Problem Needing To Be Solved:
The currency the United States of America is coined in debt and, as such, does not serve the people well.

Clathrates are thawing in the Arctic and releasing methane into the atmosphere. This represents the tipping point into catastrophic climate change having been passed. This change in global warming dynamics, and the consequential catastrophic climate change, dwarfs the current economic crises. The resolution of the economic collapse needs to, first and foremost, address, as far as is possible, this environmental and far greater threat to human security. Global capitalism cannot be saved from itself.

Global capitalism has required humanity live such that klimakatastrope is an inalienable result. Therefore, global capitalism has not served humanity well. Society needs to move on from global capitalism as an economic system. The currency of the United States of America is the primary fiat currency of global capitalism. The citizens of the United States need to redress the Constitutional crises that resulted in this fact to adjust to klimakatastrophe.

Any meaningful defense of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as inalienable rights requires this work. To live with integrity and make self-evident, and within a Constitutional context, that all people are created equal, requires nothing less. We live in a time of climate and Constitutional crises. The systemic forces that feed both are economic in nature.

Solution to this problem, with Klimakatastrophe as a starting point, for thinking, intelligently, about economic transformation/recovery



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Google News search for the terms: clathrates thawing Arctic (1 hit- 10/01/08); (0 hits-10/17/09)

Google search for the terms: clathrates thawing Arctic (4,350 hits- 10/01/08); (22,100 hits-10/17/09)

Google News search for the terms: methane hydrates thawing (2 hits-10/01/08); (1 hit-10/17/09)

Google search for the terms: methane hydrates thawing (10,700 hits-10/01/08); (33,000 hits-10/17/09)

Google News search for the phrase: "methane time bomb" (17 hits-10/01/08); (0 hits-10/17/09)

Google search for the phrase: "methane time bomb" (56,800 hits-10/01/08); (514,000 hits-10/17/09)

This 11 and a half minute video from Australia, "Methane - The Forgotten Gas," is a good primer on the role methane plays in global warming. The following is a screen shot from the streamed video presentation:


"Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013'", A BBC 12/7/07 report that details the modeling done by Wieslaw Maslowski on Arctic ice extent loss incorporating positive feedbacks that had not been incorporated in other scientist's work. Interestingly, his main positive feedback is warmer water entering the Arctic from the Pacific and Atlantic basins and not methane--perhaps because the data he uses in his modeling ends with 2004, before atmospheric methane started to rise again. In any event, this is an exact science--NOT--but that science is scrambling to find why what was a future probability is increasingly a current reality.

The OpenToInfo HTML slide show framing of the general environmental constraints for considering counter points to this solution to the economic crises.

"How It All Ends" is the end result of a lot of work by a high school science teacher with a good name (Greg) who makes a logical argument for logic relative to radical change (even if the change proposed is not quite as radical as is being proposed relative to dumping wealth based on a debt-based fiat currency).

Also on a humorous approach to the threat, if not the solution, "Blue Man Group on Global Warming."

The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (on wikipedia). A 2006 report Authored by economist Lord Stern of Brentford for the British Government on the economic impacts of mitigating global warming . . . from what was understood, at the time, to be the environmental constraints for this work.

The Garnaut Climate Change Review (also on wikipedia). A 2008 report developed through a process that included public comment from Australia and the Rudd Government, which that government is acting on.. This Review, published in its final form September 30, 2008 includes in Chapter 2, "Understanding Climate Science," posts, as graphs, information on methane that ends with the year 2000 (as posted below). It only notes the recent increase in the growth of atmospheric methane (but nothing about the possible causes for it. And while listing hydrates as a source of methane, its explanation of how to mitigate methane's role in global warming does not address the impacts of the thawing of the clathrates.

Representative Brad Sherman's (Democrat, California) speech before the House giving background into the fear mongering members of Congress were subject to to pass the bailout . . . instead of doing something intelligent.

Naomi Klein's speech at the University of Chicago titled, "Wall St. Crisis Should Be for Neoliberalism What Fall of Berlin Wall Was for Communism." carried on Democracy Now.


More will be posted . . .


Societies collapse for a variety of reasons. Among them are bankruptcy, conquest, corruption, violent and non-violent social reorganization, and environmental issues. Societies benefiting from global capitalism have a number of these threats at their collective doorstep. The one getting the most attention right now is the bankrupt economy. The one that should be getting even more attention, is klimakatastrophe.

Historically, changes in climate have made and broken civilizations. Many of the above threats are consequences of climate change. That the role that climate and the environment played in the rise and fall of civilizations is, in general, not common knowledge, is indicative of how much we need to learn to rationally address the current economic crises. We are at a time of problems which cannot be solved with the thinking that created the problems. It is time to "Think Different."

The catastrophic change that threatens the civilization based on global capitalism is the "methane time bomb" amd Arctic carbon. The current rate of warming and thawing of its permafrost and methane hydrates suggest a ipping point has been passed. This is a threat that is nothing less than extinction of what passes for civil society, and the population it sustains (albeit unsustainably). Therefore, this is a shared threat and one that, if not solved in any attempt to solve the economic crises, makes that work little more than a straightening of deck chairs on the Titanic.

Ever increasing anthropomorphic greenhouse gas production has been the hallmark of what is now a global iteration of capitalism. The Federal Reserve Note is its currency,. This fiat currency, denominated in debt, has environmentally, socially, and, now, economically reached its limits of growth. The debt it is funded with systemically enslaves, exploits, and extracts in a dynamic that approximates that of a cancer. Cancer, as out of control growth, kills its host organism.

If we are to defend the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and uphold the purpose for which we have a Constitution, as stated in its preamble, it is time to be responsible, engage in the chemotherapy of economic collapse, and be proactive in the coining of a new, dispersed wealth of carbon credits. Given the thawing of the clathrates, such "coin" is not imaginary, like the non-governmental "coin," the Federal Reserve Note.


Let the implosion of economic wealth based on irrational credit occur.

The shoring up of the bad assets with a taxpayer guarantee--the spun purpose of the the TARP legislation--was already effected before the "bail out/"rescue" plan. The Federal Reserve--through the FDIC (by both changing rules and allowing investment banks its shelter), the Treasury--through the encumbering of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, and the SEC--through controlling short selling and changing "mark to market" rules--have placed the US citizen on the hook for the bad debt.

The illusion of wealth and power that will be washed away in the flood of business and government failures was just that, an illusion . . . and one built on systemic injustice.

In lieu of that, address these five Constitutional crises:

What follows is a brief outline of how Congress can redress its abdication of its power concerning money, and do so in a way that will lead the world to either its salvation from klimakatastrophe, or, at least, a better place from which to enter it and our demise. Fleshing out this work is a task that needs to be a shared task. Thoughts and help will be appreciated.

Constitutionally, it can be argued that the Federal Reserve Note is, functionally, a foreign currency foisted on the citizenry of this nation by an unconstitutional fiat. Since it is Congress' responsibility and power to value such currencies, and its value is, or soon will be, zero. When declaring such to be its value, Congress will own up to the insolvency of the US Government . . . and the systemic insolvency of all fiat currencies.

Congress also has the power to coin money. Therefore, and at the same time it establishes the value of the Federal Reserve Note as, Constitutionally, a foreign coin and of no value, it issues a new currency denominated in carbon credits. This change will concurrently redress the other four constitutional crises. The bankruptcy will require reconstituting a constitutional government for the United States of America,

The carbon credits, like other inalienable rights, reside with the people. In a carbon credit-based economy the wealth resides with the individual. The individual determines the social value of this equally distributed wealth/responsibility by how consciously the individual and society are both responsible, and cooperate to live sustainably on the planet. If, as an individual, one is living below one's share of carbon credits, there is wealth to trade for goods or services that are needed/desired, with someone who is not living sustainably. The resulting transfer and redistribution of wealth and technology was the purpose of the initial models for carbon trading. These failed due to a shifting of a shared purpose: saving the plant as a habitable biosphere, to another market for greed-as-good. This constitutional currency of coined carbon credits systemically institutes the shared purpose of living cooperatively on our planet.

This carbon credit economic system and its "coin" is, systemically, and in contrast to the debt-based system where "wealth" is a function of ownership of debt, a wealth born of responsibility, justice, and love. The debt of our current debt-based system of wealth creation is accumulated through the"legal" removal of responsibility associated with the creation of the debt. The planet's environmental, social, and economic injustice is a result of this "legal" separation of responsibility from debt creation. The removal of this responsibility systemically works against these justices as, over time, greed dominates and replaces love as economic motivation. This, in conjunction with a relatively weak global governance, compared to national governance (and disparities among the independence and equality of national governments), corrupts morality, and in time, corrupts it absolutely. This avoidance of responsibility to be just is primarily accomplished in our nation through our laws that limit liability associated with stock and bond ownership to the value of the stock or bond. That such a "legal" limitation of responsibility is contradictory to common law has not been perceived to be enough of a problem to be redressed through a return to a Constitutional monetary system. With this debt-based fiat currency system of wealth creation having tipped the planet into klimakatastrophe, the price that must be paid for embracing this contradiction is revealed to us: extinction of what constitutes civil society, and, at best, near extinction of our species. The only choice remaining is how are we going to choose to pay it: non-violently abandon the false sense of wealth and start over; violently through the scapegoating and projection of blame which will preemptively collapse society and preclude a cooperative orientation to klimakatastrophe: extinction event of our own making.

The private (foreign) central bank created, debt-based, fiat currency system of global capitalism is based on the usurpation of another inalienable right that resides with the people: the right to be free of tyranny. The loss of this right has been variously understood in economic history as one's credit rating, ones class, indentured servanthood, and slavery. As tyranny that is effected in our time by an unconstitutional it can be redressed.

However, economically enslaved persons within an economic system that is systemically weak in effecting environmental, social and economic justice tend to feel disempowered. Such a psychological condition is the affect of the debt-based system of wealth of global capitalism. It is contrary to the needs and health of a representative democracy. It is contrary to what is needed to preserve, among equal persons, the other inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The debt-based economic system systemically promotes a dependency of the enslaved upon their present enslavement: credit. Systemically it also promotes a dependency on the "wealth" such enslavement creates.

As we are seeing, the wealth of the debt-based system is accrued to those who own the resulting debt but are "legally" exempted them from being responsible for how that wealth is created. This dynamic is systemically unjust. The sustainability of the credit extended and used to "coin" the debt is not an inherent value in such an economic system. Credit is simply another thing within our capitalistic meme to be manipulated, exploited and "externalized" . . . until the point of peak credit is passed and the economic bubble consummer credit has created, bursts.

The deficiencies this threat represents can be redressed by coining a new currency based on carbon credits.

In a carbon credit economic system, individuals, to have any wealth, will need to live below their share of allocated carbon credit. This will require a great deal of ingenuity and cooperation (lots of work and jobs figuring out how to live sustainably, particularly, should population increase and offspring are assigned an equal proportion of the parents' credit; particularly should the science, math and measurements require a downward adjustment in the carbon credit that can be allocated--as is turning out to be the case).

In this system "banks'" function is to verify any excess carbon claimed and traded, and thereby responsibly create money (their traditional social function). Within the framework of such a currency, local governments have the fiduciary responsibility to hold its citizens carbon credits, in trust, and maintain its value (regulate banks--another traditional social function). Local banks and governments, in turn, interact and interrelate in regional, national, and global networks that systemically provide multiple checks and balances, which, with constant responsible vigilance, can lead to a new economic paradigm for what it means to be human and sustainably share a planet.


Corporations are not people. They are chartered by governments because of a common law tenant that such chartering is a means of serving the public good. Using hyperbole, an example that they are not legal persons is that they can legally cannibalize one another. A person cannot legally do this . . . and the dissimilarities between human persons and corporate "persons" regarding serving the public good are many. This contradiction must be resolved with a regulatory dynamic of chartered corporations, on a periodic basis, being re-charter (or de-charted) based on proof that their continued existence serves the public good.

The stari decisis that makes the ultra vires of the 1886 decision difficult to overturn can be redressed three ways. Constitutional amendment, moral integrity relative to the ownership of corporate stock (BTW, a morality framed by common law), and the carbon credit-based economy (i.e. corporations, as non-persons, would need to amalgamate the carbon credits they need to operate from people effecting a powerful democratic checks-and-balance dynamic in terms of a corporation's existence serving a public good.


The unitary executive theory, as it is being implemented, is unconstitutional. The current place to start establishing this fact in law should have been to impeach the previous Vice President and President while they were in office. Now it is to prosecute them for treason since they have left office. The current serving President finding "legal" support for his ignoring even the limited constraints the War Powers Resolution places on his actions effecting regime change in Libya are like based on these signing statements. The legal complications involved in beginning to reign in the President's constitutional powers as commander-in-chief and returning to Congress its Constitutional responsibility to declare war and command the Commander-in-Chief, will help determine both the scope of the legal challenges the aforementioned implementation has effected, but insights will be gained in the process as to how to best redress the corruption of the separations of power which the War Powers Resolution represents. The process will also help educated the electorate concerning the insidiousness of this theory's implementation as a violation of the Constitution.


This 1973 legislation needs to either be repealed or overturned as unconstitutional.. Systemically, this legislation narrowed Congress' war-making power by co-aligning it with the "power of the purse." The power to declare war is an enumerated power in the Constitution and the President, as commander-in-chief, must affect military discipline and wait for orders. Or face charges of treason for a failure to effect the oath of office and protect and defend the Constitution for enemies foreign and domestic. Such is in the interest of a balance of powers.

Personally, I am too close to this one to do more than name it at this time. It relates to klimakatastrophe because , when a nation has hugely superior military technology, the need to be environmentally, socially, and economically just, when such threatened the tenants of our established religion--capitalism--affecting low-intensity conflict, as the War Powers Resolution enables, will be the politically expeditious choice. Perfecting the union will be relegated to a sideshow status. Since President Obama claims to have legal standing for violating even the constraints of the War Powers Resolution with his commitment of troops to effect regime change in Libya, this portends even further erosion of Congress' power; of the power we as the people retain to rationally consider our options before sending citizens into harms way.

That fact that I did not think of listing this constitutional crisis until it occurred to me on Veterans Day, 2011, shocks me. Until I've processed my feelings that are shaped by my choice to refuse induction during the Vietnam "Police Action," and sorted things out more rationally; i.e. less emotionally, this brief argument will have to do.

2/8/12: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which the President just signed into law joins the War Powers Resolution, its 2001 AUMF (authorization of the use of military force), and the 2001 Patriot Act as legislation that could be rendered irrelevant with a constitutional carbon credit-based currency. The only thing good I can find in this unconstitutional legislation is that it is further proof that the following constitutional crisis is both real and religious in nature. Who will be the first US citizen to be "excommunicated" under the NCAA?


For making this argument in court, functioning MRIs will need to be embraced as evidence. Socio-psychoneuroimmunoendocrinologically, religion, as intended by the framers of the Constitution, is that, which, in modern parlance, is a social structure that is likely to effect motivated reasoning in an individual. Motivated reasoning is an observable neurological process (with fMRIs) by which moral contradictions are predominately feeling-fully resolved. To the degree the dynamics of motivated reasoning is understood today, the part of the brain which process emotions is active in the resolution of a rational contradictions without commensurate involvement of the frontal lobes where rational thought occurs. This "thinking," in conjunction with the part of the brain that secretes dopamine becoming active, makes one feel one has resolved the contradiction correctly. More simply stated, it is feeling one has rationally resolved a contradiction correctly when, in fact, rational thinking has been obscured by feelings. This dynamic of motivated reasoning is enhanced by elevated emotions relative to a subject matter of the contradiction.

Fear, humanity's most evolved feeling, has required the development of motived reasoning. Fear systemically exhausts an organism. As organisms of sufficient intelligent to be conscious creatures, but not evolved enough to deal with the complexity of the reality we are conscious in, motivated reasoning--religion--preemptively resolves the feeling of fear. It allows groups of people to believe, in the case of this collapse of credit, that bad credit can be shored up by creating more bad credit. It is like thinking one can only be a little bit pregnant.

With this as background rationale, "United States v. Seeger" can serve as legal precedence, while things like the question on the citizenship exam that asks what is the economic system of the United States (asserted "correct" answer (question, Section A., #11): capitalist and/or market economy), as examples, to initiate legal actions to redress the defacto establishment of capitalism as a state sponsored "religion." This is a change regarding what is currently s

mislabeled and understood as "separation clause." The establishment of capitalism as a religion is the stated "establishment" matter which government is constrained from doing by the Constitution. The purpose of actions in this matter would be to redress what is presently a violation of the clause, both endemically and systemically, of government's support of a capitalist/market economy as a de facto state "religion." The current unsustainable corporate culture has evolved as an unintended consequence of the 1886 Supreme Court decision granting to corporations legal standing as persons. These "persons'" corporate "religion" cannot, Constitutionally, be established as a state religion--as is the case and needs to be changed.

The common use of language makes this Constitutional crisis a bit of a stretch . . . until one considers the intent framed by the Preamble and observes government's behavior today bailing out, at human citizen's expense, the folly of corporate greed/need.


Learn all one can about the methane time bomb relative to the thawing of the Arctic clathrates:

A personal warm up discipline is outlined on this dated website (and expired domain--some links won't work) for the coordinated practice of an economic fast each Friday to demonstrate the political will of the electorate to embrace sustainable lifestyles: formally . . . and should have been framed as:


The end of the party.

The "end of the party" is a euphemism for the end of what Robert Bly helpfully identified as "The Sibling Society." Whether it is a matter of "grow up or perish," or growing while we perish, or, very improble, just barely avoiding the extinction of klimakatastrophe, are questions that our ongoing immature behavior is creating the answer for. Whether the "party" primarily ends violently or non-violently is, however, yet an open question. To not end the party is to choose a violent end to everything.

Another collapse and redistribution of wealth, as occurred in the end of the Gilded Age that followed the Civil War, is in process with the temporary flash-frozen collapse of global capitalism's economic paradigm.

The previous gilded age of laissez faire capitalism was fueled by many of the forces that have powered the bullet train of global capitalism. The Guilded Age was one in which wealth concentrated into the hands a few industrialist and bankers. It ended with a redistribution of much of that wealth through the non-violent mechanism of the new deal legislation and the consequences of two violent world wars. The cost of those wars decimated the old powers of Europe leaving the US in the circumstances that, in turn, has led to this age of global capitalism . . . and now its collapse.

Clearing of the decks.

Whenever society embraces the collapse of global capitalism, and whether non-violently or violently, the current choice seems to be between two paths. One leads to the social order of a feudal fascism. The other to the social chaos of social and economic collapse. Feudal fascism ends, as it always has, in class warfare (should extinction, as part of klimakatastrophe, not occur first). Should the path of social chaos be chosen, the resulting social and economic rubble means that the decks are cleared for invention; for a do-over. However, this is only possible if both the collapse, and the wisdom behind the do-over, allows us to avoid klimakatastrophe . . . and is non-violent.

1st Order Systemic Points/Topics

None yet. Under development.

Evaluation SWOT

Coin US Currency in Carbon Credits

A restart of the economy based on environmentally, socially and economically sustainable values. (10/01/08)

  • justice and responsibility are socially affirmed by this choice
  • the redistribution of wealth is effected--the unavoidable next step that justice requires in this economic cycle--non-violently.
  • requires learning what the challenges of a society based on a more mature love are; meeting the challenges will strengthen society and make it be spiritually alive.
  • the wealth this cooperative approach to economics creates is non-material, social in nature, and sustainable.
  • humanity is not evolved sufficiently to readily break its trust with the competitive model for being a parochial society in the world.
  • low context cultures (global capitalism) do not easily transform into high context ones
  • an enforced R.I.P. for the social narrative of "rugged individualism" this requires will, for a season, be inaccessible for some due to motivated reasononing
  • unavoidable extinction possibly avoided
  • a high context culture is, in terms of family values, more rewarding, and this can be relearned
  • strength to make transition resides among the teaching of the religious traditions of the populace of the nation and can be tapped and overseen, rather than shunned and belittled.
  • Neil Young's truth relative to the current status quo--"It's better to burn out, than to fade away"--will not be denied.
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Historic Perspective

The Egyptian Civilization may have evolved as a response to climate change and the need to cooperate to survive and prosper as desertification ended a previous, less structured approach to social organization. The Hittite Civilization collapsed due to climate change and drought. The dark ages of the Greek empire is like attributable to climate change and drought. The Nabataeans left Petra behind when drought made even their cooperative husbandry of water insufficient for continued existence. The cliff dwellers of the North American Southwest's demise is attributed to climate change and drought. The Mayan Empire imploded due to anthropomorphically enhanced environmental collapse. The Roman Empire first expanded, and then contracted, due to first a warming of the climate, and then a cooling. A warming in climate led to the population growth and subsequent specialization of trades and industry that became the outset of the Industrial Revolution. Its industrial enterprises have, in turn, created an economy based on the exploitation of fossil fuels that has warmed the globe and begun the thawing of the Arctic methane hydrates. This anthropomorphic climate change is reintroducing sequested carbon into the carbon cycle. It has lit the fuse of the methane time bomb. Extinction is the next step for human civilization unless we will learn to work together, like the Egyptians, and yet possibly stave off the worst of the just and karamonic consequences we deserve. The right approach to collapsing the economy the industrial revolution has fueled is key to this collapse being a hope, and a new beginning.

Counter Points

Please contribute counter points to this project's volunteer webperson. When doing so please try to discuss the role that fear plays in either the counter point or the point being countered.

"Global Warming Doomsday Called Off"

The 44 minute documentary by CBC "Global Warming Doomsday Called Off" offers an argument that is likely behind Palin's assertions about global warming. It is crafted to confort the fears evoked by warnings about catastrophic climate change. To do this, its focus on the inaccuracies of the current climate models is correct. Though this documentary, posted in 2007, references IPCC models from 2001, even the models used in the 2007 report cannot explain the observed record ice extent melts nor do they include the positive feedbacks of the observed return to increases in atmospheric methane. These models did not expect this to happen until, in the case of the ice extent loss, until at least the second half of the 21st Century. In the case of the clathrate thawing, this change was not expected for at least another century--if ever. As Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama correctly states in the video, the models are wrong. However the conclusion, like the deconstruction of the "hockey stick" model section of the documentary that precedes his interview, make assertions that are also wrong or incomplete. The models assumed/expected the warming to happen in the atmosphere and were wrong for the warming happened in the oceans. Climate modeling science is, as stated, in its infancy and assumptions are assumptions, not science. Further, what is the big deal about finding a flaw in the assumptions of the modeling of an infantile field of research? And more importantly, what is the purpose of not being forthright about what the new assumption is that addresses the discoveries of his research?

Regardless, and since the current observation of ice extent decline and clathrate thawing also demonstrate that the models are wrong (and wrong the "wrong" way relative to the arguments advanced in this documentary being right), and by a factor of at least 10, is being right for the wrong reasons comforting. Does being right in the wrong way constitute a rational for continuing existing policies and advocating for business as usual?

Relative to "business as usual," arguing over the veracity of modeling assumptions is a professional and economic opportunity for scientists and science labs. To date, the firing of the "clathrate gun" is something that has been dismissed as a "wild card" in the "established" climate modeling centers. Is this dismissal because framing the public debate as being about "opposing" sides (a scientific oxymoron) of modeling issues, or being focused on the role of anthropogenic carbon dioxide production an economic and political opportunity for some? Does the popular news media's framing of scientific debate as opposing "sides" demonstrate anything other than the scientific ignorance of the reporters, editors, and producers who frame stories about evolving science this way? Irrespective, and with the observed changes, it is time to step back from, and expand, the framework of the interactions to include methane hydrate thawing.

What both the science behind the "wrong models" share with the science behind the "wrongly right" critique of the "wrong models" is a common understanding that the methane hydrates can thaw . Also shared is the science about prehistoric examples of this thawing leading and/or contributing to mass extinctions. Due to a shared need for employment, and competition for funding sources in a globalized capitalistic economy, this fight over the veracity of assumptions that that are inherent to simplified modeling of a very complex climate system, has little to do with science and a great deal to do with the consequences global capitalism has on science. In this same vein of reasoning, "engaging" framing is marketably "newsworthy" "got ya," but hardly educational; hardly an intelligent search for truth: the essence of science.

Regardless, if it is the"when" of the thawing that is the only fundamental disagreement of the "engagement" that is getting covered as it is by the news media, and that thawing is happening now, isn't it time to "move on?" Isn't it time to come to terms with the fear of extinction and what is intelligent and rational economic behavior in this context? Our current social mind sets and choices have detonated the slow-motion time bomb of methane hydrate thawing. The systemic dynamics they represent have an extremely low probability of being able to generate and facilitate the thinking needed to solve the problems this social mind set has created. A fear that both "sides" wanted to avoid, differently, has arrived anyway. The resulting condition needs both new thinking and feeling to meaningfully relate to the fearful situation that we are in.

This video "Scam of the 'Great Global Warming Swindle'" is a response to another documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" (whose web site has been taken down). Apparently "Global Warming Doomsday Called Off" is similar to this missing documentary. Its critique may be helpful for considering how "Global Warming Doomsday Called Off" is, for some, a valuable and meaningful fear mitigating production.


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