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Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS Battle Rifle

My Yugo M59/66 review

I purchased the rifle in August of 2005. I had never paid much attention to the SKS rifles but decided to give them a look. The Yugoslavian M59/66 series of rifles were the ones on the hot import list here lately so I read up on them and decided for the money I should go ahead and get one. Mine was ordered through one of the many vendors who offer these. It was one of the $150 excellent grade rifles and I do feel it was very well worth it. As received the rifle was covered in a light coating of cosmoline. Most wiped off of the metal and stock but the cosmoline had been on there for quite some time and soaked into the stock deeply. I had read where some use a dishwasher to clean the stocks so I decided to try it out at home. Used the pots and pans cycle and used lot's of soap inside and outside of the soap container. I ran mine through twice as there was still a cosmoline smell and a little oil still showing. A second run through removed 99% of the cosmoline and the original oil finish. I sanded on the wood to smooth back the grain and knock off some of the sharp edges the factory stock has. I then applied (3) coats of Birchwood Casey's True Oil finish and sanded between the coats with steel wool. Final coat was left to dry and then a slight steel wool sanding to give the finish a satin look. Now the grain is filled, the stock now looks more like the original color when produced, and no more oily mess to hold.
Before and after stock pictures The Yugoslavian version of the SKS rifle is one that is very desireable as all of the parts used in it's construction are solid metal milled parts, not stampings like most versions of the rifle. This makes the rifle somewhat heavier weight wise but also adds a great deal of strength to the design. Another feature not found on any other SKS is the 22mm NATO grenade launcher. When the rifle was being produced the country was not really in the Soviet Bloc alliance and was considering NATO ties. Perhaps this is the reason for the NATO sized rifle grenade launcher. My M59/66 A2 version has the flip up night sights and the flip up grenade launcher sight. Of course a blade bayonet folds under the barrel and keeps the cleaning rod snug in it's channel.
Chicom Chest Pouch Modification

Shooting the Yugo M59/66

My first shots were at a 100 yard target with a 2" bullseye. The first 10 rounds made a 4-5" group with (2) of the (10) going into the bullseye. Second set of 10 rounds did the same thing. Sights are on if I do my part!