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PARENTS: I've been using OpenDNS at home since Sept '07. I've tested it extensively and have yet to have any harmful content get through to any of my family's computers, no matter how hard I tried. Easily protect your scouts and family by simply changing your DNS address. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up a FREE account [so you can create a white list, select which type of sites and domains to allow/block, etc.]. It's 100% FREE to home users, with nothing to install or download. By changing your DNS addresses to and, all filtering will be done at these DNS servers [where url's are translated into ip addresses]. Government agencies, libraries, school districts and businesses are using OpenDNS. Contact me if you have questions or need help setting it up. I wouldn't push this if it wasn't 100% legit or if I hadn't seen for myself how it has protected my family from harmful internet content. Go to and check out their site for yourself. Mike [Pack235 web admin]