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 Robert Gutter


The dominant new personality of the evening was Robert Gutter.
-The Washington Post


What stunned this listener was an authentically exciting Rite of Spring that surpassed in sheer electricity recent New York performances featuring Sir George Solti and the Chicago Symphony, Zubin Meta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Lorin Maazel and the Cleveland Orchestra.
-Newhouse News Service


Mr. Gutter is an excellent Berliozian.  The Springfield Symphony is an accomplished orchestra, and so the evening was valait la visite.
-The New Yorker


It is unlikely that one is going to hear a more exciting, dramatic, and effective performance of the Beethoven Fifth Symphony than was heard Saturday Night.
-Daily News


Robert Gutter, conductor, received degrees from Yale University and a diploma from the Chigiana Academy of Siena, Italy where he studied with the late conducting pedagogue, Franco Ferrara.  Today, Maestro Gutter is a frequent operatic and symphonic guest conductor, dividing his time between Europe, the Near and Far East, and the Americas.  He curently serves as Music Director of the Philharmonia of Greensboro and Director of Orchestral Activities at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Internationally popular with audiences and musicians alike, Robert Gutter has directed symphonies and opera companies in over thirty countries including the major cities of the world: New York, Washington D.C., Paris, London, Vienna, Milano,Firenze, Madrid, Stuttgart, and St. Petersburg. Experienced in working in many cultures, he has received praise in many languages for his symphonic and operatic performances.   In 1996 he was appointed to serve as Principal Guest Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine in Kiev.
  Stuttgart  The Stuttgart Philharmonic, under the direction of guest conductor Robert Gutter, was an absolute accomplishment and artistically excellent.  The enthusiastic audience took home a very interesting and lively musical experience.
-Vorarlberger Nachrichten
  Salzburg  The Wiener Volksopernorchester under the impressive conductor Robert Gutter, played in a polished and precise manner and with a beautiful sound.  It was a great success.
-The Salzburger Nachrichten
  Madrid  Applause and more applause forced the encores, first “Toreador” from Carmen then “Pizzicato Polka”, really delightful, emphasizing the great personality of the director, Robert Gutter.  What exaltation!
-El Diario

Experienced with a broad spectrum of the 18th to 21st century repertoire in symphonic, opera, chamber and choral works, Robert Gutter is skilled in programming imaginative programs which are engaging for audiences and orchestras alike.
  New England  Gutter’s control over Dvorak’s New World Symphony, which he conducted from memory, was confident and strongly expressive.  He found a way, with an assertive dynamic range and tasteful pacing, to make this old warhorse sound fresh.
-The Morning Union
  Dublin  Mr. Gutter started with a reading of the Brahms (First Symphony) that was unusually tragic, searing tense and stark, but entirely within the terms of the score.
-Irish Times
  Sicily  The conductor was of brilliant temperament throughout the program and conducted the Mozart Symphony in A Major in particularly fine style.
-Gazetta del sud Messina,  Sicily

Incisive and efficient in rehearsal, Maestro Gutter is able to bring an orchestra to very high technical and musical expression in a minimum amount of rehearsal time.  Coupled with his quick score study abilities, he has often been used to fill sudden podium needs.  Because of his effective baton technique, he has even been successful conducting opera performances without rehearsal.
  China  Most of the “devoted” type of conductors are rigorous and meticulous, they are often very strict to the orchestra.  Mr. Gutter is different.  He believes that the orchestra is a whole.  He does not rehearse the whole work one measure by one measure but concentrates, not sloppily, on the key sections and digs out the pith and marrow.  This is the first time for the players of Tian-Jin Orchestra to have such a conductor.  They have a new feeling and think he is different from the others.
-Tonight,  Tian-Jin China
  New York  Robert Gutter has built the Springfield symphony into a major ensemble fully able to mount an exciting Rite of Spring and mount operas from Mozart to Wagner with impressive effect.
-Musical America
  Salzburg   It was a pleasure to listen to (the Wiener Volksopernorchester) and Robert Gutter, an authority who knew how to lead it.

Sensitive to artists and soloists,  Maestro Gutter has extensive experience accompanying the major artists of the world.
  New England   Robert Gutter conducts with sensitivity to the singers and dancers needs, as well as to that of the score.  This is a production which the emotional range of the music is fully explored.
-Daily News
  New Orleans   From start to finish it was a sheer delight. One of the happiest evenings of opera one could hope for. 
-New Orleans States 
  Providence  Gutter’s Beethoven Seventh Symphony was feisty and defiant.  He also teamed up with the pianist for a lean and thoughtful reading of the Bartôk Third Concerto, a touching and imaginative score that is heard all too infrequently.
-The Providence Journal Bulletin

Connected to Eastern European resources for quality recording and performances at minimum costs, Robert Gutter has the knowledge and the contacts to arrange for recording for soloists or contemporary compositions with full or chamber orchestras.  Considered a champion of contemporary music, he has made recordings and conducts several concerts of New Music each year.
  Austria   American conductor, Robert Gutter, known internationally as a specialist of contemporary American music, achieved an absolute valid, and so to speak, authentic presentation.  He is professionally superior and led the Swabians from Stuttgart securely through the difficult slalom between symphonic and jazz music.  He paid close attention to the very important orchestral tone.  Our expectations were definitely fulfilled.
-Vorarlberger Tageszeitung
  North Carolina  Thank Robert Gutter for a wonderful performance.  The contemporary Music Players were superb and Robert was right on all the way.
-Robert Ward, Composer
  New York  I hope you will accept my much belated thanks for your very caring and excellent performance of the Enchantades.  I have asked CRI to send you a copy of my violin concerto.
-Tobias Picker



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