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McKinney High School Bowling Club
North Texas - Dallas North Varsity District

USBC - Mission
To serve as the resource for the creation and support of interscholastic high school bowling programs.
Coaching for Colleges
  • Things College Coaches look for:
      1. Your bowling statistics:
        • % of pocket hits
        • % of spares made
        • % of strikes carried
        • Average pinfall on 1st ball
        • Average
        • % of splits converted
      2. Other areas of importance include:
        • Teamwork
        • Communication
        • Attitude
        • Past competitive history
        • The student-athletes ability to get along and work with others
  • Things YOU should do to be considered for Collegiate Bowling are:
      1. Be involved in a physical conditioning program
        • Don’t wait until Tryouts to get in shape NOW!!! – Exercise NOW!!!
      2. Bowl and practice as much as possible:
        • Practice should be on a regular basis, over a number of weeks, not just in the last week before Tryouts
        • Practice should be on a wide variety of lane conditions and lane surfaces
      3. Acquire Financial Aids/Scholarships:
        • Scholarship Aid is available from not only the university, but also through some of the Bowling Programs, Employers, and various Private activities.
        • Student-athletes wishing to be considered for scholarship aid through the Bowling Program need to complete a Bowling Scholarship Application form in the Spring prior to attending the college and trying out for the bowling team. The deadline for submitting a Bowling Scholarship Application is usually early May
        • The Coaching Staff will review the scholarship applications and award Bowling Program Scholarships
  • Things YOU should Practice on:
      1. Work on a variety of skills, including:
        • Spare Shooting
        • Alignments
        • Loft
        • Ballspeed
        • Releases
        • and a variety of individual and team competitions
      2. Practice should be on a wide variety of lane conditions and lane surfaces:

    Collegiate TEAM Selection Process:
            All eligible students are encouraged to participate in try-outs to earn a spot on one of the School Bowling teams. Bowling teams will be selected at the completion of the try-out process.
  • Team selection will be based on the following criteria:
            (not necessarily all-inclusive or listed in the order of importance) -
      1. Performance during ON-LANE Try-Outs:
        • % of spares converted (total% & non-split/makeable %)
        • % of splits converted
        • Accuracy (launch angles, 1st & 2nd balls)
        • Pocket %
        • Carry %
        • Scoring
        • Versatility/Matching up to lane:
          1. Alignment
          2. Releases
          3. Equipment selection
          4. Ball speed
      2. Mental skills:
        • Attention skills
        • Energy management skills
        • Imagery skills
        • Stress management skills
        • Goal setting skills
      3. Physical Fitness:
        • MAX pushups in 2 minutes (no resting)
        • MAX sit-ups in 2 minutes (no resting)
        • 2 mile RUN time
      4. Academic Comprehension:
        • Ability to follow instructions and procedures
        • Ability to comprehend and retain information
        • Ability to communicate effectively
      5. Work Ethic/Commitment:
        • Learning habits
        • Practice habits
        • Desire to improve (mentally, physically, academically, personally)
        • Ability to plan and utilize time effectively and efficiently
        • Commitment to train
      6. Loyalty:
        • To yourself
        • To the Bowling Program (your teammates, your coaches)
        • To the Program Philosophy and Code of Conduct

            After the try-out process concludes, a final cut will be made to select the students who will be members of a bowling team. This selection will be made by the coaching staff, based upon a combination of both the objective data and subjective observations about both new and returning players. The competitive teams will be chosen on the week after tryouts conclude. Team size(s) will be determined based upon the criteria listed above. Every effort will be made to keep these selected competition squads intact throughout the duration of the bowling season. However, the coaching staff reserves the right to make substitutions or replacements at their discretion.

    Post TEAM Selections - (SELECTED PLAYERS):
    Team Practices/Meetings/Individual Evaluations:
            After the season squads are selected, the focus of our program shifts from individual try-outs to that of team success. In order to ensure that our teams experience success, we will conduct regular team practices, workout sessions, team meetings, and individual evaluations.
        1. Team Meetings:

                  Team meetings can be an important element in attaining an individual's and/or team's potential during the competitive season. The content and quality of these meetings revolves around the dedication and commitment of the team members themselves. Meetings are scheduled on a periodic basis and at a time decided by the coach. Team building can be the toughest job team members ever have! It's not always easy, but the rewards are tremendously satisfying and, for the teams who pull together to overcome every obstacle and work their rear ends off, some­times the reward is the biggest of all - a State Championship. A typical team meeting could contain some or all of the following topics:

          • individual academic progress
          • upcoming tournaments
          • general team building concepts and improvements
          • goal setting
          • mental programming skills
          • etc.

        2. Team Practicies/Workout Sessions:

          Held throughout the year after team selection. A standard team practice session could consist of:

          • game simulations
          • role playing
          • communication skills
          • scrimmages
          • individual game fine-tuning
          • spare shooting drills
          • along with various team skill development techniques

                  Workout sessions can be scheduled in concert with team practices or at other times decided by the coaching staff.

        3. Individual Evaluations:

                  Designed in “one-on-one” or small group evaluations so as to enhance player skill development in a more personalized setting, these evaluations are scheduled on a weekly basis. Scheduling revolves around the student's and Assistant Coach’s schedule, usually afternoons or late morning. They will typically be approximately ½ to 1 hour in length, targeting specific training areas for improvement, and in most cases will require homework before the next lesson. The program's goal is to provide players with ample opportunities to receive individualized instruction and individual training plans. It is the player's responsibility to put in the necessary time outside the evaluation to incorporate into their game the techniques and training provided. The evaluations will not move forward if this does not happen and the player jeopardizes their team playing time by not being prepared for competition. These evaluations are the responsibility of the Assistant Coach. The “homework” is the FULL responsibility of the Student/Athlete.

    Post TEAM Selections - (NON-SELECTED PLAYERS):

            It is encouraged that students participate in a Youth and/or Youth/Adult bowling league of their choice, to exercise any bowling improvements.

    Individual Instruction - PRACTICE PRIVILEGES:
            Student-athletes not chosen to represent Bowling teams in the current season are strongly encouraged to continue to progress their bowling skills through a variety of services available to them.
    All Atheletes are encouraged to utilize the following resources, when ever possible:

      Associate coaching is available to all players in the program. This level of coaching is unparalleled in any other college bowling program. Numerous Bronze Level coaches from USBC’s Coaching Certification Program, former National Champions, College graduates along with PBA titlists make up part of this “all-star" list of both outstanding coaches and bowlers.


      Classes, Seminars, & Workshops (all TBD), plus a large binder manual filled with up-to-date educational material.


      With the support of our corporate sponsor, we regularly have equipment that team members have stopped using. Some of that retired equipment is returned to the program and redistributed to non-selected players. This program allows those players to re-drill ‘near new’ balls for their own use and learn about bowling balls as a key to their lane play skills.


      (Need to get in place) Practice is available, whenever lanes are available at most Bowling Centers.


      Some non-selected players will get to be a part of a Developmental Team. Developmental Team(s) will get to compete in collegiate team competitions. The Developmental Team concept is designed to enhance the players’ skill training using all of the services provided above along with team play training by applying their skills with a team in a competitive environment.

    Operational Fund Income - Fund Raising:
      1. "Strike-a-thon":

                A Strike-a-thon can be a large fund raising event, bringing in anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Prior to the Strike-a-thon, each bowler gathers sponsors (Commercial & Residential) at a minimum of $.10 per strike. On a designated date, bowlers (assigned to squads throughout the day) attempt to roll as many strikes as possible. Each squad ends when the first bowler rolls x-number of strikes. Each bowler is then responsible for collecting all pledged money from each sponsor.

      2. "Bowling Ball Giveaway":

                The annual bowling ball "giveaway" involves the program's selected men and women's team student-athletes as they systematically sell giveaway tickets at all of our community's local bowling centers. This program is scheduled to last three weeks and can generate multi-hundred dollars.

      3. "Internet Fundraisers":

                There are potential web sites that can be used as additional fundrasiers. Some could include ideas such as these:

            The money brought in helps to support the ever increasing operating costs of the teams, such as practice expenses, tournament entry fees, uniforms, etc. The giveaway and Strike-a-thon's success - and in reality - the program's total operation, depends on the bowlers themselves, and the generosity of many gracious sponsors as well. This money is directly applied to the program's cost of operating. Examples of these costs are: tournament and conference travel expenses (i.e., gas, lodging and entry fees in addition to meal dollars), printing costs, postage and phone call expenses.