1. Download the Printkey2000.exe program below, save to the
"My Documents" file on your desk top.

2. Double click the "Printkey2000.exe" file to open it.

Printkey exe apperance in your my documents file.

3. The "Printkey2000" icon will appear in the lower right
corner of your screen on the task bar.(In yellow box below)

Appearance of Printkey2000 on task bar.

4. To snap a picture of your desk top, double click the
"Printkey2000" icon in your tack bar.

5. Click the out box icon (save) in the program, and save as .jpg, or .gif.

Click the floppy disk to down load.
"PrintKey2000" Exe File.

{849 KB}

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Rockin'G Studio's