Happy Birthday Daisy!


³Halloween was a special day for Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts of the USA, because she was born October 31, 1860 in Savannah, Georgia. A wonderfully eccentric woman with vision, she believed in service to community, self-reliance for girls, and the importance of having fun.² Help your girls plan a celebration in honor of her 149th birthday with resources Iıve compiled for you below:




                   GSUSA (internet archives) suggest a variety of ways to celebrate Juliette Lowıs birthday by supporting subjects that were close to her heart like: ³animal welfare, financial security, self reliance, artistic expression, career exploration, nature, sports, contributing to your community, and of course participating in democracy².

SU 155 in Texas offers additional ways to remember our founder, as does the October 1997 edition of the JGL Newsletter (published by Bev Crim):


Learning About Our Past

                   ³Learning about our past helps preserve the traditions of this organization as well as teaching new members and the larger community about who we are and what we can do², says Noraleen Young from Indiana who has compiled a list of Girl Scout historical links.(web archive).

From the retired GSUSA website in archives, girls can Visit with JGL, learn about Julietteıs Stories, and play a JGL Crossword Puzzle. Then head to the current GSUSA website to read the Juliette Gordon Low Biography, learn about the JGL Birthplace in Savannah, and Test Your Juliette Low Quotient to see how much you know about the life of our founder.

To learn about early Girl Scout badges, refer to the 1972 republished edition of the original handbook entitled, How Girls Can Help Their Country that you can borrow from council. This book is also available to download or read online. You may also like to contact GS of Greater Chicago and NW Indiana to inquire about earning their Badges From the Past patch.(scroll down to GS Programs)

³Are you interested in learning more about the history of Girl Scouts and Juliette Low?  The GSCC Archives Team created Traveling Trunks to share Juliette's Legacy with the girls of Citrus Council.  ³The Traveling Trunks contain a variety of handbooks, uniforms and a guidebook full of activities that a troop can do to complete the Juliette's Legacy patch.  We hope that troops will enjoy delving deeper into the history of Girl Scouting as we plan for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts.² Girls can also arrange a self-guided tour of our Archive Displays or a visit to Julietteıs Place

               Should you plan a visit to our nationıs capital be sure to see The Extra Mile - Points of Light Volunteer Pathway which ³tells the stories of great Americans who, through their caring and personal sacrifice, translated their dreams into great movements for enduring change in America. . . It should come as no surprise to all of those affiliated with Girl Scouts of the USA that the organization's founder, Juliette Gordon Low, is one of the initial 20 honorees to be immortalized by the Extra Mile²which opened in Washington DC in the fall of 2005.


                   Help your girls learn about Julietteıs life through the use of a small Kimıs Game or large Kimıs Game. Find the path to Girl Scouts with a JGL Wide Game, or do some fun JGL action stories and JGL Mad-Libs with your girls. Then, pass party favors to the right or to the left along with the Wright Troop Celebrates JGLıs Birthday (scroll down on this web archived site). Girls who know it all
are invited to test their memory with a JGL Crossword Puzzle and Girl Scout Jeopardy.


Service Projects

                   Your girls might enjoy preparing a layette basket for the first baby girl born on Juleitteıs birthday. In place of passing party favors in the Wright Troop game (see above), one leader suggested that each girl bring a wrapped baby gift. These could then be passed around the circle and the girls would open the gift in their lap at the end of the game. The baby items could then be placed into the donation basket after girls finish with their oohıs and ahhıs.

                   Another idea is to make up Birthday Boxes for children in need. Request donations of all the things needed for a birthday party: cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, decorations, favors, and such. Many families have leftover party supplies or mismatched items that they can no longer use. A local store may even donate the needed grocery items. Your girls will have fun sorting through the piles of donations to construct and gift wrap boxed birthday parties. (My troop did this service project in conjunction with a Daisy Birthday Party for our new Daisy Girl Scouts and donated the completed boxes to the local food pantry.)

                   ³The Juliette Low World Friendship Fund was started in 1927, the year Juliette Low died, to honor her dream of spreading Girl Scouting around the world. She traveled to many places and believed that by spreading goodwill and friendship among children from different nations, they could bring about world peace. ²Your girls might like to take up a collection or donate troop funds in memory of Juliette Low. Iıve compiled some fun ways to do so on my Thinking About Thinking Day web page, another time to consider supporting this cause.² Maybe youıd like to challenge other troops to a friendly competition to locally beat GSUSAıs goal of 50˘ per girl by publicizing the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund within your service unit.



                   Iıve compiled a variety of daisy themed crafts which could go along with the theme of a Daisyıs birthday party. . .


Ceremonies and Songs

                   Your girls might like to prepare a special ceremony for the occasion. Values of Life and the JGL Candle Ceremony are two ideas. In addition to the traditional Happy Birthday song, try the Girl Scout Army Rap or one of the others below especially designed for this occasion . . .



tune: Bicycle Built For Two
    lyrics by Roslyn Bauman


Daisy, Daisy, We honor your memory true.
    We are Girl Scouts, All because of you.
    We follow the path you started and live the law you charted.
    We grow & grow for Juliette Low, America's proud of you.


Juliette Low Taps

    lyrics author unknown


 On this day, we have come,
From the North, from the South,
East and West.
    All your dreams will live on,


Juliette Gordon Low

tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

lyrics from GS of Tejas Council SU 155 website


From Savannah Mrs. Low did roam

But she always called it home

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low

Founded the Girl Scouts long ago

She met a man named Baden-Powell

Starting the Boy Scouts was his goal


When some girls came to be a Scout

Juliette decided to help them out

When she came back to the USA

She started the Girl Scouts right away

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low

Founded the Girl Scouts long ago


In 1912, some girls-they met,

And had tea with Juliette

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low

Founded the Girl Scouts long ago

Girl Scouts she came here to start

And I thank her from my heart.


Girl Scout Program Links

                   Celebrating Juliette Lowıs birthday can be tied to the Girl Scout Ways try-it, Girl Scouts in the USA badge, Women Through Time IP, or section 5 of either the Cadette or Senior GS Challenge.

Some additional program options are listed below. Should you be interested in a Council-Own program, please contact the council first to request permission and ordering information.


Additional Resources




Updated September 2009