FIAT Jolly Registry

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Here are images of a very rare Multipla-Jolly (on left, top) and a Fiat Shellete which is a Fiat 850-based Jolly ! 



Here's yet another Fiat Shellette 850.

I'm always looking to purchase excess quantities or out-of-stock or discontinued inventory, automotive related or not. . I pay a healthy 'referral fee' for  passing on information about a collection of literature, boutique items or a parcel of hard mechanical parts that you know is for sale or trade. Tell me about it and we both stand to benefit from it!

Here's my 600 Jolly and my Alfa Giulietta.

A movie, called "Miserable Orphans" was shot here in Orlando in March, 2002. Look for my Fiat Multipla, Fiat Jolly and my Alfa Romeo Duetto in it!    Note actor's fedora and green screen.


Here's my 1958 Fiat 600 Jolly. 

The large, blue and distinct 'M'  is the logo for parent company, Mackin Inc., owner of Mackin Commerce Center, Ltd., College Park Commerce Center, Ltd., and Piantieri rentals. You'll see more of it in the near future...

Fiat Jolly Registry info

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I now have cataloged many of the original paint color codes (with samples!) 
for the late 1950s and early 1960s Fiat Multiplas, Jollys (500, 600, and 850 versions), 
and Fiat 600 Sedans. I own the original "Glasso" and "Glassomax" (later Glasurit) paint 
chips produced by Fiat/Glasso.

I can research your paint colors, for a fee of $25, and provide you with accurate 
and useful data about the OEM paint for your prized Jolly or Multipla. Often 
times I can also cross-reference these paint codes to a currently produced 
Alfa Romeo, PPG, or Sikkens paint code that you can take to your local paint and 
body shop for exact color matching.

I also have, for each year from 1955 to 1985, the first and last chassis numbers 
for each of the Fiat models made: 500, 600, Multipla, 600D, 850 (Sedan, Coupe, 
Spider, and Racer), and the X1/9. Included in my database is the chassis 
types, chassis designations, engine displacement by type, chassis, and engine 

email me at

 or send snail mail to Steven Piantieri,  2040 N. Rio Grande Ave., Orlando, FL 32804 

                                For all Fiat Jolly owners:
After buying a Fiat 600 Jolly 22 years ago, I quickly needed parts and a shoulder to cry on. I
cataloged my parts sources (Fiat Plus, Bayless,  Fiat Plus, and oh yeah,  Fiat Plus) and then found
several other Jolly  owners. I assembled a small data base and before I knew it I had the rudiments
of a Jolly Registry.

I now list 54 Jolly owners. Do you know of another one? There are no  dues, no newsletter, no
meetings. If someone
wishes to submit their  car's info but not be listed in it, so be it. I have also listed all of the Jolly
literature that I'm certain of. Surely there are other sales brochures, parts catalogs, supplements,
models, etc. that have reference to the world's finest beach car.

Did you know that there were  at least THREE versions of the Jolly? I've even heard of a
Multipla-Jolly 600. Most were bodied by Ghia (long before FORD bought  Ghia and turned them
into  a naugahyde-and-plastic-design-house-for-orphan-Pintos) and by Michelotti (the 850 based
Shellete). They all have  wicker seats, no doors, a surrey-fringed top, meters  of chromed tubing
(they look like those heated towel bars from a nice hotel...), and  curvaceous additions to their
normal 500/600/850 bodywork. Including the 600 and 600D, there are many variations on a tiny
theme of a beach vehicle for the 1950s.

pass a copy of this along to  another Jolly owner!

send all correspondence to:

Steven Piantieri                         
2040 N. Rio Grande Ave.
Orlando, FL 32804  USA   

                      Information about your Jolly
Is it a 500, a 600, or an 850?  (Circle one)
Motore (engine #)   _____._____ *________ *   (Look for 3+3+6 digits)
Year of manufacture    _________          Titled? Yes---No
Autotelaio (chassis #)   _____ * _____ * _______ *    (Stamped above the exhaust, on the firewall, look for 3+3+6
Color __________  Is it two tone? Yes  or  No.    Which color is on top?
Original color(s)  if  known __________________
Wicker color _________________ Wicker condition_____________
Present engine # if not original _____._____*_________*    (look for 3+3+6 digits)        
License Tag # __________     State Licensed _________       Is it running?  Yes---No
Unusual features _______________________________________________________
Condition: poor/fair/good/excellent/fully restored (circle one)
Mileage ___________  Is the odometer in km or miles?
Previous owners, dates of ownership, city/address, etc.:

Does it have a bell on the driver's side floor?

Is there a grab handle on the dash for the passenger?

Please list any parts for sale or parts wanted:
Do you know of a spare windshield for sale or trade?  
Do you have any literature not listed below? Look for the date code ("stampato No." 
       or "Pubblic. #") on the reverse or at the  fold.



  Here is a list of Literature and regalia that refers to the Jolly.  I have copies available of all of these:
4 pg. black and white brochure, undated, from Biener Pontiac, Great Neck,
      NY showing many Ghia cars including a 600 Jolly.
Light blue on white 1 pg. undated sales brochure from Ghia, in It/Fr/Eng, Jolly Multipla
      and 500 Jolly on terrace.
Sales brochure. Stampato #5804/10000 shows both 500 and 600 Jollys. Full color tri-fold.
Spare parts catalog -bodywork-  100.141 Stampato #110.224 (2 part)  9/58 2nd edition.
Mechanics  Illustrated,  June, 1960. Cover article concerns  several Jollys.
Postcard of Multipla Jolly "Eden Roc" Yacht Tender  of Henry Austin Clark Jr.
Pinin Farina made a 24" wooden model of a Multipla Jolly. I have a photo of  it from the       
     Torino Pininfarina studio. They also made a "600 Nautique".
"Fiat & Abarth 500-600" by M. Bobbitt, Veloce Publ. pgs. 122, 125.
Classic & Sportscar, pg. 60 issue # ______ of  "Wicker's World".
Boneschi 'Joke'. A Jolly for the '90s was built on a Daihatsu chassis and unveiled at the Turin
        Auto Show, 1994. A one-page brochure.
Your Classic Magazine. June 1990. Cover article is about the Jolly.    
Road & Track. Road Test of Jolly and two other micro-cars. May 1959.
Corgi Toys model. 1:43 #240 'Ghia-Fiat Jolly'. It has the removable fringed top!
"Vignale 600T" - a concept car in the late 1950s. I have a copy of their announcement from  the
        Turin Auto show.
Quattroruote Magazine cover photo of a 600 Jolly.
Fissore Fiat Jolly-Multipla from 1957 Turin  Auto show named the 'Marinella'.
"Fiat 500 Club et Derivees" (French club magazine) often features a Jolly.
AutoCapital Magazine, Italy, 8/91 featured a Multipla-Jolly.
Vignale-built, Michelotti-designed prototype  Jolly on a Multipla chassis built in 8/57.
"Fiat Caprera" was on display at the Torino Auto Show in 1961. It was white.
Pininfarina built a Fiat Jolly on a Multipla called the 'Spiaggia' (beach) 2/57.
Orlando Sentinel 5/9/62. An editorial by C. Wordsworth about Mr. W. H. Young's Fiat Jolly.
Moretti-Jolly. Built on a  Fiat 850, it was photographed in CA by Merkel Weiss, 1995.
"Ghia, Ford's Carrozzeria" book by David Bugess-Weiss. Jolly is mentioned on pgs 72-3, 87.

A bit about its history or purchase:

How long have you owned your Jolly?

Do you know of another Jolly? Where? Who owns it?:

                              Information about you:

Name    _____________________            your e-mail address: _________________
Address _____________________		
        _____________________		your website address: __________________________

Phone: ( ___ ) ________                 work: ( ___ ) _______________      
Fax:  ( ___)____________ 
-----------return this to me ---------------------
I will NOT share this information to anyone that does not own a Jolly. In fact, if you'd rather,
I'll not share your info with anyone if you instruct me so.