about us

who are we?

SAVS has been around since 1989.  We meet every month on the 4th Tuesday at 7 p.m. Our meetings alternate between potluck dinners and catered restaurant meals.  Anyone is welcome (vegetarians, vegans and non-vegetarians alike) and we welcome anybody who expresses an interest in a vegetarian diet for whatever reason.  Our members are of different ages and professions.  Meetings are for adults and children over 12.  See the Veggie Kids page for information about children under 12.  We are a non-profit organization and currently have over 100 members.

what do we do?

We celebrate certain annual events such as Earthwise Living Day in February, Great American Meat Out Day in March, Earth Day in April, World Vegetarian Day and the statewide Vegetarian Chili Cook-Off in October and we also celebrate Thanksgiving, "Winter" and the Fourth of July with vegetarian parties, celebratory feasts and barbeques.  We also sponsor cooking classes at Whole Foods.  Our members have been quoted in articles in the San Antonio Express News, The Medical Gazette and S.A. News.  SAVS events have been televised locally.

who are the s.a.v.s. board members?

Kaz Sephton, President - SAVS@satx.rr.com

Bruce Farmer, Treasurer - sbfarmer@gmail.com

Gloria Weers, San Antonio Vegetarian Dining Guide - gweers@satx.rr.com

Marcella Muncy, Webmaster - hanging@hotmail.com

Our Statement of Purpose

We recognize that our members will be diverse in their diets, interests, beliefs and philosophies.  Membership is open to anyone professing an interest in vegetarianism for whatever reason.  However, the organization is committed to social change toward a vegetarian lifestyle which is free of animal products and animal testing in food, clothing, cosmetics, household products and other areas of consumption.  SAVS exists to provide the following:

  1. Social contact for area vegetarians

  2. Mutual support for those choosing or desiring to lead a vegetarian lifestyle.

  3. A vehicle for social activism on behalf of vegetarianism including animal rights, human health, world hunger and the environment.

  4. Education and awareness regarding matters relating to vegetarianism including nutrition, cooking, lifestyle, ethical and spiritual matters.

  5. Support for veggie eating establishments to offer veggie menu items.

  6. Self-education and information exchange regarding subjects of interests to vegetarians.

  7. SAVS is a member of a much larger organization known as the Lone Star Vegetarian Network.  Click on the LSVN link for more information.