close to her mother but she never forgave her Father!   It was so sad because they always had such a special relationship when she was growing up.  Grandmother said she remembered sitting in her Father's lap feeling loved and cherished by him, she was the baby girl in a family of eleven children.

        Many years later when her Mother became ill "Maggie" went back to her parents home to take care of her Mother.  One day when she was hand-washing her Mom's things in the kitchen sink, her Father came in, with a "wad" of money and tried to put it in her apron pocket .  She threw the money back at him and told him that she never wanted anything from him.  

        When he disinherited her on the day of her marriage and burned everything she held dear, he broke her heart.  

        My Grandparents were married for 54 years  and had 9 children, seven daughters and 2 sons.  My Mother was their ninth and final child.  

         As a child I was very fortunate to be able to stay with my Grandparents.  I knew when I grew up I wanted a marriage just like theirs.  I can remember watching them together.  I knew what "Love" looked like and knew what I wanted for my life.  I thank GOD everyday for their guidance.  So many people today do not know "how real love looks, acts , nor how it feels".  




Grandmother , between her brothers Dan and James and their Oldest sister, Annie.

        Pictured above is my Great -Uncle Dan Smith, my Maternal, Grandmother, Mary Margaret "Maggie" Smith Beard, my Great Uncle, James Smith and my Great Aunt, Annie Smith Canady on Aunt Annie's 90th Birthday.  This picture was made at Aunt Annie's home in Greys Creek, North Carolina, sometime in the late 1940s.







Minty - Bailey

My Paternal Grandmother, Mary Laing Webster Minty Bailey came from Edinburgh, Scotland.

My Paternal Grandfather, William Edgar Bailey came from Manchester, NH, he was born March 9, 1878.  

They met in Scotland in 1912, he was a merchant seaman and  she worked as a Nurse.

Elizabeth5 Logie (George4, William3, Robert2, John1) was born September 5, 1821 in Bellie, Moray, Scotland, and died January 2, 1901 in Fife Arms, Close, Elgin, Scotland. She married William Minty,  June 28, 1849, son of  James Minty  and Jane Moore.
Children of Elizabeth Logie  and William Minty  are:




Nana De La Tour6 Minty, b. May 7, 1850, Elgin, Moray, Scotland.



James Alexander Minty, b. July 6, 1853, Elgin, Moray, Scotland; d. October 14, 1929, Edinburgh, M- Lothian, Scotland.




Jane Logie Minty, b. April 12, 1855; d. September 7, 1931; m. David Forbes, January 3, 1884.




Margaret Ann Minty, b. December 4, 1856; d. September 6, 1886; m. James Morrison, January 14, 1875.




Marion Logie Minty, b. July 18, 1860; d. January 3, 1884; m. Frederick Powderell, January 3, 1884.




Thomas Hutchon Minty, b. December 3, 1862; d. March 24, 1864.

 6.   James Alexander6 Minty (Elizabeth5 Logie, George4, WIilliam3, Robert2, John1) was born July 6, 1853 in Elgin, Moray, Scotland, and died October 14, 1929 in Edinburgh, M- Lothian, Scotland. He married (1) Mary Laing Webster November 14, 1878, daughter of William Webster and Allison Da La Tour. He married (2) Mary Straln Hamilton September 12, 1917, daughter of John Hamilton and Jane Anderson.
Children of  James Minty and Mary Webster are:




Allison Mitchell  Dalrymple7 Minty, b. October 8, 1879, Edinburgh, M- Lothian, Scotland; d. August 5, 1951; m. James Sturrock Stormont, September 25, 1900.




William Grant Minty, b. October 7, 1881, Edinburgh, M- Lothian, Scotland; d. February 12, 1890.




James Alexander George Minty, b. January 8, 1884, Elgin, Moray, Scotland; d. 1964; m. Mary Wilson McKinnon, July 9, 1909.




Mary Webster Minty, b. January 8, 1887, Garmouth, Moray, Scotland; m. William Bailey, 1913.




Ellen Hislop Minty, b. August 17, 1892, Edinburgh, M- Lothian, Scotland; d. January 4, 1919; m. George McAllan,  August 30, 1917.




Elizabeth Christina Minty L , b. September 13, 1892, Edinburgh, M- Lothian, Scotland; d. February 19, 1906.



Fredris Marion Powderell Minty , b. April 3, 1895, Edinburgh, Scotland; d. February 15, 1948, Ferryland, Newfoundland.

The Song playing on this page is called The Flower of Scotland, the "Unofficial" National Anthem   

        The Flower of Scotland commemorates the Battle of Bannockburn (1314) when the Scottish Army under Robert the Bruce (Robert I, King of Scots) defeated Edward II of England. This ended English rule of Scotland for a time. In 1603 Elizabeth I, Queen of England, Wales, Ireland and France died childless, and her second cousin James VI, King of Scots, ascended to the English throne.  Thus marriage achieved what force of arms could not.





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