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The Wards and Bakers:
Pioneers of West Florida

Chapter III

John Ward of Bon Secour River

This John Ward has been referred to as John Ward Jr. and John Ward III. Some of these designations are used by genealogists only for the purpose of distinguishing the different "Johns." If the John Ward who settled at Bon Secour is not the same as the John Ward Jr. of Charleston, then the following questions remain unanswered: Who was he, where did he come from, and who were his parents?

It is my belief that this John Ward was definitely a Tory. That he probably lived in the back country of South Carolina immediately after the Revolutionary War to avoid persecution for his political choice. He eventually came to the Territory of West Florida, which was under more favorable Spanish control, like many Tories did during and after the war. I find it significant that John gave three sons names that could quite possibly have a Tory influence; Tarleton, for Banastre Tarleton a British Officer considered to be a cold blooded murderer by the Americans; Patrick, for Patrick Ferguson who was in charge of recruiting Tories to fight the Patriots; and Moses, for Moses Kirkland a prominent South Carolinian who was a Tory leader in the back country of South Carolina.

I believe that he is indeed related to the Charleston WARDs. I just do not believe he is same as "John Jr." mentioned in the will as one of the four brothers. Very little can be found regarding the descendants of Jonathan Ward and it is my theory that this is the line from which John of Bon Secour descends. John and Daniel, it seems to me, lived too close for it just to be coincidental. Then John named a son Daniel in 1795, the same year that Daniel died.

Another part of the story handed down by tradition is that John met Nancy Knight, daughter of Jackson Knight, at Ft. Mitchell on one of the aforementioned cattle drives and he married her. She is said to have been born in Georgia. There are many variations to this story and it was allegedly printed in the Pensacola Gazette in 1842. It is shown in the following documents and pretty well sums up all the variations of this story that has been repeated so many times. I say allegedly because attempts by at least two researchers to find the original document have not been successful. There is not one researcher with whom I have communicated that has seen the original.

At the present time I still believe that the John Ward and Elizabeth Knight who lived in Baldwin County are possibly the parents of Elijah. That she was the daughter of Jackson Knight is also very possible. It also seems probable that this John did live in South Carolina for a period of time after leaving Virginia and/or North Carolina and even drove cattle. He certainly is the logical choice as father of Elijah judging from all the evidence available. He settled around Bon Secour, presently Shell Banks, in the southeastern tip of Alabama. This land, also known as Buen Socorro under Spanish control, was bought from John Even. (Bon Secour in French means safe harbor) John Ward later had to apply to the Spanish government in Mobile for a clear title. This was done March 27, 1803 and in his petition John stated he was the father of a large family and had lived on the land for ten years.

In the records of the Catholic Church at Mobile, baptism records are found for two of John Ward's children; Daniel and Ana. A third record for John Jr. was thought to exist, but it has disappeared before getting into circulation. In order to own land under the Spanish control it was important to be in the good graces of the Catholic Church. The children were given Catholic Godparents which is the reason they are found among these records. For the most part, these records are at the present time untranslated and unavailable to most researchers. If the baptismal record is correct, and I believe it is, then Elizabeth Knight would have to be

Page 38

Cherokee if she were indeed an Indian and born in North Carolina. The marriage of John Ward and Elizabeth Knight is proven by this baptism record. I have not found Nancy or Elizabeth Knight's name mentioned in any other records.

Found in the deeds to John M. Ladd are proof of seven children of John Ward; John, Daniel, Benjamin, Tarleton Solomon, Henry, Patrick, and Nancy Ann. It is thought that some of the sons, who were deceased at that time, were not mentioned in the deed. Elijah W. and Moses M. are sons accepted by almost all researchers. At least one respected researcher questions the validity of this deed. I find it confusing also, but think that part of the problem lies in our perception of this WARD family.

Did John Ward of Charleston actually live on the land that was located at the top of Mobile Bay in the early 1780s? If he did it would be further proof that John Ward of Bon Secour is not the same. According to the census records, Patrick was born in South Carolina in 1791; Tarleton was born in Florida (Territory) in 1792. While census records are not always accurate, this would have John coming into the Territory between 1791 and 1792 which roughly agrees with the petition for the land at Bon Secour. It stated they had been there since 1793.

I have seen several dates for the births and marriage of John and Nancy. I have never seen the documentation for any date and have chosen not to include any in this book. I have also never seen the names Nancy Knight or Jackson Knight in any documentation other than documents based on lore. There is no proof at this time that the Elizabeth Knight in the Catholic record is the same as this Nancy Knight although I feel sure they must be. And I have seen no evidence, other than the affidavits, that Elizabeth (Nancy) Knight was a Native American.

Some researchers feel that John went to Jackson County, Mississippi with his children before his death ca 1825. I agree and I am of the opinion that he was in Jackson County as early as 1807. Others think he died ca 1813 or 1814, about the time of the Creek Indian Wars. This war was brought about by the infamous massacre at Fort Mims on August 30, 1813. More than 350 settlers were killed and one researcher reports that, according to lore, some Ward families were involved. And as a result Jackson Patrick Ward always observed August 30 as a day of mourning. He was the only son of Patrick Ward. A John C. Ward is found in an early Mobile County census of 1816.

John and Nancy's daughter Nancy Ann Ward was baptized Ana. She lived in Jackson County, Mississippi for a number of years where her husband, Bartholomew Childress, was the Sheriff at one time. It has been said that they went to Jackson County because the schools were better there. They are back in Baldwin County by 1860. She and Bartholomew are buried at Miller's Memorial in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Patrick, Henry, and Tarleton remained in Jackson County through the 1850 census. Tarleton married Sarah Childress. According to the deeds, Patrick was still in Jackson County in 1867. He married Elizabeth Davis. He was the postmaster there in 1825 and 1835. Henry and his wife Emmeline, thought to be a second wife, are in Baldwin County in the 1860 census. Henry has no wife listed in the 1850 census of Jackson County. John Jr. is last found in Jackson County in 1840. Moses is found in Jackson County in the 1840 census and in Silsbee, Tyler County, Texas in 1850 where it is said that he died. He married Hannah Davis, a sister of Patrick's wife Elizabeth.

Other than the possible links to David and James B., I am not sure what happened to Daniel and Benjamin. The latter may have been the same as the Benjamin in Monroe County, Alabama in 1816. I also cannot account for John Jr. after the 1840 census of Jackson County, Mississippi. He is found there in 1820 also, but not in 1830.

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Nancy Knight Ward (L) & Nancy Ward Childress (R)

Author's note: This photo is a copy of an old tintype found by Bob Mayes & David Ward in the late 1950s at the home of a lady by the name of Suarez(?). She lived at Tensas and the photo was hanging on her wall. She said it was indeed a photo of the names mentioned above, but it remains unconfirmed.

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(not included)

Map of Bon Secour

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To His Honor the Commandant.

John Ward an inhabitant of the jurisdiction of Mobile, and with due respect represents to your honor, that for the last ten years, he has resided on a tract of land called Bon Secour which he purchased together with a small house erected thereon, from a certain John Even; but as the said John Even had no title of property to the said land, your petitioner received none from him and your petitioner being the father of a large family for which he is extremely anxious to make some provision, and particularly with a view to prevent the ultimate loss of his labors and improvements, he is now desirous of procuring a grant for the land aforesaid. Your petitioner therefore prays that your honor will be pleased to transmit his claim to his honor the Commandant General, in order that it may produce the desired effect. The prayer of your petitioner is for a tract of land containing eight hundred superficial arpens, commencing from the house which has been erected at the spot mentioned, distant one mile from the left hand side of the entrance of the River aforesaid.

Wherefore he humbly entreats of you a grant for the land prayed for. This favor he hopes to receive from your known equity.

                (Signed) John Ward

Mobile twenty seventh of March one thousand eight hundred and three.

Until a new Assessor shall have been regularly appointed, this petition can not be transmitted to his honor the Intendant, but in the meantime, the petitioner may continue in the possession and cultivation of the land described in the preceding memorial, provided that the same is vacant, and that in establishing the same, no injury is hereby caused to a third person.

              (Signed) Joaquin de Osorno (SEAL)

Source: St. Stephen's land office records - ledger 13.

Page 42

Hoy Jueves dia viente seis del mes de Novembre del
ano de seticientos novinta y cinco yo Dn
Constantino Cura Parroco de la Yglesia de Nra Sra
de la Concepcion de la Mobila Bautia y puse los
Sts oleos a un nino hijo de Juan Ward y Elizabeth
Knight Americanos habitantes de Rio Pescao y puse
por nombre Daniel nacido el dia triente del mes de
Abril de este ano Fueron sus Padrinos Danl Jusan
y Madm Loronntt aquines adventi el Parentesco
espiritual y para q_ Conste la firme t Supra.

            Constantino McKenna

Today Thursday the 26th day of the month of November of the
year of 1795 I Don
Constantino Parrish Priest of the Church of Our Lady
of the Conception of Mobile Christen and I give the
Saints holy oil to one little boy son of John Ward and Elizabeth
Knight American Inhabitants of Fish River and gave him
the name Daniel born the 20th day of the month of
April of this year His godparents were Daniel Jusan
and Madam Loronntt whom I advised of their
spiritual Parentage as witness I sign it __ _____.

            Constantino McKenna

Hoy dia viente y dos del mes de Febrero del ano
mil ochocientos y siete Yo Dn Juan Franco Vangeois
Cura Parroco de la Yglesia de Nra Sra de la Concepcion
de la Mobila Baptize solemnemante y puse los Sts oleos
a una nina q? nacio el dia quatro de Mayo del ano
de ochocientos y tres, hija legitima de Juan
Ward natural de Virginia y de Elizabet Knight
natural de la Carolina del norte ambos en los estados
unidos y a vecindados eso brio el Rio de Bon Secours en
esta Parroquia, y le puse por nombre Ana, Fueron
Sus Padrinos Dn Cornelio McCurtin y Da Eufrosina
Bouzages su esposa a quienes adverti el Parentesco Espiri-
tual y pa q? conste la firme.

            Juan Franco Vangeois

Today the 22nd day of the month of February the year
1807 I Don Juan Francisco Vangeois
Parrish Priest of the Church of Our Lady of the Conception
of Mobile solemnly baptize and give the Saints holy oil
to one little girl who was born the 4th day of May of the year
1803 lawful daughter of John
Ward native of Virginia and of Elizabeth Knight
native of North Carolina both in the United
States and in the vicinity of that elegant Bon Secour River
in this parrish and I gave her the name Ana. Her
godparents were Don Cornelius McCurtin and Dona Eufrosina
Bouzages his wife whom I advised of their Spirit-
ual Parentage. As witness I sign it.

            Juan Francisco Vangeois

Source: Untranslated Spanish Catholic records of Mobile. Roughly translated by the author. A third record for John Jr. is said to exist, but I have not seen a copy of it to date.

Page 43

December 24, 1867
Book #23 Page #341

Whereas the United States Government by Act of Congress confirmed to Daniel Ward Benjamin Ward and John Ward the tract of land hereafter mentioned and which came to the said Daniel, Benjamin, and John under a Spanish grant then recognized and confirmed by the United States as aforesaid and whereas the said Daniel Ward is now living but the said Benjamin and John Ward are now dead and the said Daniel and Tarleton Ward are brothers of the said Benjamin and John Ward deceased and of the next of kin to the said Benjamin and John: Now know all men by these presents that we, Daniel Ward and Tarleton Ward in consideration of the sum of one Thousand Dollars to me in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged have bargained sold conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do now grant bargain sell assign and confirm unto John M. Ladd and to his heirs forever (all the said tract of land, namely a Spanish grant confirmed by Act of Congress of the United States to Benjamin, Daniel and John Ward being Section forty Township one South Range on East in Mobile County containing an area of eleven hundred and seventy-five 90/100 acres: Bounded as follows North of Section four. A Spanish grant of Pierre Chestany fractional South East quarter of Section five. East of Middle River. South of Rail road land. Section 15 and school section number sixteen and West by Mobile River) To have and to hold unto him the said John M. Ladd and to his heirs and assignees forever. And we the said Daniel and Tarleton Ward do hereby connate and agree to warrant and defend the title hereby conveyed against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever except as to the other heirs of Benjamin and John Ward, being the surviving brothers Patrick Ward and Henry Ward and their sister Nancy Childress wife of Bartholomew Childress. Given under our hand and seal this twelfth day of October 1867. Witness at signing:

J. R. Eastburn
ABW Kennedy
 Daniel (X) Ward
 Tarleton (X) Ward


The State of Alabama
Mobile County

I J. R. Eastburn a Notary Public in and for said County and State hereby certify that Daniel Ward and Tarleton Ward wherein their ? names are signed to the foregoing conveyance and who are known to me acknowledged before me on this day after being informed of the contents of this said conveyance they executed the same voluntarily on the day the same given date under my hand and notarized Seal the 12th day of October AD 1867.

 J. R. Eastburn
 Arty Peebles

Page 44

Book #23 Page #342
The State of Alabama
Baldwin County

Know all men by these presents that is Henry Ward and Emmeline his wife of the County of Baldwin and State of Alabama and Patrick Ward of the County of Jackson and State of Mississippi. The said Henry and Patrick being heirs of the late Benjamin and John Ward (deceased) who together with Daniel Ward now. Were the grantees under the United States Government of the hereinafter mentioned tract of land do in consideration of the sum of one thousand to us in hand paid by John M. Ladd of the County of Mobile the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do hereby dismiss release and forever quick claim unto him the same John M. Ladd and to his heirs ans assignees forever. (all the following tract of land in Mobile County, Alabama namely a Spanish grant confirmed by Act of Congress of the United States to Benjamin, Daniel, and John Ward being Section forty Township one South range on East in said County containing an area of eleven hundred and seventy six 90/100 acres. Bounded as follows-- North by Section four a Spanish grant to Piere Chestang and fractional unto East quarter of Section five - East by Mobile River South by Rail Road land Section fifteen and School Section number sixteen and West by Mobile River) To have and to hold unto him the said John M. Ladd and to his heirs and assignees forever. So that neither we nor anyone claiming through or under us show henceforth have by any way or means any rights claim or title to any part of said land or any interest in same but they and we hereby these presents be forever debarred from the same as witness or hand and seal this Twenty third day of November A. D. 1867.

Witness Henry Ward
J. F. Cain Stamped 150Emmeline (X) Ward
A. H. Cain  Patrick (X) Ward


State of Alabama
Peace Mobile County

I Jesse F. Cain a Justice of the hereby certify that Patrick Ward whose name is signed to the foregoing conveyance, and who is known to me acknowledged before me on this day after being informed of the contents of the conveyance he executed the same voluntarily on this day the -- date given under my hand the 7th day of December 1867.

  Jesse F. Cain


The State of Alabama
Baldwin County

I William Childress a Justice of the Peace of Baldwin County do hereby certify that Henry Ward and Emmeline his wife whose names are signed to the foregoing conveyance and who are known to me acknowledged before me on this day that being informed of the contents of the conveyance they executed the same voluntarily on this day the same being date given under my hand this twenty-third day of November A. D. 1867.

  William Childress
  Justice of the Peace B. C.

Page 45



JOSEPH B. CHILDRESS, first being duly sworn, deposes and says as follows:

My name is Joseph B. Childress; I am 87 years of age and was born in Baldwin County, Alabama, on January 10, 1870, having lived here all my life. I am a descendant of Nancy Knight (Nighte), Indian wife of Jno. Ward, whose daughter, one Nancy Ward, married Bartholomew Childress. On account of the schools, they moved to Jackson County, Mississippi, and sent their children to school. We have known and always been taught, and is common knowledge in our family that our great grandmother, Nancy Knight (Nighte) was a Creek Indian woman.

Joseph B. Childress

Sworn to and subscribed before me, a Notary Public in and for Baldwin County, Alabama, this the 24th day of May, 1957.

Forest A. Christian
Notary Public


Foley, Alabama
August 25, 1955

Teen Ward's father was Nancy Ward's brother. Nancy Knight was Teen Ward's grandmother. Mary Ward who married William Childress, her first cousin, was Teen Ward's sister. Harriet Ward married George Nelson. Louise Ward married Marsh Underwood, who were both Teen Ward's sisters. Nancy Jane Nelson married Ples Ward. Her father was Edward Nelson. Bisha Nelson and Thomas Nelson were Nancy Jane's brothers. Nancy Jane Ward had three sons, Tim, Jim, and Lester. Lester was killed by lightning at Bon Secour, Baldwin County, Alabama.

I was born January 10, 1870. I remember this very well. I stayed at Grandmother Nancy's, and went to school. I remember her very well. She died when I was eight years old and she was 76 years old.

J. B. Childress

I have a picture of Nancy Ward if you would ever want to see it.

Author's note: Ples Ward was listed as P. J. Ward in the 1860 census of Baldwin Co., AL. It is not known how, or if, he is related.

Page 46

Alleged Pensacola Gazette Article

This is an article that appeared in the Pensacola Gazette December 10, 1842

I am typing this article since it is too dim to reproduce.

John Ward, great-grandfather of Christian and Nancy Ward Bass, moved from Virginia to Charleston, South Carolina. Records from Archives Department, Columbia, South Carolina, show that JohnWard's will was recorded May 11, 1720. His children were: John,Benjamin, Joshia, and Daniel.

The family raised cattle for a livelihood. The cattle were driven from Carolina to Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana for sale, by way of Columbus, Georgia. Here they crossed the Chattahoochee River at a ford and stopped for the night. It was here John met Nancy Knight, his future wife. Her mother was a Creek Indian and her father operated a blacksmith shop near the river crossing.

One day while the Ward boys were splitting rails to build fence, John decided he was tired of splitting rails, left his axe in the woods, and went to Columbus, Georgia. He and Nancy Knight were married. They went back to Charleston, South Carolina to live and it was there that Elijah was born in 1779. Children of John and Nancy were: Elijah, Moses, Patrick, Tarelton, John, Benjamin, Henry, and Nancy. The family moved to Bon Secour, Alabama, near Mobile.

Elijah married Sarah Cochran, August 3, 1816 at Grove Hill, Clark County, Alabama. She was the daughter of a state senator and a travelling Baptist preacher, also a man of considerable wealth in cattle and land, as shown by his will made August 27, 1818.

Elizah and Sarah lived in a fork of the Tensas and Alabama Rivers, raising cattle for a livelihood. There were twelve children: Gabrella, Jack, Janice, William, John, Andrew J., Louise, Sarah, Celesteen, Douvak, Mary, and Harriett. Because the children had Indian heritage, they were not permitted to attend schools in the area. Some of Elijah's brothers moved to Mississippi, but Elijah, accompanied by Sarah's brother Charles Cochran, moved his family and stock to Florida. They settled on the east bank of the Blackwater River at Milton, which at that time was in Walton County. The area continues to be known as Wards Basin. The family later moved near Dorcas, east of Crestview.

Elijah served in the U. S. Army enlisting from Yellow River, Florida, May 13 1832 in the war between the United States and the Creek Indians. He received his discharge January 13, 1838. At his death he was buried near Crestview in a cemetery which is not in existence at this time. William Ward enlisted in the U. S. Army July 3, 1836 as a private in the Indian War.

Author's note: I retyped the above typed transcription, including the heading and spelling, exactly as I received it. Due to spacing a few words appear on different lines. The source and date of the transcription is unknown. There is an almost identical story, minus the heading, in a book written by Genoa Spence on the Bass Family. There are several things I find unusual and it is difficult to accept this story as originally written in 1842. The first is that Christian and Nancy Ward Bass were not born until 1847 & 1860; they were not married until ca 1870 & 1880. Second, Elijah was not buried in 1842; he did not die until after the 1860 census, ca 1865. I also have a difficult time believing that anyone at that time would have access to so much genealogical data, especially the wills of John Ward and William Cochran.

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Descendants of John Ward

First Generation

1John WARD, b. VA;
He m. Elizabeth [Nancy] KNIGHT, b. NC.

+2MiMoses M. WARD.
 3Mii John WARD Jr. d. bef 1867.
+4MiiiPatrick WARD.
+5MivTarleton Solomon WARD.
 6M vDaniel WARD, b. 20 Apr 1795 Fish River (now Baldwin Co., AL); chr. 26 Nov 1795; d. aft 1867.
+7MviHenry WARD.
+8FviiNancy Ann WARD.
 9MviiiElijah WARD, b. 1810.
 10MixBenjamin WARD, d. bef 1867.

Second Generation

2 Moses M. WARD, b. 1787 SC; d. aft 1850 Silsbee, Tyler Co., TX.
He m. Hannah DAVIS. Hannah, dau. of George DAVIS and Elizabeth LINEAR, b. 30 May 1805 GA.

 11MiE. P. WARD, b. 1825 MS.
 12MiiStephen WARD, b. 1827 MS.
 13FiiiEleanor WARD, b. 1829 MS.
She m. Ezekiel CHANCE.
  14FivLaura WARD, b. 1832 MS.
 15MvJoseph WARD, b. 1834 MS.

Update: The children shown above are those listed in the 1850 census of Tyler County, Texas. I believe "E. P." shown above is the son of Henry and that sons #28 & #29 under Henry are the same man; Elias, or Elisha, Patrick WARD. Patrick WARD married Laura WARD in Tyler Co., TX 14 Aug 1853; they would then be first cousins.

Also on that census was an Elanora, age 7, who I also believe was a daughter of Henry. Moses did have a daughter named Eleanor and what is shown here now reflects that change.

4Patrick WARD, b. 1791 SC; d. aft 1867.
He m. Elizabeth DAVIS. Elizabeth, dau. of George DAVIS & Elizabeth LINEAR, b. 9 Jan 1798 GA.
 16M iJackson Patrick WARD, b. 1835 MS.
He m. Mary McGILL. Mary, daughter of Neil McGILL, b. 1833; d. 1905.

5 Tarleton Solomon WARD, b. 1792 FL; d. aft 1867.
He m. Sarah CHILDRESS 1815. Sarah, dau. of William CHILDRESS, b. 1796 VA.

 17M iCornelius WARD, b. 2 Aug 1816 Jackson Co., MS.
He m. Mary Ann TUCKER. Mary, b. 1830 MS.
 18MiiJohn Knight WARD, b. 1818 Jackson Co., MS.
He m. Harriett HOGAN.
 19Fiii Rebecca WARD, b. 1825 MS.
She m. John L. TUCKER. John, b. 1828 MS.
 20M iv Tarleton Solomon WARD Jr., b. 1828 Jackson Co., MS; d. 24 Nov 1912.
He m. Rebecca SMART 3 Mar 1856. Rebecca, dau. of Mr. SMART and Elizabeth (____), b. 1833 MS.
 21FvHarriett Nancy WARD, b. 1828 MS.
She m. James G. COWART. James, b. 1812 SC.
 22M vi William WARD, b. 1829 Jackson Co., MS.
Page 48

 23F viiSarah Ann WARD, b. 1830 Jackson Co., MS.
She m. (1) Hanson EUBANKS;
She m. (2) David PIERSON.
 24F viii Jeanette WARD, b. 1834 Jackson Co., MS.
She m. Alexander KIRKWOOD. Alexander, b. 1819 MS.
 25F ixJane WARD, b. 1835 Jackson Co., MS.
 26M xJohn W. WARD, b. 1845 Jackson Co., MS.
7Henry WARD, b. abt Aug 1800; d. abt Aug 1880.
He m. (1) Elnora SMITH abt 1819. She d. abt 1842.

 27F iAlvira or Elvira Ward, b. 1823 MS.
She m. Samuel DAVIS.
 28M iiElias WARD, b. 1825 (?) MS. (see update under Moses above)
 29M iiiPatrick WARD. (see update under Moses above)
 30M ivMoses WARD, b. 1827 MS.
 31M vSolomon WARD, b. 1830 MS.
 32F viLiza WARD, b. 1831 MS.
 33M viiElijah Covington WARD, b. 16 May 1832 Jackson Co., MS; d. 2 My 1921 Jackson Co., FL; bur. Cypress Bapt. Cem.
He m. (1) Serena BUSBY 17 Jul 1859 Mobile Co., AL. Serena, dau. of William BUSBY & Lou ENNIS, b. 18 Apr 1843 Clarke Co., MS; d. 11 Oct 1917 Hattiesburg, Forrest Co., MS; bur. Oaklawn Cem.
He m. (2) Missouri Davis McCARTY 6 Jan 1897 Jackson Co., FL. Missouri, dau. of Elijah McCARTY & Maria RIALS, b. 28 Sep 1861 Bainbridge, GA.
 34FviiiDelilah WARD.
 35F ixDelytha WARD, b. 1835 MS.
She m. Samuel R. WADE.
 36FxLouisee WARD, b. 1839 MS.
 37FxiElnora WARD. (Raised by Moses WARD ?)

 He m. (2) Emmeline BOND 8 Nov 1855 Baldwin Co., AL. She was b. 1825 MS.

 38M xiiHenry WARD, b. 1854 AL.
 39M xiiiLorenzo D. WARD, b. 1859 AL; d. bef 1870.

8Nancy Ann WARD, b. 4 May 1803 Bon Secour, Baldwin Co., AL; chr. 20 Feb 1807 Mobile; d. 1878 Shell Banks, AL; bur. Miller's Mem. Cem.
She m. Bartholomew Gordon CHILDRESS abt 1825. Bartholomew, son of William CHILDRESS, b. 1803 SC; d. 1881 Shell Banks, Baldwin Co., AL; bur. Miller's Mem. Cem., Baldwin Co., AL.

 40MiWilliam CHILDRESS.
He m. Mary Caroline WARD.
 41MiiJohn CHILDRESS, b. 21 May 1829 Jackson Co., MS; d. 15 Apr 1901 Baldwin Co., AL.
He m. Eliza Rosetta NELSON 1868.
 42Fiii Caroline CHILDRESS, b. 1831 Jackson Co., MS; d. 3 Sep 1894 Baldwin Co., AL; bur. Miller's Mem.
She m. James LESTER 22 Jun 1851.
 43Miv Bartholomew Washington CHILDRESS, b. 11 Sep 1833 Jackson Co., MS; d. 31 Mar 1917 AL.
He m. Alice NELSON 22 Dec 1853.
 44MvJasper N. CHILDRESS, b. 17 Mar 1836 Jackson Co., MS; d. 26 May 1912 Baldwin Co., AL; bur. Miller's Mem.
 45FviNancy Harriett CHILDRESS, b. 1838 in Jackson Co., MS; d. 1912.
She m. James D. HOLLOWAY 18 Dec 1858
 46MviiMoses R. CHILDRESS, b. 18 Feb 1843 Jackson Co., MS; d. 19 Dec 1888 Jackson Co., MS; bur. Miller's Mem., Baldwin Co., AL.
He m. Enarsa TERRY 11 May 1882.

Page 49

Chapter IV

Elijah W. Ward

Note: This chapter still reflects my opinions, but I did make some minor additions and changes. The most notable of which was moving the photos of Elijah's children to this chapter.

Many researchers seem to agree that Elijah Ward was the oldest son of John and Elizabeth (Nancy) Knight, but the number of those with doubts is growing. There is less evidence to support this link than with some of the other children of John. In a letter and an affidavit from Joseph Bartholomew Childress, an affidavit from Jesse Turner, and the Pensacola Gazette story the link of Elijah to John and Elizabeth (Nancy) has been established. The affidavits, for the most part, restate family lore and the alleged Gazette story has some obvious flaws and was never actually published in the paper as stated. It is probably just family lore restated by Genola Spence.

In Otis Ward's paper on the Ward family, "Looking Back on the Wards for the Last 100 Years," the following lore is related. It also suggests a link to the Jackson County, Mississippi WARDs, but does not appear to be entirely accurate.

"The two old original bulls were twins, one named Talton and the other Cilistine. They came by covered wagon from North Carolina in the late 1790's or the early 1800's, they parted company at about where Brewton is now. One went to Yellow River on St. Andrews Bay, our side of the family the other to about where Jackson, Mississippi is now located. This was before Alabama or Florida were states. Both territories were in Spanish holdings at the time."

While I do believe John & Nancy had a son named Elijah, I still have some reservations that he is the same as the Elijah Ward who settled in Walton County, Florida. The following is an excerpt from "Creole Mobile," a book by Johnnie Andrews, a respected historian of the Colonial Mobile era. If we are to believe it then there can be no connection between the two WARD families.

JOHN WARD - A native of Charleston, South Carolina and a resident of Bon Secour River.
Tarleton - Born in 1792.
Nancy - Born in 1807.
Elijah - Born in 1810.

The year of birth for Tarleton is what is reflected in the 1850 census. The year of birth for Nancy is actually the year she was baptized; she was born in 1803. Our Elijah was born no later than 1789 by anyone's account of the records. Margie Gatti of Mobile, Alabama has an interesting theory, however, that all of the dates may actually have been baptism dates that were misinterpreted. But, it seems unlikely to me that Elijah would have been christened, in that era, when he was almost 30 years old. Efforts to find the source of Mr. Andrew's information have not been successful. I have also been unsuccessful in trying to contact him.

Continuing to play the roll of the devil's advocate, several of John Ward's children are found in the records of Jackson County, Mississippi in the early 1800s. The earliest record of Elijah is his marriage record of 1816 in Alabama. I have also noticed a lack of what I call "name crossover" between the families which is very unusual for this period of time. John's children had no Elijahs; Elijah's family had no Tarletons, Patricks, Moses', Benjamins, or even a Nancy whose family was definitely linked.

From the age given in the records of his service in the Indian Wars, Elijah was born in 1779. The census of 1850 and 1860 both list his birth place as North Carolina which does little to confirm him as a descendant of the Berkeley County, South Carolina line of WARDs. It does

Page 50

not rule out a link to John Ward of Bon Secour since the baptismals link John and Elizabeth to North Carolina. He married Sarah (Sallie) Ann Cochran, daughter of William Cochran and Sarah (Sallie) Edmondson, at Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama on April 4, 1816. Based only on their age differences, it has always seemed likely to me that this was Elijah's second marriage. But no evidence or lore has ever been found to support this theory.

William Cochran was a veteran of the Revolutionary War from Henry County, Virginia. He enlisted 14 January 1777 and served three years. He applied for and received a pension that was effective 7 September 1818. According to his pension application he was born circa 1747. He married Sarah Edmondson, first, in Henry County, Virginia on 5 Aug 1780. He was issued a passport through the Creek Nation on 15 Mar 1804. On 12 Dec 1808 he was issued a second passport and this time his "family" is mentioned. Accompanying him was a John Cochran, and family, who was probably a brother who served with him in the Revolutionary War. John ended up settling in Robertson County, Tennessee. In 1810 William is listed in the Washington County census; Clarke County was formed from Washington. William was a noted Baptist minister and according to "A Glance into the Great Southeast" by Rev. T. H. Ball, he was the first minister ordained south of the Tennessee River. William married a second time to Doritha Ethridge in Clarke County on 22 Oct 1816. She was the executor of his will probated in February of 1819. Elijah was said to have been his father-in-law's overseer and upon his death, Elijah left Clarke County with a brother-in-law. I have heard lore that this brother-in-law was killed soon after they arrived in West Florida.

Elijah is found in the Territorial Papers of West Florida in 1821,1826, and 1842. In a petition for 640 acres of land in what would become Santa Rosa County, Florida Elijah states he settled and cultivated land on Yellow River Bay about the month of June 1821. This land became known as Ward's Basin and is located at the mouth of the Yellow River and Blackwater Bay near Milton, Florida. It is no doubt named after him. There was a "Mr. Ward," who in all likelihood was Elijah, who opened a ferry service at the head of Yellow Water Bay in 1822. It was in the vicinity of Ward's Basin and was reported abandoned by 1828. Elijah's name is shown in the voting records of the first election in Walton County in August of 1828. He voted at the home of Findlay McCaskill in the Yellow River Precinct. He is found in the 1830 census of Covington County, Alabama, and the 1840, 1850, and 1860 censuses of Walton County, Florida. Wyley Ward of Andalusia, Alabama theorizes that in the late 1820s, the settlers in Florida had to pull their cattle back into Alabama to graze because of trouble with the Indians. Elijah's service in the Florida Indian Wars is dated 1837 and 1838. For this service he applied for and received bounty land totaling 160 acres, two 80 acre tracts in Walton County, now Okaloosa County, Florida. The Wards of Walton County were loggers and farmers, but Elijah was also a cobbler. Family lore states that he once fought off a pack of wild dogs with his cobbler's awl, using the sharp end to their noses.

Sarah died before the 1860 census and is said to be buried in an unmarked grave near Laurel Hill, Florida, now Okaloosa County. Elijah is last found in the 1860 census of Walton County living with his son Celestine. In July of 1865 we have our last record of him, his Civil War amnesty petition signed with his "X." There is some lore that suggests he remarried, maybe twice, after her death. But, no evidence to support this story has ever been found. Elijah is said to be buried in what is now a meadow near Crestview in an unmarked grave on what was once Celestine's farm. At one time there was a community known as Wardville, with its own post office, located at the present day site of Crestview. The post office was discontinued in 1867.

Children of Elijah W. & Sarah Cochran Ward

William Marion Ward was born in Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama. He married Catherine Campbell who was the daughter of Peter Campbell and Christine McCaskill both of Scottish descent. After her death in 1878 he married Tabitha Lancaster who had several children by a previous marriage. William served in the Army during the Indian Wars for which he received 120 acres of land in what is now Okaloosa County. During the Civil War many of the cattle taken by Colonel Holland's Expedition, CSA, were owned by William Ward. This was documented in a report dated 4 Apr 1864.

Page 51

He moved his cattle farm from Laurel Hill to Ward's Cove on Rocky Bayou, also in what is now Okaloosa County, before 1879. He was the only one of Elijah's sons remaining in Walton County in 1880 and many of the Wards still there today are no doubt his descendants. He was found in the 1840 - 1880 censuses of Walton County, Florida. William and Catherine are buried at Rocky Cemetery near Niceville, Florida.

Gabriella Ward, was also born at Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama. She was married first to a Hart whose identity remains unknown. He was said to have died in the Florida Indian Wars and left Gabriella with two young daughters. She then married John Benjamin Meigs who became a school teacher in Walton County. John was the son of Josiah Meigs and Clara Benjamin and was born in Athens, Clark County, Georgia. Josiah was one of the founders of the University ofGeorgia and was the U. S. Land Commissioner in Monroeville, Conecuh County, Alabama. She and John are found in the 1850 - 1880 censuses of Walton County, Florida. Both John and Gabriella are buried in Walton County at Mossy Head in Crowder Cemetery.

Gabriella Ward Meigs

James Melvin Ward was born on a return visit to North Carolina in 1820, according to family lore. Why they were in North Carolina at this time is not known. James married Martha Jane Nichols, the daughter of Samuel and Mary Nichols, November 23, 1850 at her father's home in Walton County, Florida. Mary was possibly the daughter of John Matheson. Samuel Nichols appears to be the son of a Britain Nichols who was in the censuses of Kershaw County, South Carolina in 1810 and 1820 and Henry County, Alabama in 1830.

James Melvin & Martha Nichols Ward

All of the children of James and Martha were born in Deerland, Walton County, Florida. James is found in the 1860 and 1870 censuses of Walton County, Florida. James is said to have had a medical exemption from service in the Civil War due to his bad legs. Some time after 1870 and before the 1880 census James and his brother Celestine moved their families to the northern part Escambia County, Florida. James settled in Pine Barren and from here his descendants drifted southward into Molino and Pensacola. His homestead was located where the Tabernacle of Christ Church Camp now stands. This is across highway US29 from "Little" Pine Barren Cemetery where James is buried. Martha is buried next to him in a recently marked grave. Martha died suddenly at her son William's home at Wardsville while she was talking to one of her grandchildren. Her coffin was transported by wagon back to Pine Barren in the rain covered with canvas. When they arrived dinner had been prepared and they all went in to eat. William commented that he could not eat for thinking about Mama being "rained on."

John and Andrew Ward were hung by a group of men near the end of the Civil War. It has been said that these men were Confederate soldiers taking cattle from the Ward land; they may have been part of the Home Guard. This seems to be the most likely scenario, but there are many variations to this story. John and Andrew's brother-in-law, Covall Nichols, was one of the accused. Their death was avenged by their brother, Celestine, probably when he deserted the Union Army at Fort Barrancas. In a report by Corporal James Evans Co. D of the 1st Florida Cavalry dated 12 March 1865, he states that he, "Heard that Sgt. Ward, Co. B 1st Florida Cavalry and five men had killed the old man Nichols and one son and wounded another son of the old man on Shoal river in Walton Co., Fla., on or about the 8th day of March, 1865." Bob Mayes of Ft. Walton Beach, Florida said he has heard that it happened on a beautiful Sunday morning on Horsehead Creek (March 5th of 1865 was a Sunday). In a report dated 22 April 1864, seven men were hung in Walton County by the Confederates for entertaining Union sentiments. While it is possible, this seems too early to be connected to this lore.

The old man Nichols would be Covall's father Samuel. Celestine is said to have killed all the men accused. It has also been said that Celestine asked Covall to step outside so that he would not have to kill him in front of his children. He was killed and Austin Nichols, a brother, was shot in the face and left for dead. The bullet penetrated

Page 52

through both cheeks missing even his teeth. He played dead and when the coast was clear he headed for Alabama and never returned. This story is mostly family lore and some of it is even handed down by the Nichols family.

John E. Ward married Mary Grace Cousins and only had one child, a daughter, that can be determined from the census. John is found inthe 1850 and 1860 censuses of Walton County, Florida and Andrew in the 1860 census. John's widow remarried to John Covington and his daughter Sarah is thought to have married Jesse Edge.

Andrew Ward married Mary Malissa Cannon and had seven children also determined from the census. This Mary (Mollie) was found in the 1870 census of Walton County and probably the 1880 census of Santa Rosa County. She had not remarried, but did have a son that was probably too young to have been Andrew's.

There are many other stories that have been passed down about Celestine Ward. It is doubtful that he could have lived up to such a reputation. He also served for the Confederacy and apparently deserted before joining the Union. Confederate records only list him as absent without leave, but Union records state he was a "Refugee from Rebel State." This was a common notation for deserters of the Confederate Army. Later he unsuccessfully tried to get the Union charge of desertion removed. It has been said that he was often just a step ahead of the sheriff. Besides avenging the deaths of his brothers he was also implicated in the deaths of a number of other men. He has been accused of burning down many of the court houses in northwest Florida after the Civil War.

Celestine married Catherine Baker first who died of typhoid fever in March of 1860. She was the daughter of Starkes Baker and Mary Morrison. By the summer of 1860 he had married Flora Gillis and she died within a few years. Florah was the daughter of Neil Gillis, of Scottish descent, and Elizabeth Patterson. In 1866 he married Elizabeth (Bettie) Majors, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Majors and Rebecca Ann Lassiter. Otis Ward in a rather amusing quote on Celestine's children states: "This is 17 children he was the father of not counting (Yard Children). That is the kind of man I would have liked to be." Celestine and his family settled in the upper part of Escambia County near Bratt in the mid 1870s. It is here that he is buried in Godwin Cemetery. Ironically, with his reputation for violence, his gravestone is adorned with a lamb. His third wife, Bettie, is buried in the Big Pine Barren Cemetery at Davisville with a marker identical to Celestine's. Celestine was found in the 1850 - 1870 censuses of Walton County; 1880 and 1885 in Escambia County.

Celestine Josiah Ward

Sarah Ann Ward married Covall Nichols. His name in the census was spelled "Coffel." The 1850 census indicates that Covall had a prior marriage to a Nancy. After Covall was killed there was no evidence that Sarah ever remarried. Sarah was found in the 1860 and 1870 census of Walton County. Her son George Ward Nichols is found living with James and Martha Ward in the 1880 census of Escambia County. George was said to have returned to Walton County and brought his mother back to Escambia County in an ox cart. In the 1885 and 1900 census Sarah was living with her son-in-law Tom Coleman and listed as a midwife. Otis Ward said she delivered most of the children in the area. Most of Sarah's children also settled in Escambia County. It has been said that her language would have embarrassed most men. The last record we have of Sarah is an application for a Florida CSA pension in 1909. In this record she states her husband was a member of the Home Guard. She further states that he served in the 1st Florida Regiment, Company B under Captain Frank Lyons and was killed while home on furlough in 1863 or 1864. The application was not approved. She is thought to be buried in an unmarked grave at Bratt, Florida.

In a story related to Betty Perkins by Jesse Turner, a descendant of Gabriella, William Childress went to see his Uncle Elijah and met Mary Caroline, his first cousin. He fell in love and when he returned he brought two friends, George W. Nelson and John Underwood, who he introduced to Mary's sisters Harriett Elizabeth and Louisa. That is how

Page 53

these three daughters met their husbands. Jesse, who died in November of 1993, knew Mary Caroline and William. This story also helps corroborate the Elijah/John Ward connection. All three families eventually settled in southern part of Baldwin County, Alabama near the Bon Secour River.

Mary Caroline Ward was born in Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida according to her descendants. William Childress was the son of Bartholomew Gordon and Nancy Ann Ward Childress. He was born in Buckatuna, Jackson County, Mississippi. He was a mail carrier, surveyor, and a school teacher. William returned to Baldwin County, Alabama with his parents circa 1856. All of their children were born in Gasque, Alabama. They are both buried at Miller's Memorial at Gulf Shores, Alabama. They were found in the 1860 - 1880 census of Baldwin County.

Mary Caroline Ward Childress

Harriett Elizabeth Ward married George Washington Nelson. He was the son of Timothy Nelson and born in Marengo County, Alabama. He fought for the First Florida Infantry during the Civil War. They were found in the 1870 and 1880 census of Baldwin County. Both are buried at Shell Banks Cemetery in Baldwin County, Alabama. Their daughter Orelia remembered Elijah and used to relate the following story. Orelia was only four years old and the Civil War was not quite over when her parents moved the family to Shell Banks. She remembered running along beside the wagon and riding underneath the wagon on the single tree when she got tired. Elijah accompanied them as far as the Styx River where they parted. Elijah had long white hair and was riding a big white horse. It was the last time they saw him and his last words were "Good bye Harriett."

Harriett Elizabeth Ward & George Washington Nelson

Louisa Ward married John Marshall Underwood. They are reported to have no children, but in the 1870 census there is a Louise Underwood and a Marshall Ewing, both age 10, living with them. Louise is possibly a daughter. Louisa and Marsh were found in the 1870 and 1880 census of Baldwin County. Louisa is buried at Shell Banks and Marsh at the Fish River Cemetery near Foley.

Daniel Ward , who was said to have died young, is listed as a son of Elijah on many researcher's charts. I have never seen documentation supporting this claim. Jack is another name that shows up often, but I have always thought he was probably the same as Andrew Jackson or John E.; Jack is the familiar form of John. Although it is impossible to determine accurately, the 1830 and 1840 censuses do not reflect any more sons than what I have listed. The Pensacola Gazette story mentions a Janice and a Douvak who I have never seen anywhere else. It is interesting to note that James Melvin is not listed as one of Elijah's children in that story. It is my opinion that the names were probably misread from a source that was difficult to read.

Page 54

The Will of William Cochran

In the Name of God Amen

I William Cochran Senr. of Clark County and Town of Jackson being in good Health & sound memory do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. That is to say let. All my stock of cattle now on the Allebama under the care of my son James & Elijah Ward after paying my just debts contracted before October 1816 to be devided in the following manner viz. between my Sons Chedle _ James & daughter Salley Ward & her Son Wm. Marian my Daughter Jamima Neadors Heirs & my Son William & daughter Nancy having had their parts allready the above cattle are marked with a Crop & Slit in the right ear & swallow fork in the left branded thus "WC". My neagro Carl Huldo I give to my beloved wife during her natural Life and after her Death wholly to Her daughter Affey My Sorrel Mare I give to my wife to be disposed of as she may think prudent the colt I give to my wifes Daughter Affey - - The House & Lott on which I live together with the Household & Citching furniture I give to my beloved wife and to enable her to pay such debts as has bin contracted since October 1816 by me. I give Lethy my two Lotts in the Town of Jackson No. 110 & 111 to be disposed of as my wife may think proper and I do appoint my beloved wife the Executricks to this my last will and testament. done this Twenty seventh day of August one Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen.

Signed & Acknowledged in Presents of
Percy T. Bayard
Joel E. Cannon
Joseph Strother
Wm. Cochran


Elijah Ward
Sarah Cochran
April 3rd
The parties being of age Licens was
granted by taking bond and security

1816 April the 4th Solemnized the
Rights of Matrimony between
Elijah Ward and Sarah Cochran
      David Taylor J. P.

Recorded the 3rd day of August 1816.

Author's note: These documents were reproduced as faithfully as possible from copies of the original Clarke Co. records.

Page 55

(not included)

Page 56

[NA:HF, 17 Cong., 1 sess.:DS]

[Referred December 31, 1821]

To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled---

Your memorialists, inhabitants of West Florida beg leave to represent; that the period is now drawing near when the wisdom of Congress will be called into action, in legislating for the Government of the Floridas: it is a duty we owe to ourselves and to our Government to contribute to the general welfare; but more especially to that Section of the Country where we are situated and with the interests of which we are best acquainted. The acquisition of the Floridas has added to the United States an extent of Sea Coast of near Twelve [MS. torn] within which is embraced one of the finest Harbours [MS. torn] Country; and numerous others of less importance: These [MS. torn] not surrounded in the immediate vicinity with a rich and fertile [MS. torn] connected with the outlets of important Rivers, which water a rich and flourishing Country;---

Your Memorialists look forward to a period when Pensacola from its natural advantages, will not only be the place of deposit for the wealth of a Country, destined by nature to be tributary thereto; but by the assistance of art, in opening internal communications, may yet be a Store House for the riches of the South and West---

Your Memorialists entertaining these sentiments as to the importance of Pensacola naturally inquire to what section of the Country are their interests nearest allied? Is it to East Florida? or is it to the Country in their rear, to wit, the State of Alabama, to which they must look for support? The Geographical position of West Florida is as inviting, in favor of an annexation to the State of Alabama [MS. torn] repugnant or forbiding that East and West Florida should be incorporated into the Union as one State. Between the Floridas there never can be a comm [MS. torn] of interest; nor can these Territories, with convenience, be controuled or managed under one Government. East Florida is as large or larger than either of five States now forming a part of the Union: and will the State of Alabama be too large with West Florida annexed thereto?

Your Memorialists unhesitatingly declare that it is their solemn belief, that it is for the Political, Civil and Commercial interest and prosperity of West Florida to be annexed to the State of Alabama; and to make known more fully this sentiment, we have caused these presents to be forwarded to your Honourable body; requesting that Congress will seriously reflect, consult and deliberate and find that it will be in their wisdom to grant to your memorialists their request. But should the unfortunate course be adopted, that of incorporating the Floridas into the Union as one State, it is the devout wish of your memorialists, that untill the time, this may happen, the Floridas may [MS. torn] as two distinct and separate Territories. All which is respectfully submitted and for which your Memorialists will ever pray.

(Signed by 210 petitioners including Elijay Ward)

[Endorsed] West Florida. ---Inhabitants of Decr 31 1821 Refd to Mr Baldwin Mr Morgan Mr Nelson of Md Mr Williams of N. C. &---Mr Breckenridge Mar 1---1822 Refd to CW on Bill No 51. [MS. torn]

An excerpt from "The Territorial Papers of the United States" - Volume XXII, page 320.

Page 57

[NA;HF, 19 Cong., 2 sess.:DS]

[November 6, 1826]

To the Honourable Senate & House of Representatives in Congress assembled.

The undersigned, inhabitants of the western judicial district of Florida, most respectfully represent, that the nearest land office is at Tallahassee, distant from most of us two hundred & thirty miles, entirely removed from the ordinary business of the inhabitants of this district, and separated from us by an uninhabited wilderness; and hence it becomes onerous and oppressive for the people of this District to make journies so long and difficult, for the purpose of attending land sales, entering lands, or securing pre-emption rights, which the bounty of Congress, has conferred on many of your petitioners. That the construction, which the Register & Receiver at Tallahassee have given to the act of Congress, granting pre-emption rights to the citizens of this Territory; to wit; that all those, entitled to pre-emption should enter & pay for their lands before the first day of January next, however remote their claims may be situated from the lands then offered for sale, we consider contrary to the spirit meaning of the act, & as tantamount to a denial of the bounty intended by congress. For many are unable yet to comply with the conditions, and if all are called upon to pay for their pre-emptions at the same period, the circulating medium of the Territory is insufficient to meet the occasion, & the purchases, that the citizens will otherwise make. Besides in the Western District the surveys are yet incomplite, it is impossible for all those entitled to pre-emptions rights to desinate their claims in the manner contemplated by the act of congress. We pray, that your Honourable bodies, would establish by law another land office at Pensacola, which shall embrace the business arising in the western judicial district. This point will better accommodate the people of the district than any other, as they resort there for a market for their produce, & for the purchase of their supplies.

Nor will another office be equal to the ratio established in other places. In Alabama there are five land offices, while in Florida there are but two, & yet the latter has more square miles of territory than the former. It is, we concieve, essential to the rights of the citizens of this district, that a land office be established at Pensacola, and, that a time certain should be fixed for those entitled to pre-emption to make entry & payment for their lands. And will ever pray &c.
November 6th 1826

Robert McKinnon
Jonathan Dearman
John G Barrow
Jeremiah Savill
Jas G Donnelley
Peter H Steele
Jessee Bryan
Thomas E Chester
Elijah Ward
Thos Russ---
Robert Russ
Hy Michelet
Jas Innerarity
Charles Gallaher
W. Hasell Hunt
Lind Seton
Geo: M Cummings
Nathan Shackleford

[Endorsed] Florida Inhabts Western Judicial District (New Land Office) Decr 14. 1826 Refd to Comee Public Lands Decr 28---1826 Comee dischd to lie Decr 10. 1828 Refd to Comee Public Lands Decr 19. 1828---Report agst to lie dec.28th discharge & to lie White 35. Pub. Lands White 20. Pub. Lands

An excerpt from "The Territorial Papers of the United States" - Volume XXIII, page 658.

Page 58

[NA:HF, 27 Cong., 3 sess.:C]

[June 4,1842]


We the undersigned Citizens of Walton County West Florida, resident on Yellow River, do Humbly and Respectfully petition the Hon David Levy, Delegate in Congress from Florida, to cause to be appropriated for the improvement of Navigation in Yellow River the Sum of Fifteen Thousand dollars. As this river has never been yet Cleared of its obstructions, which are Rafts, Logs &c whilst other rivers not more important to the farmer have been appropriated for, and now enjoy the benefits of easy Navigation, which we are denied. The Natural Stream of Yellow River is a deep good River susceptible of Stream & Keel Boat Navigation at least 140 miles from its mouth, passing through a rich fertile country, well timbered with Live Oak, and all other kinds peculiar to the Climate of the largest size. Lands on the River remain uncleared and unsettled, only because they are so far from a suitable Market, whereas if the river was rendered navigable every acre would be soon settled upon, thereby throwing into the National Treasury great sums, which will otherwise be lost for many years, perhaps centuries.

And we your humble petitioners will ever pray that this our second petition may be granted.

Almirante Walton Co W. F. June 4th 1842

John B. Meigs
Eli Horn
N. A. McDavid
N McDavid
John Tirey
William Ward
Peter Campbell
Lewis Baggett
Absalom Fuquay
Randall Fuquay
A. H. Perkins
W. B. Perkins
Starks Baker
Henry Baker

Edmond Baggett
Thomas Baggett
Choice Baggett
Benj Pyeburn
Wm Savidge
Norman Morrison
John Stokes
Josiah Stokes
John Stokes Jr
Henry Baggett
Alex Baggett
David Girtman
Joab Girtman
Richmond Barrow
John Barrow
Reuben Barrow
William Cawthan
Alex Fountain
John McDowell
D. A. Wilkinson
Alex Campbell
Thomas Dulany
Beverly Dulany
Wright Gaskins
John Gaskins
William Gaskins
John Stevenson
William Crane
T. P. Crane
J. D. Clary
A Smith
J. Steele
Nicholas Baggett
Andrew Baggett
Allen Hart
Dennis Hart
Reuben Hart
Reuben Hart Jr
Daniel Hart
Daniel McCaskill
William Spiers
Robert Steele
Mack Steagall
Reuben Steagall
T McCaskill
J. M. Harper
G. Butler
Hosea Eddins
Shadrach Taylor
Stephen Chauncey
H Doles
Wm Johnston
Wilson Hudgins
William Hudgins
Allen Wood
Elijah W. Ward
John Ward

H Hale
H Steele
P Steele
B Langston
E Higgs
A Stokes
Jerry Barrow
Jessee Senterfeit
Stephen Senterfeit
Amos Ball
George McSwain
Alfred Tillery
Michael Baggett
Joshua Baggett
John Welsh
James Perkins

[Endorsed] Florida--Inhabts Walton County appropriation obstructions Yellow River Dec 28, 1842 Refd to the Comee on Territories December 29, 1843. Com. of Commerce to be sent to Mr Levy Levy

An excerpt from "The Territorial Papers of the United States" - Volume XXVI, page 485.

Page 59

The United States of America

To all whom these presents shall come greeting.

Homestead certificate no.
Application 8210

Whereas there has been deposited in the General Land Office of the United States a certificate of the Register of the land office at Gainsville, Florida whereof it appears that forward to the ad of Congress approved 20th May 1862 To secure homestead to actual settles on the Public Domain and the acts supple xntal. There to the claim of Elijah Ward has been established and duly consummated in conformity to Law for the North West quarter of section eight in Township two North of Range Thirty two East of Tallahassee in Florida containing one hundred and fifty nine acres and seventy two hundredths of an acre according to the official plat of the survey of the said land witnessed to the General Land Office by the survey.

General now know ye that there is therefore granted by the United States unto the said Elijah Ward the Tract of Land above described To have and to hold the said Tract of land with the appraised acres thereof unto the said Elijah Ward and to his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony whereof I Grover Cleveland President of the United States of America have caused these letters to be made patent and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.

Given unto my hand at the city of Washington the twentieth day of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and eighty eight and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and thirteenth.

By the President Grover Cleveland
By M. McKeanSecretary
Recorded Vol II page 160 Robert W. Ross
Recorder of the General Land Office
Escambia County - Court House
Deed Book 6 p.354
Pensacola, Florida

Page 60


I, Jesse C. Turner, am 65 years old, born in Walton County, Florida December 31, 1894. I am a descendant of two of the first families that settled in Walton county. Elijah Ward on my Mothers side settled here in 1821 and Z.N.P.(Zaph) Turner on my Fathers side settled here in 1841.

In the fall of 1934 my work carried me into the community known as Cannontown, a few miles north of Baker in Okaloosa County, Fla. Where Jack Cannon operated a Country Cross-Road store. Jack always called me "Cousin" as a joke, due to the fact that my Grandmothers brother, Andrew Ward, son of Elijah Ward, married Jack's Aunt, Malissa Cannon.

There was a man in the store holding a small baby in his arms. Jack introduced me as his cousin, to the man, Charlie Hubbard Knight who styled him self as an Indian Doctor and showed me his little Boy baby in his arms. After telling how Jack and I were near- kin folks, I said that Andrew Ward's father, Elijah Ward was the son on an Indian Woman named Nancy Knight who married John Ward. - Charlie Hubbard Knight asked me a few questions about my family and then said, "my Grand Father was Jackson Knight a younger brother of your Great Grand Mother Nancy Knight the wife of John Ward and mother of Elijah Ward."

At the time I did not think anything about the family history but since have become interested and have found through the family of Andrew Jackson Knight that he was a Creek Indian and had a sister named Nancy Knight who married a John Ward.

Charlie Hubbard Knight lived next house to Cannon Store and had a daughter named Katie Knight who married Will Cannon the brother of Jack Cannon.

(signed Perloca Linton)Jesse C. Turner
Notary Public
June 1, 1959
My Commission Expires (handwritten)
June 26, 1960

Page 61

(not included)

Pages 62 & 63

Descendants of Elijah W. Ward

First Generation

1 Elijah W. WARD, b. 1779 [Ashland, Caswell Co.,?]NC; d. After 1865 Walton Co., FL; bur. probably near Crestview, Walton Co., FL.
He m. Sarah (Sally) Anne COCHRAN 4 Apr 1816, Grove Hill, Clarke Co., AL. Sarah, dau. of William COCHRAN Sr. and Sarah (Sallie) EDMONDSON, b. 1799 VA; d. 1850-1860 Walton Co., FL; bur. probably near Laurel Hill, Walton Co., FL.


    William (Bill) Marion WARD
    Gabriella Ann WARD.
    James (Jim) Melvin WARD.
    Andrew Jackson WARD.
    John E[lijah]. WARD
    Louisa WARD.
    Sarah (Sallie) Ann WARD.
    Celestine (Teen) Josiah WARD.
    Mary Caroline WARD.
    Harriett Elizabeth WARD.

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Page 64

Marriage certificate of James Melvin & Martha Nichols WARD

Page 66

Chapter V

Other Wards of Walton County, Florida

The Family of James B. Ward

Because James B. Ward has been linked to John Ward and Elizabeth (Nancy) Knight by many researchers, I have included the following information. It is intended only to help those who wish to take up the search where I and others have left off. It is my contention that there are no proven connections of James B. Ward to John Ward of Bon Secour, Elijah Ward, or David Ward.

James B. Ward is said, by many researchers, to be the same as John Ward's son Benjamin. I have seen no documentation that the "B" in James' name was for Benjamin although it is a possibility. James did have a son named Benjamin and it was a common practice to name children after their parents and grandparents. But many families during this period had a son named Benjamin Franklin. James' oldest son was named John Jackson which I am sure has also contributed to the confusion. Nancy Knight's father was said to have been Jackson Knight so the thinking was that John Jackson was named after his great grandfather and also his grandfather, John Ward. But there were also many families that had a "Jackson" named after the popular Andrew Jackson. The biggest argument against the connection is that, according to the census, James was born in South Carolina four or five years after John Ward settled at Bon Secour in the Territory of West Florida circa 1792.

James B. Ward was possibly the son of a John Ward who was found in the 1820 census of Wilkinson Co., Georgia. A James English was a neighbor to John in this census. A John Ward also received a grant of 195 acres in Washington County, Georgia in 1797 and it is quite possible they are the same. Wilkinson and Washington Counties are adjacent to each other.

James married Elizabeth English who was probably the daughter of the above mentioned James English. She may have been an orphan adopted by the English family. She was said to have been a full blooded Creek Indian. This was proven to the satisfaction of the government and some of their descendants were partially reimbursed by the government for the land that was taken away from the Creek Indians. I have seen some of that "proof" and based on it alone, there is some question in my mind re this Creek connection. There are others who share this opinion, but we are in the minority. Elizabeth English could very well be a Creek Indian, but I have not done enough research on this line to make a determination.

James and Elizabeth lived in Dale County, Alabama where James received bounty land for service in the Indian wars in 1813 and 1814. He was listed as a spy for Major Patton at Ft. Mitchell. All of his children except John were probably born in Dale County, Alabama; John, the oldest, was born in Georgia. Four of James and Elizabeth's sons settled in Walton County, Florida; James Madison and William Josiah by 1870 and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin by 1880. All four sons remained there and many descendants of these men are found in Walton County today.

William Josiah Ward was known as "Diamond Joe" because it was his habit to mark all of his possessions with a diamond shaped symbol. He and his family came to Walton Co. about 1868. He was able to recite much of the bible from memory. According to family lore he built a log school house on Seven Runs Creek near Bruce and was responsible for hiring a teacher so that his children could have an education. He spent his last years with his son "J. J." who owned a general store in Bruce.

The following lineage only includes descendants in which I have a high degree of confidence. It is for the most part limited to the grandchildren of James B. Ward and should not be assumed to be complete.

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Descendants of James B. Ward

First Generation

       1 James B. WARD, b. 1796 SC; d. 1860-1870 Dale Co., AL; 
         bur. Malvern, Geneva Co., AL, Purvis Cem.
         He m. Elizabeth ENGLISH. Elizabeth, dau. of James ENGLISH,
         b. 1798 GA; bur. Malvern, Geneva Co., AL, Purvis Cem.

        +     2 M      i John Jackson WARD.
        +     3 M     ii James Madison WARD.
        +     4 M    iii Thomas Jefferson WARD.
        +     5 M     iv William Josiah "Diamond Joe" WARD.
        +     6 M      v Benjamin Franklin WARD.
        +     7 F     vi Elizabeth WARD.
        +     8 F    vii Mary Jane (Polly) WARD.
        +     9 M   viii Monroe WARD.

Second Generation

2 John Jackson WARD, b. 1821 GA; d. 12 Aug 1900. He m. Susan WYNN. Susan, b. 1825 GA. Children: 10 F i Mary Jane WARD, b. 23 Dec 1844 Dale Co., AL; d. 19 Oct 1939. She m. Charles SKIPPER. 11 M ii James J. (Jeff) WARD, b. 1845 AL. 12 F iii Susan E. (Bets) WARD, b. 1 May 1847 AL; d. 1 Sep 1937. She m. Jesse Bennett PURVIS. 13 F iv Nancy Ellen WARD, b. 6 May 1848 AL; d. 1 Apr 1930; bur. Otter Creek Cem., Holmes Co., FL. She m. Richard F. SINGLETARY. 14 M v John J. WARD, b. 1849 AL; d. 16 Aug 1935; bur. Slocomb, Geneva Co., AL. He m. Sally DAVIS. 15 M vi William Josiah WARD, b. 19 Mar 1851 AL; d. 16 Aug 1908; bur. Panther Cr. Cem. He m. Ellen DAVIS. 16 F vii Theresa E. (Tiercy) WARD, b. 11 Jan 1853 AL; d. 25 Aug 1951; bur. Union Church Cem. She m. W. B. HORN. 17 F viii Elizabeth Frances (Liza) WARD, b. 26 Jan 1853 AL; d. 25 Aug 1951; bur. Clarke Cem. She m. John Sparks BOND. 18 M ix Franklin J. WARD, b. 16 Sep 1855 AL; d. 11 Jan 1947; bur. Geneva, Geneva Co., AL, Eunola Cem. He m. Mary Elizabeth HUGHES. 19 M x Thomas J. WARD, b. 1857 AL; d. 1923; bur. Malvern Bapt. Cem. He m. Dora BOYETTE. 20 F xi Rebecca A. (Becky) WARD, b. 1858 AL; d. 1891. She m. Warren Sylvan SILCOX.
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             21 F    xii Sarah (Sally) WARD, b. 4 Dec 1860; d. 13 Apr 1943.
                         She m. Mr. WRIGHT.
             22 F   xiii Katherine (Rode) WARD, b. 1862.                         She m. Mr. BYRD.
             23 F    xiv Annette (Net) WARD. 
                         She m. Mr. SKIPPER.

       3 James Madison WARD, b. 1823 Dale Co., AL.
         He m. Mary Jane PURVIS. Mary, b. 30 Aug 1827 GA.

             24 F      i Eliza WARD, b. 1859 AL.
        +    25 M     ii John A. WARD.
             26 F    iii Sarah WARD, b. 1867 FL.
                         She m. (1) Mr. MIXON;
                         She m. (2) Martin HARE.

       4 Thomas Jefferson WARD, b. 8 Jun 1825 Dale Co., AL; d. 1921;
         bur. Antioch Cem., Walton Co., FL.
         He m. Holland PURVIS. Holland, b. 1827 GA.

             27 F      i Mary Jane WARD, b. 1848 AL.
                         She m. Nimrod BURKE.
             28 M     ii James C. WARD, b. 1850 AL.
             29 F    iii Lydia Elizabeth WARD, b. 1852 AL.
                         She m. Mr. STANLEY.
             30 M     iv William M. WARD, b. 1854 AL.
             31 F      v Susan E. WARD, b. 1856 AL.
                         She m. Mr. SHARON.
             32 F     vi Holland L. WARD, b. 1859 AL.
             33 M    vii Thomas J. WARD, b. 1862.
             34 M   viii Jesse B. WARD, b. 1866.
             35 F     ix Sarah E. WARD, b. 1868.

       5 William Josiah "Diamond Joe" WARD, b. 23 Mar 1830 AL; 
         d. 4 Mar 1924 Bruce, Walton Co., FL; bur. Antioch Cem., Walton 
         Co., FL.
         He m. Apeybeth PURVIS. Apeybeth, dau. of Chesley PURVIS &
         Lydia WRiGHT, b. 1830 GA; d. 15 Nov 1918; bur. Antioch Cem.

        +    36 M      i John Green WARD.
             37 M     ii William Jasper WARD, b. 22 Feb 1853 AL; d. 18 Jul
                         1938; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL.
                         He m. (1) Gatsey Ann PERKINS.
                         He m. (2) Elizabeth RICHARDSON.
                         He m. (3) Alice HIGHSMITH.
                         He m. (4) Mary DAY.
                         He m. (5) Lou RICHARDSON.
                         He m. (6) Gypsie MORRISON.
        +    38 M    iii Thomas Franklin WARD.
             39 M     iv Warren Ashley WARD, b. 1856 AL; d. 16 Dec 1945;
                         bur. Antioch Cem., Walton Co., FL.
                         He m. (1) Georgia Ann MILLER.
                         He m. (2) Susan WARD SHARON.
                         He m. (3) Callie YATES.
             40 M      v Charles Pinkney WARD, b. 8 May 1859; d. 12 Mar 1938; 
                         bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL.
                         He m. (1) Sally (____).
                         He m. (2) Martha FOWLER.
                         He m. (3) Catherine CLARK.
                         He m. (4) Ophelia AMMONS.
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             41 F     vi Sarah Frances (Zeb) WARD, b. 1862 Dale Co., AL; 
                         d. 21 Apr 1890. 
                         She m. Mr. BOYINGTON.
             42 F    vii Rebecca Elizabeth WARD, b. 5 Jan 1864 Dale Co., AL;
                         d. 18 Sep 1966; bur. Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem. 
                         She m. James William WARD  Jun 1881. James, son
                         of Benjamin Franklin WARD and Martha Edna GILLEY, 
                         b. Apr 1861 AL; d. 1947.
             43 F   viii Mary Nicey WARD, b. 5 Jan 1864 Dale Co., AL; d. 21
                         May 1884; bur. Antioch Cem., Walton Co., FL.
             44 F     ix Annie Laura WARD, b. 15 Jul 1867 FL; d. 14 Jan 1945; 
                         bur. Bruce, Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem. 
                         She m. (1) Buck CREWS;
                         She m. (2) Mr. TUCKER.
             45 M      x Jesse Joseph WARD, b. 12 Oct 1870; d. 18 Dec 1960;
                         bur. Bruce, Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem. 
                         He m. (1) Susan Florence BURKE.
                         He m. (2) Carl COMMANDER;
                         He m. (3) Ila FAULK.
             46 F     xi Lydia Apseybeth WARD, b. 24 Nov 1873; d. 16 Aug 
                         1964; bur. Bruce, Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem. 
                         She m. (1) Levi Nathaniel MILLER; 
                         She m. (2) Marvin HAYES.

       6 Benjamin Franklin WARD, b. 1834 Dale Co., AL; d. 23 Jun 1923;
         bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL. 
         He m. Martha Edna GILLEY. Martha, b. 1838 AL.

             47 M      i Jesse E. WARD, b. 1858.
             48 F     ii Jensey WARD, b. 1860 Dale Co., AL.
             49 M    iii James William WARD. 
                         He m. Rebecca Elizabeth WARD  Jun 1881.
                         ***** Individual information already printed. *****
             50 F     iv Martha E. WARD, b. 1865 AL.
             51 M      v Thomas J. WARD, b. 1868 AL.
             52 M     vi John Green WARD, b. 23 May 1869 FL; d. 6 Oct 
                         1930; bur. Bruce, Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem.
                         He m. Emma B. BLACKMAN.
             53 M    vii Charles A. WARD, b. 1871 FL.
             54 M   viii Asa WARD, b. 1874 FL.
            55a M     ix Warren WARD, b. 1878 FL.

       7 Elizabeth WARD, b. 1836 Geneva Co., AL; d. bef 1860.
         She m. Rufus Jackson PURVIS.

            55b F      i Mary Jane PURVIS
            55c M     ii George Washington PURVIS.

       8 Mary Jane (Polly) WARD, b. 26 Mar 1838 Geneva Co., AL;
         d. 21 Mar 1921; bur. Malvern, Geneva Co., AL.
         She m. James Monroe DAVIS. James, son of Thomas Allen
         DAVIS, b. 18 Jul 1831 Whigham, Decatur Co., GA;
         d. 28 Dec 1918 Geneva Co., AL.

             56 F      i Julia DAVIS, b. 18 Feb 1859 Geneva Co., AL; 
                         d. 6 Feb 1948 Geneva Co., AL.
             57 M     ii Jonas Clay DAVIS, b. 15 Apr 1860; d. 11 Jul 1943.
                         He m. Emma DAVISON.
             58 M    iii James Monroe DAVIS, b. 27 Jan 1863; d. 22 Jan 1941.
                         He m. Nettie BURNS. 
             59 M     iv John Green DAVIS, b. 12 May 1864; d. 24 May 1926.      
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        +    60 F      v Malissa DAVIS.
             61 M     vi Thomas Allen DAVIS, b. 26 Mar 1871; 
                         d. 24 Dec 1943.
             62 F    vii Nicey DAVIS, b. 23 Feb 1873; d. 4 Mar 1934.
             63 F   viii Susan DAVIS, b. 27 Apr 1873.
             64 F     ix Elizabeth (Betsy) DAVIS, b. 25 Apr 1877; 
                         d. 30 Nov 1918.
             65 F      x Carrie DAVIS, b. 27 Nov 1879.
             66 M     xi Joseph DAVIS, b. 3 Dec 1880 Geneva, AL;
                         d. 10 Dec 1923 Dothan, Houston Co., AL.
                         He m. Margie KING.
             67 M    xii Jasper DAVIS, b. 19 Nov 1882; d. 20 Aug 1965.

       9 Monroe WARD, b. 1845; d. 7 Jun 1907.  He m. Mary (____).

             68 F      i Elizabeth WARD, b. 1867 AL.
             69 M     ii James E. WARD, b. 1868 AL.
             70 M    iii Jesse Marvin WARD, b. 15 May 1878.


Third Generation

25 John A. WARD, b. 1863 AL. He m. Dosha COATNEY. Children: 71 M i William Jesse WARD, b. 1893. He m. Selena Elizabeth NICHOLS. Selena, b. 1894. 36 John Green WARD, b. 19 Aug 1851 AL; d. abt 1923; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL. He m. (1) (____); He m. (2) Emma HORN. Emma, b. 1852 AL. Children: 72 M i Lewis WARD, b. 1872 FL. 73 M ii John G. WARD, b. 1874 FL. 74 M iii Joseph (Blackeyed Joe) WARD, b. 5 Oct 1876 FL; d. 2 Mar 1954. 75 M iv Warren WARD, b. 1877 FL. 76 F v Susan E. WARD, b. 1879 FL. 38 Thomas Franklin WARD, b. 7 Oct 1854 Dale Co., AL; d. 15 Dec 1939 Bruce, Walton Co., FL; bur. Dead River Cem. He m. Wealthy Adeline SILCOX. Wealthy, b. 10 Jan 1859 FL; d. 15 Oct 1944 Bruce, Walton Co., FL; bur. Dead River Cem. Children: 77 F i Sarah Elizabeth WARD, b. 1878 FL. She m. Alfred D. MAYO. 78 M ii Carter B. WARD, b. 6 Mar 1879 Freeport, Walton Co., FL; d. 13 Dec 1975 Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL; bur. 15 Dec 1975 Bruce, Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem. He m. Cora Lee MILLER 31 Dec 1903, Westville, Holmes Co., FL. Cora, dau. of Louis Harp MILLER & Eliza WILLIS, b. 4 Mar 1879 Holmes Valley, Holmes Co., FL; d. 23 Jul 1961 Port St. Joe, Gulf Co., FL; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL. 79 M iii Thomas Jasper WARD, b. 15 Oct 1882; d. 28 Oct 1972; bur. Bruce, Walton Co., FL, Dead River Cem. He m. (1) Lydia SHARON; He m. (2) Agnes ARMSTRONG. 80 F iv Kathryn (Kate) WARD, b. 8 Dec 1883; d. 21 Oct 1968; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL. She m. (1) Herbert JONES; She m. (2) John KELLY; She m. (3) Jiles E. HAMILTON. 81 M v Warren Sylvan WARD, b. 8 Mar 1885; d. 23 Jun 1972; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL. He m. Maudine HANEY. 82 M vi Arad Lee WARD, b. 23 May 1888; d. 2 Nov 1949; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL. He m. Bessie STANLEY.
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             83 M    vii Wiley Franklin WARD, b. 1891; bur. DeFuniak Springs, 
                         Walton Co., FL. 
                         He m. Olive HENDERSON.
             84 M   viii Luther Sanders WARD, b. 20 Aug 1895;
                         d. 20 Apr 1938; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL.
                         He m. Alice Euzeta MILLER.
             85 F     ix Lura Irene WARD, b. 25 Nov 1897 Walton Co., FL; 
                         d. 20 Apr 1938; bur. Dead River Cem., Walton Co., FL.
                         She m. (1) Thomas PADGETT; 
                         She m. (2) Clarence WILLIAMS;
                         She m. (3) Alonzo H. McCOOK.
             86 F      x Charlie Ola WARD, b. 23 Nov 1900; d. 4 Apr 1990.
                         She m. (1) David PATE;
                         She m. (2) John KORMONDY.

      60 Malissa DAVIS, b. 4 Jul 1865 Geneva Co., AL; d. 4 May 1926.
         She m. Daniel PATTERSON.

             87 M      i Albert Reese PATTERSON Sr., b. 8 May 1893 Geneva
                         Co., AL; d. 16 Apr 1994 Callaway, Bay Co., FL;
                         bur. Callaway Cem.  
                         He m. Clarcie Caroline HALL 21 Aug 1919.
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David "Bud" Ward

Like James B. Ward, David has been linked to John Ward & Elizabeth (Nancy) Knight by other researchers. He is thought by those researchers to be the same as Daniel Ward who was born on Fish River, Alabama in 1795. I have seen no evidence that would link David to Daniel, John, Elijah or James B. Ward. But in fairness, I have not been able to locate Daniel, son of John, so I cannot offer any alternatives.

The name "Bud" was only found in the death certificate of Sarah WARD as her father. David Ward married Rutha Kirkland in Henry County, Alabama. She was possibly the daughter of a Benjamin Kirkland Sr. who was enumerated next (a neighbor) to David in the 1830 census of Henry County. In 1840 David is found in the census of Walton County, Florida. David may have fought in the Florida Indian Wars of 1837 and 1838. There was a David Ward from Alabama who served, but I have yet to prove they are the same. In 1850 he and his family are also found there. The 1860 census of Walton County shows only Rutha and some of her children and grandchildren. It was presumed he died before this census, but according to a recently placed marker on Rutha's grave he was killed during the Civil War in 1865. The children listed on that marker are: Sarah, Melita, Asa M., William Jackson, Frances, Isaac, Mary, Harriett, David, and Zachariah.

The 1850 was the first census to enumerate the wife and children by name. But the confusion between the names and ages of David's children between the 1850 and 1860 census makes it very hard determine just who all of his children were. At first there was even confusion with David's wife; she was listed as Mary in 1850 and Rutha in 1860. Since the marriage record listed her name as Rutha in 1826 and the 1860 census reflected the same, it is assumed it was Mary Rutha. This is also corroborated by her marker.

Michael is reflected in the 1850 census living with David and Mary. In 1860 he is enumerated next to Mary. From this it appears that there may be another son, Michael, not listed on the marker. The 1850 census enumerates a Thomas as the youngest child in David WARD's household; the 1860 census shows a Zachariah as their youngest child. From this I guess that it was Zachariah Thomas.

There is some opinion in this family that Zachariah Ward, son of David, was married a second time to a Sarah Enfinger. I am not sure where she fits if she was indeed married to him and I have seen no record of her to date. Many of David's descendants eventually settled in Santa Rosa County, Florida including Zachariah. The timber industry brought many families out of Walton County. From there they branched out into Escambia County, Florida and Baldwin County, Alabama in the late 1800s. As close as they lived to some of the WARDS in the other lines, it is very surprising not to have found any links between these families.

The lineage that follows is largely the result of the efforts of Deborah Biesbrock and Barbara Prestridge. I have tried to include all of the known grandchildren of David Ward. It is by no means complete and for the most part only includes those in which we have a high degree of confidence. In the lines of Deborah and Barbara you will find a more complete lineage.

Second edition note: In April 1994, Deborah Biesbrock obtained the records of David WARD's service in the Indian Wars of 1837 & 1838, bounty land records, and pension application papers of his widow Ruth. These records rule out that David is the same as Daniel WARD of Bon Secour, Alabama and probably any connection to John WARD of Bon Secour.

Update: Daniel WARD, son of John & Elizabeth WARD, was found in the 1860 census of Perry Co., MS w/Aaron LUCAS who was probably his stepson.

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Descendants of David Ward

First Generation

       1 David WARD, b. 11 May 1797 Edgefield District, SC;
         d. 14 Jan 1858 Yellow River, Walton Co., FL.
         He m. Mary Rutha KIRKLAND 23 Mar 1826, Henry Co., AL. Mary,
         possible dau. of Benjamin KIRKLAND, b. 14 Oct 1803 Edgefield
         District, SC; d. 24 Sep 1899 Santa Rosa Co., FL; bur. Brantley
         Cem. Chumuckla  Springs, Santa Rosa Co., FL.

        +     2 F      i Sarah (Sallie) WARD.
        +     3 F     ii Melita Dovie Ann WARD.
        +     4 M    iii Michael WARD.
              5 M     iv Asa M. WARD.        
        +     6 M      v William Jackson (Jack) WARD.
        +     7 F     vi Harriett WARD.
              8 F    vii Frances WARD.  
              9 M   viii Isaac WARD, b. 1840.
        +    10 F     ix Mariah (Mary) Ann WARD.
        +    11 M      x David WARD.
        +    12 M     xi Zachariah [Thomas] WARD.

Second Generation

2 Sarah (Sallie) WARD, b. 3 Mar 1827 Henry Co., AL; d. 11 Aug 1917; bur. Brantley Cem., Chumuckla Springs, Santa Rosa Co., FL. Children: + 13 M i James W. WARD. + 14 F ii Eliza WARD. 15 M iii Isaac WARD, b. 1864 FL; d. abt 1940. He m. Lizzie MANNING. 3 Melita Dovie Ann WARD, b. 3 Jun 1832 Henry Co., AL; d. Apr 1911; bur. Brantley Cem. Chumuckla Springs, Santa Rosa Co., FL. She m. James Monroe ENFINGER. James b. 22 Jul 1822; d. 1865 Walton Co., FL. Children: 16 F i James Columbus ENFINGER, b. 1851; d. 29 Jun 1896. He m. Rebecca (Becky) HARRIS. Becky b. 1854; d. 1939. 17 M ii Peter David ENFINGER, b. 1855 FL. 18 M iii Madison M. ENFINGER, b. 1857 FL. 19 F iv Rutha L(ucinda?) ENFINGER, b. 1860 FL. 20 M v Asa C. ENFINGER. 21 M vi James Monroe ENFINGER, b. 4 Dec 1864; d. 22 Oct 1943. 4 Michael WARD, b. 1834 Prob. Henry Co., AL. He m. Elizabeth (____). Elizabeth, b. 1835 GA. Children: 22 M i Mr. WARD, b. 1855 FL. 23 M ii Asa WARD, b. 1857 FL. 24 F iii Miss WARD, b. 1859 FL.
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       6 William Jackson (Jack) WARD, b. 1836 Henry Co., AL.
         He m. (1) Liddie ENFINGER.

             25 F      i Eliza WARD, b. 1861. 
                         She m. Asbury HOPKINS. Ashbury, son of John HOPKINS
                         & Mary SEWELL.

         He m. (2) Brazillia BROWN.


             26 M     ii William Jasper WARD, b. 1867.
                         He m. Annie Jane WHITE 30 Jun 1889 Escambia Co., FL. 
        +    27 M    iii James Jackson (Jim) WARD. 
             28 M     iv Zack WARD, b. 1871. 
                         He m. Josephine CASTLEBERRY.
             29 M      v Daniel Thomas WARD, b. 1876.
                         He m. Zelpha ENTREKIN.
             30 F     vi Charles WARD, b. 1878.
                         He m. Gladys WARD.
             31 M    vii Mary WARD, b. 1880. 
                         She m. Franklin TERRY. 

       7 Harriett WARD, b. 17 Jul 1848; d. 31 Jan 1903; bur. Juniper Cem., 
         Santa Rosa Co., FL.
         She m. Rueben E. HOPKINS. Rueben, son of John HOPKINS and 
         Nancy SEWELL, b. 20 Dec 1848; d. 20 Aug 1888; bur. Juniper Cem.,
         Santa  Rosa Co., FL.

             32 M      i William W. HOPKINS, b. 14 Jan 1876; d. 16 Jan 1917; 
                         bur. Juniper Cem., Santa Rosa Co., FL.
             33 M     ii Isaac HOPKINS, b. Aug 1879.
             34 M    iii Zachariah Jackson HOPKINS, b. 20 Jul 1882; 
                         d. 25 Sep 1956; bur. Juniper Cem., Santa Rosa Co.,
                         He m. Ginnie GARRETT. Ginnie, b. 10 Oct 1892; 
                         d. 26 Dec 1932.

      10 Mariah (Mary) Ann WARD, b. 31 Mar 1842 Walton Co., FL; 
         d. 3 Nov 1907 Shelby Co., TX; bur. Short Cem. 
         She m. John David Page. John, son of McDaniel PAGE & 
         Martha  GRIM, b. 6 Mar 1832 GA; d. 15 Jun 1901 Shelby Co., TX; 
         bur. Short Cem. 

            35  F      i Laura Jane PAGE, b. 1865 AL; d.1908 Shelby Co., TX.
                         She m. John Joseph MANGRUM.
            36  F     ii Margaret Ann PAGE, b. Oct 1868 AL.
                         She m. Sid HICKS 31 Dec 1904 Shelby Co., TX.
            37  M    iii David McDaniel PAGE, b. Jan 1870 AL; 
                         d. 2 May 1949 Center, Shelby Co., TX. 
                         He m. Ida Frances GUNNELS.
            38  M     iv Austin Richard PAGE, b. 16 Apr 1875 AL; d. 6 Jun
                         1959 San Augustine, TX; bur. Short Cem. Shelby Co.,
                         He m. Mary Lydia Estelle WILLARD 23 Oct 1904 San
                         Augustine, TX.
            39  F      v Lizzie PAGE, b. 1877. 
                         She m. Hardy MILLS.
            40  M     vi Burton PAGE, b. Jul 1881. 
                         He m. Ada PASSMORE.
      11 David WARD, b. 1846 Walton Co., FL.
         He m. Mary Elizabeth HICKS 22 Jul 1875, Santa Rosa Co., FL.

             41 M      i Robert David WARD, b. 27 Mar 1876 FL; d. 16 Aug 
                         1935;  bur. Morgan Cem., Escambia Co., FL.
                         He m. Lily R. McNEIL. Lily, b. 2 Jul 1878;
                         d. 22 Feb 1935; bur. Morgan Cem., Escambia Co., FL.
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             42 F     ii Ella WARD, b. 1891.
                         She m. John TOUVILA.
             43 F    iii Lidda WARD, b. 1895 FL.
                         She m. Bert WARD. Bert, son of Zack WARD and
                         Josephine Fern (Josie) CASTLEBERRY, b. 1895 FL.
             44 F     iv Gladys WARD.
                         She m. Charley WARD. 

      12 Zachariah [Thomas] WARD, b. 1 Feb 1845 Walton Co., FL; 
         d. 27 Dec 1909 Washington Co., AL.
         He m. Matilda HARRIS 20 Jul 1870, Santa Rosa Co., FL. Matilda, 
         dau. of Ezekiel HARRIS and Nancy Elizabeth MILLER, b. 1852 AL.

             45 M      i John Jackson WARD, b. 16 Sep 1871 FL;
                         d. 27 Nov 1932.
             46 M     ii William Wallace WARD, b. 12 Aug 1874 FL; 
                         d. 5 Jan 1942.
                         He m. Sarah (Sallie) PAUL 4 Jul 1897, Baldwin Co., 
             47 F    iii Ruth Adella WARD, b. 19 Jun 1876 FL; d. Sep 1956.
                         She m. Edward M. JERNIGAN 1892, Baldwin Co., AL.
             48 M     iv Ezekiel David WARD, b. 5 Jan 1879 FL; d. 1889.
        +    49 F      v Nancy Elizabeth WARD.
             50 F     vi Sarah Alice WARD, b. 16 Apr 1883.
                         She m. Howard ELLIS 15 Mar 1900, Baldwin Co., AL.
             51 M    vii Columbus (Lum) Georgia WARD, b. 4 Jul 1887 
                         Baldwin Co., AL. 
                         He m. Ola GRAY.
        +    52 F   viii Georgia Anna WARD.
             53 F     ix Lula Dumore WARD.

Third Generation

13 James W. WARD, b. Jul 1855 FL. He m. Sarah T. (____). Sarah, b. May 1879 FL. Children: 54 F i Ruth E. WARD, b. Oct 1897 FL. 55 M ii Ben H. WARD, b. Jan 1899 FL. 14 Eliza WARD, b. 10 Mar 1859 Ucheeanna, Walton Co., FL; d. 27 Nov 1921 Juniper Cem. She m. William (Will) Arnold ELLIS 19 Aug 1880, Chumuckla, Santa Rosa Co., FL. William, son of Watkin William & Susan ELLIS, b. 10 Feb 1857 Chumuckla, Santa Rosa Co., FL; d. 10 Mar 1940 Chumuckla Springs, FL. Children: 56 M i Richmond C. ELLIS, b. 28 Jun 1881 Chumuckla, FL; d. 22 Jun 1960 Pace, FL. He m. Pearl B. ELLIS. 57 M ii James William ELLIS, b. 30 Dec 1882; Chumuckla, FL; d. 1 Jul 1954. He m. Ovellar COOK. 58 M iii Isaac Alonzo ELLIS, b. 4 Nov 1884. Chumuckla, FL; d. 29 Dec 1971. He m. Susie ENFINGER. 59 F iv Mattie ELLIS, b. 30 Oct 1886 Chumuckla, FL; d. 1 Mar 1889. 60 F v Bama ELLIS, b. 23 Nov 1889 Chumuckla, FL; d. 13 Jun 1924. She m. Moses Green Berry ARD. 61 F vi Malissa ELLIS, b. 23 Nov 1889 Chumuckla, FL; d. 10 Nov 1955. She m. John W. COOK. 62 F vii Sarah Eugene ELLIS, b. Jan 1891 Chumuckla, FL; d. 18 Sep 1985. She m. Sim RAYBON. 63 M viii Roland ELLIS, b. 14 Aug 1893 Chumuckla, FL; d. 4 Oct 1918. He died in WWI.
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             64 M     ix Lewis ELLIS, b. 14 Aug 1893 Chumuckla, Santa Rosa 
                         Co., FL; d. 1 Apr 1973; bur. Juniper Cem.
                         He m. Maggie POLK. Maggie, daughter of James K. POLK
                         & Caroline WHITE, b. 13 Apr 1899 Jay, FL; d. 17 Sep 
                         1977 & bur. Juniper Cem.
             65 F      x Mary Anna ELLIS, b. 18 Nov 1898 Chumuckla, FL;
                         d. 16 Jun 1969.
                         She m. (1) Duncan COOK; 
                         She m. (2) George MURPHY.

      27 James Jackson WARD, b. 4 Jan 1870 Molino, FL; d. Mar 1918.
         He m. Annie Elizabeth BLOUNT 5 Mar 1896. Annie, dau. of James 
         Alexander BLOUNT and Rebecca Virginia GARRETT, b. 22 Feb 
         1878 Molino, Escambia Co., FL; d. Mar 1916.                     

             66 M      i Albert Alexander WARD, b. 1 Apr 1897.
                         He m. Alice Victorie GAINEY 13 Feb 1921.
             67 M     ii Jesse WARD, b. 24 May 1889; d. 20 Apr 1900.
             68 F    iii Ethel WARD, b. 2 May 1902; d. 24 Feb 1921. 
                         She m. Harry RUTHERFORD.
             69 F     iv Rebecca Elizabeth WARD, b. 24 Aug 1907.
                         She m. Preston CASTLEBERRY 28 Jan 1925.
             70 F      v Mary Vermell WARD, b. 1 Oct 1915; d. 7 Nov 1985.
                         She m. Sterling Olen BROWN Sr. 7 Oct 1931.

      49 Nancy Elizabeth WARD, b. 20 May 1881 Santa Rosa Co., FL; 
         d. 2 Apr 1968 Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL; bur. Brantley Cem., 
         Santa Rosa Co., FL.
         She m. Francis Marion (Frank) ELLIS 22 Jan 1899, Baldwin Co., AL.
         Francis, son of Green Berry ELLIS and Amanda NOBLES, b. 12
         Feb 1873 Santa Rosa Co., FL; d. 10 Dec 1948; bur. Brantley Cem.

             71 F      i Emma ELLIS, b. 12 Nov 1899 Santa Rosa Co., FL; 
                         d. 15 Nov 1904; bur. Brantley Cem., Santa Rosa Co., FL.
             72 F     ii Lanie ELLIS, b. 4 Dec 1903 Santa Rosa Co., FL.
             73 F    iii Nellie ELLIS, b. 31 Mar 1905 Santa Rosa Co., FL.
                         She m. Thomas Jefferson ELLIS. Thomas, son of 
                         William A. & Eliza ELLIS, b. 2 Sep 1895.
             74 F     iv Mae Bell ELLIS, b. 2 Jun 1907 Santa Rosa Co., FL.
             75 M      v Clayton ELLIS, b. 27 Feb 1910 Santa Rosa Co., FL;
                         d. 14 Feb 1911; bur. Brantley Cem., Santa Rosa
                         Co., FL.
             76 M     vi Benjamin Franklin ELLIS, b. 23 Apr 1913 Santa Rosa
                         Co., FL; d. 25 Apr 1942 Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL;
                         bur. Brantley Cem., Santa Rosa Co., FL.
             77 F    vii Matilda Elizabeth (Tillie) ELLIS, b. 17 Nov 1917 
                         Santa Rosa Co., FL.
             78 M   viii Andrew Cary ELLIS, b. 6 Mar 1919 Milton, 
                         Santa Rosa Co., FL.
                         He m. Dolores Hester ODOM 20 Oct 1941.
             79 M     ix William Arnold ELLIS, b. 22 Oct 1924; d. 18 Sep 1964 
                         Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL; bur. Brantley Cem., 
                         Santa Rosa Co., FL.

      52 Georgia Anna WARD, b. 4 Jul 1887 Baldwin Co., AL; d. 1970;
         bur. Whistler Cem., Mobile Co., AL.
         She m. (1) Willie Selby VAUGHAN. Will, son of Emmett Reeves
         VAUGHAN and Mary SANXEY (SANKEY?), b. 23 Jun 1876; 
         d. 15 Nov 1964; bur. Whistler, Mobile Co., AL.

             80 F      i Addie Mae VAUGHAN. 
                         She m. Wallace ROBINSON.
             81 F     ii Lucille VAUGHAN. 
                         She m. Ivy SMITH.
             82 F    iii Anna Inez VAUGHAN.
                         She m. Homer HUMBLE.
             83 F     iv Gertrude VAUGHAN, b. 28 Aug 1916 Mobile, Mobile
                         Co., AL.
                         She m. Joseph Paul TILL 30 Nov 1935 Pascagoula, MS. 
                         Joseph, son of Benjamin Franklin TILL and Addie Agnes 
                         WAGNON, b. 22 Feb 1912; d. 10 Oct 1982 Hattiesburg, MS.
             84 F      v Mary Lee VAUGHAN. 
                         She m. Albert DILLARD.
             85 F     vi Matilda Estelle VAUGHAN. 
                         She m. Gordon THAMES.
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             86 F    vii Helen Irene VAUGHAN. 
                         She m. Dan CARROLL.

         She m. (2) Willie Selby SELLERS.
         She m. (3) Mr. BLOW

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A photograph of a painting of the home
of Elijah & Catherine Merritt Ward at Davisville, Florida
by Edith Cruit Mays of Atmore, AL


Joys of Home

Curling smoke from a chimney low,
And only a few more steps to go.
Faces pressed at a window pane
Watching for someone to come again.
Am I the someone they want to see-
These are the joys life gives to me.

So let me come home at night to rest
With those who know I have done my
Let the wife rejoice and my children
And I'll know by their love that I'm
For this is conquest & world success-
A home where abideth happiness.

      -- Edgar A. Guest
The Watcher

She always leaned to watch for us,
Anxious if we were late,
In winter by the window,
In summer by the gate.

And though we mocked her tenderly,
Who had such foolish care,
The long way home would seem more safe
Because she waited there.

Her thoughts were all so full of us,
She never could forget!
And I think that where she is
She must be watching yet.

Waiting till we come home to her,
Anxious if we are late--
Watching from Heaven's window,
Leaning from Heaven's gate.

      -- Margaret Widdemer

Those who care nothing of their ancestors,
seldom leave anything worthy of being remembered by their descendants.

                      Source unknown

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