Exploding Light Bulbs

Materials needed:
-lightbulb (100w)
-socket (duh...)
-1/4 cup soap chips
-blackpowder! (open some shotgun shells!)
-1/4 cup kerosene orgasoline
-adhesive tape
-lighter or small blowtorch
Procedure for a simple exploding lightbulb:

- Drill a small hole in the top of the bulb near the threads!
- Carefully pour the blackpowder into the hole. Use enough so that it touches the filament!
- Insert into socket as normal (make sure the light is off or else YOU will be the victim!!)
- Get the hell out!!

Procedure for a Napam Bulb:
- Heat kerosene/gasoline in a double boiler
- Melt soap chips, stirring slowly.
- Put somewhere and allow to cool
- Heat the threads of the bulb VERY carefully to melt the glue. Remove threads, slowly drawing out the filament. Do NOT break the cheap electrical igniters and/or the filament or this won't work!!
- Pour the liquid into the bulb, and slowly lower the filament back down into the bulb. Make sure the filament is dipped into the fluid.
- Re-glue the threads back on. Insert it into a socket frequently used by the victim and get the hell out!!

When the victim flips the switch, he will be in for a BIG surprise!
Have fun! -Jolly Roger-

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