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With its deep wooded ravines, open areas, and the shore of Lake Michigan,
Lake Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a great place to go birding.
Steve Betchkal's description of Lake Park
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Upcoming Birding Events in Lake Park
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Recent Bird Sightings in Lake Park

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"Bradford Beach - North Point" = East of Lincoln Mem'l Dr
"Lake Park - Locust Ravine" = WEST of Lincoln Mem'l Dr

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  • 11/13/05 . Cave Swallow First Ever Reported Sighting in Wisconsin was at Lake Park at 9:25 AM on Sun

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    Fill the Bird Feeders in Locust Ravine with
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    2007: Year of Busting Burdock to Conserve Kinglets . . . . . . . . --- . . . . . . . . 2006: "Big Year" of Birding in Lake Park

    By Paul Hunter 2/3/08:
    This winter the best spots in Lake Park seem to be:
    - the feeders in Locust Ravine
    - the feeders next to Wolcott Statue
    - Lake Michigan just north of Bradford Beach
    - the bluff next to the Pavilion (restaurant) and Grand Staircase, for
    Carolina Wren

    For first time birders, I recommend the parking in the Pavilion (restaurant) parking lot. Enter the park from the west, at the corner of Lake Drive and Newberry.
    From the Pavilion parking lot, walk south 50 meters on the level asphalt path to the Wolcott Statue to view the new feeders there.
    Return north along the bluff on the east side of the Pavilion. Listen for the Carolina Wren. Scan the Lake from the top of the Grand
    Staircase to the east (behind) the Pavilion.
    If needed, use the restroom in the basement of the Pavilion.
    To the north of the Pavilion, cross the concrete footbridge over Ravine Road.
    Continue north on the level asphalt path for about 75 meters. Turn left, west, across the wide bridge over Locust Ravine. Turn right,
    north, at the cinder path. Walk about 50 meters north to the wooden Rustic Bridge over Locust Ravine,
    which is just south of the playground and Warming House for the outdoor ice rink, a flooded field.
    After scanning the feeders near the Rustic Bridge, retrace your path back to the Pavilion. From the Pavilion parking lot, turn right and
    drive down Ravine Road to Lincoln Memorial Drive. Cross Lincoln Memorial Drive and park in the soccer field parking lot. Walk about 150
    meters south from there to North Point, the area just north of Bradford Beach.
    Scan the lake for ducks and gulls. A scope helps.
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