FRACTINT. This is the home for the Fractint program. You'll also find tutorials, history, fractal images and the formula parser. Also go here for a Windows version of Fractint called Winfract. FRACTAL EXPLORER. This is a program written by Russian husband and wife authors. It is supported by a host of others and has a users' group where you can find additional information and instructions. The HELP file is in Russian. MANPWIN. Paul deLeeuw's Graphics Site has a link to download his Beta version of Manpwin, a fractal program based on the Fractint program but for use on Windows.
FRACTAL eXtreme.This program is Shareware; you can use it for 15 days then you must either register or delete it. It is fast and has a great following. See some examples at that site. INFINITE FRACTAL LOOP. This is a connection to fractal image sites around the would. Take them in order, go to them randomly or jump around. EXPLORING FRACTALS A tutorial on fractals by Mary Ann Connors, Department of Mathematics, University of Massachusetts.
FRACTALS A discussion of fractals by Jason Marvin and James Byers. They discuss real world fractals (ferns and landscapes) and also provide insight into chaotic systems. SIMULATION SOFTWARE Use the Java version of the "Fractal Microscope" to create fractal images. You can play but you can't save and print what you've done. It also creates "snowflakes" and the "Sierpinski Gasket". Produced by the Shodor Education Foundation. THE MATH FORUM. This page is presented by Drexel University and has links to 445 other sites with details about fractals and chaotic systems. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist. It includes a link to Benoit Mandelbroit's own home page.
Gaston Julia Biography You will find a short biography of Gaston Julia at this site. Benoit Mandelbroit Biography There is more detail in this biography then in that of Julia, perhaps because he's better known. Stone Soup Group When you read the story of stone soup it becomes apparent why the original Fractint writers chose this as the name of their group. Musicians and others have chosen this title also
Paul Lee's Fractal Links Here is a list of 117 fractal programs, most of them with links to download the program. Covered operating systems include DOS, Windows, MAC, Linux. Amiga and Unix. Practical Uses for Fractals Do fractals have practical applications? Much original research on fractals was done because certain things could not be explained by accepted mathematics. Here's a site that lists several applications.  
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