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Welcome to the Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) web site.  (RSCI is pronounced "risky" because drawing definitive conclusion from any such rankings is, indeed, "risky" at best.)  RSCI is intended to help you make sense out of the various top 50 or top 100 rankings of the nation's best high school basketball players.  It combines the rankings from well known recruiting experts into a single, consensus ranking.

Why is such a consensus ranking needed?  Well, if you've ever scanned the rankings from a couple of these experts, you'll quickly find that they can differ greatly from each other. In fact, sometimes they disagree to such an extent that you have no idea whether a kid is top 5 material or barely a top 50 player.  RSCI attempts to reduce some of this uncertainty by normalizing the variations in a completely objective manner. In other words, RSCI rankings do not represent my personal opinions but rather are the sum total of the opinion of the experts.

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Abbreviations in the RSCI lists explained

Class of 2013

Sep 16, 2012

New rankings for class of 2013. (Corrected error in ranking for Nick King)

Class of 2012

June 16, 2012

Updated to include some late commitments. UNLV jumps into the top 10 in updated Winners.

Final rankings for 2012 posted May 27.

Class of 2011

June 28, 2011

Final rankings for 2011. Rob Harrington's rankings are also serving as the PrepStars rankings this time. Dropped Gibbons since rankings were old. Dave Telep moved to ESPN.

Class of 2010

July 11, 2010

Final rankings and Winners. Dropped Gibbons from this round since those rankings were old.

Class of 2009

June 14, 2009

Final rankings and Winners. Dropped HoopScoop as a source in order to eliminate issues with 5th year players being undercounted.

Class of 2008

Aug 6, 2008

Final rankings and Winners.

Class of 2007

June 23, 2007

Final rankings and Winners.

Class of 2006

June 3, 2006

Updated all rankings. Updated The Winners.

Class of 2005

June 19, 2005

Revised final rankings to include Hoop Scoop. Updated The Winners.

Class of 2004

July 27, 2004

I waited as long as I could for a HoopMasters update but Van Coleman was good enough to go ahead and send me his rankings which I have used instead. Also, updated The Winners.

Class of 2003

August 15, 2003

Final rankings (including best recruiting classes in The Winners).

Class of 2002

August 25, 2002

Final rankings.

Class of 2001

June 3, 2001


Updated to include post season ranking and revised The Winners.


Class of 2000

Jul 29, 2000


Final rankings.


Class of 1999


June 13, 1999


Updated lists from Prep Stars and Recruiting Beat.

Class of 1998

Jul 28, 1998

Final rankings

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