Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

It all started with a phone call on March 12, 1912. . ."I've got something for the girls of Savannah, and all America, and all the world. . ."  Juliette was off and going with the first Girl Scout troop.  It became official when the Girl Scout Week Resolution was passed by Congress is 2003.  Celebrate Girl Scoutsı birthday on Thursday, March 12, 2009 and throughout the week of March 8-14. (future GS Week dates).

Some Girl Scout Week celebration ideas from GSUSA are provided under GS Week 2007, GS Week 2006, GS Week 2005, and GSUSA archives. Celebrate Girl Scout Week and GS Happy Birthday Cake patches are available through GSUSA. More are provided for you below. . .


The Girl Scout Week

1920-1928 The "Jingle Poster"


Monday's Scout is at the tub,

Her Sunday clothes to rinse and rub.


Tuesday's Scout will roast and stew

And fry fresh pancakes just for you!


Wednesday's Scout is bent on thrift

To patch a hole and darn a rift.


Thursday is Scout Service Day

For helping your neighbor in many a way.


Friday's Scout is rosy and strong.

She camps and hikes the whole day long.


Saturday's Scout is happy and gay,

For this is Baby Caring Day.


While Sunday's Scout presents to you

Her un-uniformed back in the family pew!



Throw a Birthday Party

Invite friends to a Birthday Party themed Troop Meeting.  Have a Girl Scout birthday cake & balloons with Girl Scout songs & games to share what girl scouts is all about. Instead of 97 candles on the cake (!!!), insert a number of candles into the shape of a 9 and a 7 on top of the cake, OR make this into a teaching moment by using nine green candles (tens digit) and seven blue candle (ones digit), OR take the easy way out and purchase a number 9 candle and a number 7 candle.

Girl Scout Ceremonies

Have your girls read the below ceremony as you light the candles of their Girl Scout birthday cake (I added an ending to this traditional ceremony to fit our birthday theme). If youıre outdoors, plan a Girl Scout Birthday Campfire. Or, choose from the many ceremonies & songs on Sarahıs site and Neilıs site.  


G    is for the Gracious way we all proclaim our birth
I    points up the
Ideas shared and those weıd like unearthed
R    is for
Respect we have for every race and creed
L    is for our
Loyalty to promises we heed

S    is for
Sincerity of deed and word and mind
C    is for the
Countless ways in which these are combined
O    is
Obligation that we owe to fellow man
U    means that itıs
You who must be first to lend a hand
T    is for the
Teamwork which has evidenced our growth
I    is for
Integrity which backs the Girl Scout oath
N    is for the
Noble way we remember days of old
G    is for the
Grateful thanks for efforts toward our goal

It all began with a spark of light,
And Juliette led the way.
Today her ideas are glowing bright,
Itıs Girl Scoutsı 95th Birthday!


Games for Girls

Print out the Activity Sheets for Girl Scout Week prepared by Liz Ripke in Oregon for a variety of ideas. Play a Left/Right Game to distribute party bags by adapting The Wright Troop Celebrates Juliette Lowıs Birthday (scroll down, internet archive) to the celebration of the birthday of Girl Scouting or use the Girl Scout Right Left Story Game. Some additional games with the Girl Scout theme include:


·        Girl Scout Bingo with insignia clipart (internet archives)

·        S-C-O-U-T Bingo

·        Girl Scout Trivia

·        Girl Scout History Relay

·        The Game of Girl Scouting

·        Girl Scout Jeopardy

·        Who Wants To Be a Girl Scout? (aka Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?)

·        Girl Scout Mad-Libs (internet archives)


               Girl Scout Week is also a great time to learn and/or review our Girl Scout Promise and Law. See my Learning the Law webpage for a wide variety of fun games and activities on this theme.


Arts and Crafts

               Stick with the Girl Scout theme by planning a special craft activity. Iıve listed a variety of ideas on my Hereıs to the Memories webpage. Check our Council Shop for Girl Scout products (profits stay in your area), or place an online order. Some products are available through:



Through the Ages

Play some games suggested by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement.

Learn about the history of Girl Scouts while working on the Girl Scout Ways try-it, Girl Scouting in the USA badge, GS Silver 4Bs Challenge, or GS Gold 4Bs Challenge.   If interested in the following council-own programs, contact the council first for permission and ordering information:



Some resources on Girl Scout history:


            Borrow one of the Girl Scout videos from the Council Office to show at your next meeting. Some suggested titles are: ³Golden Eaglet", "Silver Jubilee", or "Something for the Girls".

Carol Lee from GS of Lenni-Lenape Council in NJ developed a Then and Now Activities worksheet for GS Week and shares:

³Girl Scouting has always been in the forefront of encouraging girls to explore the world beyond their doorstep whether itıs around town or around the world.  Juliette Low included badges in her first handbook, How Girls Can Help Their Country, that were considered quite controversial for the time.  Girls had the opportunity to learn about topics from flying an airplane to playing basketball.  (When the girls played basketball, they had to draw curtains around the court so the public would not see them in their bloomers.)  How far we have come! . .  . It might be a fun time for Brownie GS & Junior GS to compare the awards they can earn now with ones girls did back at the beginning of the program.  I created a sheet with some compared awards. Your girls could do the activities from then & now to see just how different things are now."


At Your Service

Prepare a layette basket to welcome the first baby girl born on March 12th in your area.  Tuck in a box of Girl Scout cookies for the mom!

³Girl Scouts used to establish seven days of service during Girl Scout Week. For example, during the 42nd celebration, in 1954:

Spread the Word

Increase public awareness and the girls pride in membership by planning activities with other Girl Scout troops in your elementary school:



Dear Teachers,
    We want to thank you for all you do for us. You do GOOD AND PLENTY around here. You help us by giving us MOUNDS of homework so that we can SKOR well on all of our tests. We know that the lessons you have taught us will help us both NOW AND LATER in life. Sometimes you are a HOT TAMALE and other times a BIG RED but we know that you love us to (REESE'S PIECES and that you would do anything for us even though we act NUTRAGEOUS at times.

     We wish we could give you a 100 GRAND on PAYDAY but you will have to settle for HUGS and KISSES and a SYMPHONY of voices saying ³thank you²!
                                                                                                                                       Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts

                                                                                                                                                              XYZ Elementary School

Girl Scout Sunday & GS Sabbath

³Join Girl Scouts throughout the USA during Girl Scout week and celebrate Girl Scout Sunday (March 9, 2008) or Girl Scout Sabbath (March 15, 2008)² Sandy Coy has compiled ideas for Christian, Jewish, and Interfaith services (internet archives). Additional suggestions are available for (Boy) Scout Sunday, GS Sabbath, and Inter-Faith GS Sunday services.

Rose Holland encourages Boy Scout and Girl Scout service organizations to work together to plan special Sunday services at her Catholic church in Wisconsin and shares. . .


    At our church we only do 1 Scout Sunday for all Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts.  The main reason is Girl Scout Sunday is ALWAYS during lent and they do not want to do any types of celebrations during lent.  Since we have a school associated with our church in the past it has focused around those boys and girls.  I have made efforts the past two years to pull others in who do not attend the school. Fliers went out to all troops in our Service Unit and to all Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops in the area. We take turns running it, but have ALL participate and are sure to divide things up evenly. 

     In the past we have had a separate service just for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and their families, this year we are reaching out at 3 different services since our pastors are now responsible for 3 churches. We have 4 older girls and 4 older boys do petitions, youth receiving their religious recognitions carry up flags and the gifts, and our children's choir is participating at one of the services (about half of which are Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts). We also provide coffee and donuts after the mass, donating the proceeds back to the church. . .


Should your Girl Scout families be a religiously diverse group, please refer to Girl Scout Beliefs and Values (archived link) and Girl Scouts and the United Methodist Church for guidance.

Laura from Maine shares how all Girl Scouts in her service unit, regardless of faith, are invited to plan a Sunday service at one local church each year on a rotating basis . . .


    In my service unit for over 20 years the Girl Scouts have rotated between the Catholic Church, Methodist Church and the Congregational Church. Usually one of our leaders who belong to one of these churches is our liaison and makes the arrangements with the minister. The girls participate in someway in the service and after the church service the GS provide snacks and beverages for the congregation. It really works out well.

     Speaking as an adult who has attended services (for over 20 years) in the churches it offered me the opportunity to learn about other religions.  Also, these same churches are very supportive of Girl Scouting in our community by letting us use their facilities for meetings and events.


               Girls Scout participation patches are available for GS Sabbath, GS Shabbat, and GS Sunday.

Girl Scout Sunday or Sabbath might also be a nice time to present any religious awards that the girls have earned.  Details on these awards as well as additional resources are available on my All In Good Faith webpage.

Additional resources are provided under Spiritual and Girl Scouting Links (scroll to bottom) from Sandy Coyıs archived webpage.




Updated February 2009