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Take a look around by clicking on the topics above to learn more about dosage calculations and see a variety of common medication calculations. Click on the quiz number to take sample quizzes to assess your skills.

This web site is designed for nursing students and any health care providers desiring to learn more about medication calculations and practice a variety of clinical dosage calculations.  This site teaches dosage calculations based on Dimensional Analysis.

Basic Guidelines  for Rounding 

Round capsules and drops to  Whole Numbers Parts of capsules and drops cannot be administered
Round injectable medications less than 1 mL to Hundredths Use a Tuberculin syringe which is calibrated in hundredths
Round injectable medications more than 1 mL to   Tenths Use a 3cc or larger syringe which is calibrated in tenths 
Always round at end of problem and not while working the problem The smaller the number the more decimal places should be carried...hundredths place is a general guideline

Guidelines  for Rounding Critical Care Meds

Critical care medications are usually administered via pump or controller If pump can be set to administer meds to the hundredths' place, carry the problem to the thousandths and round to the hundredths
The smaller the number the more important it becomes to not round too soon This is especially true for pediatric patients

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