The Fourth Reich


The Destruction of the American Middle Class



Jeffrey S. Powell

The Anti-Fascist

Robert Reich

During his tenure as Secretary of Labor for the Clinton Administration he devised a plan so devious and un-American that Reagan and his Fascist thugs did not attempt it.  He conspired with the richest people in this Country (and largest campaign contributors) and foreign governments to destroy the one thing that that makes a Country an Economic Superpower--its manufacturing base.

Reich devised legislation that would allow CEOs to fire the highly skilled, highly trained and therefore well paid union and non-union American workers and replace them with non-skilled, non-trained workers, with no manufacturing experience, in foreign Countries. This included the 1 billion slave laborers in Communist China

But there was one thing that could protect the American worker and his job from an inferior work force making one tenth or less of their wages. This was the main source of revenue for the Federal Government before the creation of the Internal Revenue Service, Tariffs. But Reich devised legislation to cancel all tariffs allowing CEOS to bring the flood of goods of cheaper quality and cheaper manufacturing cost back into the USA at no added cost besides a boat ride that under the circumstances now seems quite trivial.

Reich, Clinton and the Republican Congress, in a marketing campaign that would make Larry Tate and Darrin Stephens jealous, told the American public, who they knew as evidenced by the Warren Commission and the Vietnam War and the pardoning of Nixon, would  believe anything, the more outrageous the better, that they will be the benefactor as they would get cheaper goods at the stores, great wealth would be made by the Corporations and would trickle down to them, and they would give up nothing in return. The  Brand Name they gave to this un-American sham/scam was "Free Trade"


Free trade, more than anything Reagan or G.W. Bush has done, is the cause of the serious economic trouble this Country is in. It is the main cause of the unsustainable condition where the top 1% of wage earners have more wealth than the bottom 95%. The banking crisis just masks the damage done by The Fourth Reich. Without the banking crisis (caused by Clinton administration policies of deregulation and the repeal of Glass-Steagal and the economic  hard right turn this Country took when Clinton foisted upon us the Uber-Fascist-Crime Family led by Robert Rubin and his protégés Larry Summers and Tim Geithner), the Country would still be in the depression today, so damaging is the un-American actions of the Fourth Reich. And yes, we are in depression. There has been NO GROWTH in the bottom 95% in the last 30 years. It is the incredible growth figures of the top 5% that allows the Government to say that we are not in depression or recession even though it is a matter of semantics and no economy with such demographics can or has ever survived . Free trade also sucks the Treasury dry with lack of payroll taxes and tariffs faster than you can say Military Industrial Complex

And for the final bit of Chutzpah, Robert Reich is parading around the Country , manipulating the mainstream media, as the leader and Savior of The Middle Class. The Middle Class that he destroyed for such a noble cause, campaign contributions.


And what of the Fuehrer of The Fourth Reich, William Jefferson Clinton? Do not be fooled by the surplus he left. Slick Willie, unlike the limited inelligent and paranoid Reagan, is a very intelligent man. He knew that the damage The Fourth Reich would do to the Country would explode long after he left office. The difference between the damage done by Reagan and the Neocons and the Bush Crime Family and the damage done by The Fourth Reich?  The damage done by the former can be undone rather quickly with repeal of their crimes disguised as ideology. That of the latter will take 50 years if it can be undone at all.


Despite the fierce competition by Reagan, Truman, Wilson, Nixon and W, there is no question that W.J. Clinton is the worst President this country has or will ever have. And also the most corrupt. And the most Charming. And perhaps the most intelligent. It is a shame as his second term could have made him the best President of all, if he used his intelligence for the purpose he swore to with his hand on the Bible. Instead he buckled to what has surpassed survival as Human's fiercest emotion-Greed