Girl Scout Leaderıs Day


            "Girl Scout Leader's Day, April 22, honors all the volunteers who work as leaders and mentors in partnership with girls." GSUSA encourages "girls, their families, and communities [to] find a special way to thank their adult Girl Scout volunteers."

Iıve provided two sections below offering ideas for girls and ideas for the Service Team to show leaders how much they are appreciated. (Many of the suggestions were compiled from online forums and websites. I have noted the source when information was available - our thanks to all of those who shared!)



 Thank You from the Girls

·       Each girl could make a scrapbook  page for their leader.  Include  pictures, or the girls could just draw their favorite memory, and say why they like being a girl scout. (Ann and Liz)

·       Print the girls' pictures up on fabric and make into a pillowcase or quilt. Use old scout t-shirts for some of the quilt squares.  When finished, have the girls sign and date the quilt or pillowcase. (Michele)

·       Have a group photo of the girls printed onto a t-shirt (Patty)

·       Have the girls decorate and write messages all over a large terra cotta pot.  Cover it with something like Mod-Podge to waterproof their work.  Then present it with a plant in it. (Susan)

·       Have the girls set in a circle and each share "I'm happy you are my leader because..." or "My favorite girl scout memory is..." (Ann)

·       Say it with candy by composing a note like the one provided on this site. (Donna)


The below list of ideas was published in the Capital Notes, a newsletter by GSCNC, under the title, 50 Ways to Love Your Leader!

1.      Send a card

2.      Have a surprise party

3.      Take her out to dinner.

4.      Bring dinner to her.

5.      Fill out a troop memory book with each girl's picture, address, favorite memories, etc.

6.      Make a booklet of thank you pictures.

7.      Make a plaque.

8.      Commission a crafts person to make a paper cutting or calligraphy of "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other is gold."

9.      Call her and say, "thanks."

10.    Offer an evening of free babysitting...and don't take "no" for an answer.

11.    Take her to a movie, play, concert, etc.

12.    Give her a plant.

13.    Send flowers.

14.    Nominate her for "Outstanding Leader." It may not be too late for this year, or plan ahead for next year

15.    Write a letter to a newspaper in praise of her.

16.    Give her a gift certificate.

17.    Give her a magazine subscription.

18.    Give her a free haircut/hair styling.

19.    Give her a free colors reading.

20.   Ask your school for display space to recognize all your leaders and troops.

21.    Send a bottle of wine.

22.   Hire a cleaning service to clean her house.

23.   Have a picnic...and don't let her do any work!

24.   Instead of asking, "What can I do to help?" think of something specific like a cooking class, macramé lessons, etc. for the troop.

25.   Give her gag gifts for fun and follow up with something nice.

26.   Check the Girl Scout shop or the catalog for "Thank You for Being our Leader" plaques, "Thanks a Million" pens,

27.   Give her a Girl Scout mug and a bag of gourmet coffee.

28.   Write a poem.

29.   Write a song.

30.   Make a quilt.

31.    Do a cross-stitch.

32.   T ell her now that you'll do cookies again next year!

33.   Make an audio or videotape of all the girls singing and/or each one saying ³thank you² in her own special way.

34.   Plan a surprise breakfast

35.   Ask her husband what she really wants or needs.

36.   Weed her garden or mow her yard while she's at a troop activity.

37.   Recruit a string quartet or any other arrangement of young musicians and go serenade her. Don't forget the tape recorder...and the camera!

38.   Watch and listen for newspaper and radio "Good Neighbor or Volunteer" recognitions.

39.   Give her a "shower" of luxury bath items or gourmet foods.

40.   Have a skywriter write, "thank you" over her house.

41.    Have a special delivery of balloons sent.

42.   Put a sign outside her door, "Our leader lives here. Thank you, (fill in  name)

43.   Trace each girls hand and reproduce it with appliqué, liquid embroidery, or fabric crayons on an apron or sweatshirt or tote bag.

44.   Decorate a mess kit just for her with cheap nail polish in various shades or with permanent markers

45.   Rent a queen's robe and hire a limo. Crown her "Queen for a Day" and give her flowers and a scepter.   Take her out to dinner and videotape it.

46.   Have a pizza and a videotape delivered to her house

47.   Compose a recipe book with contributions from all the girls in their own words and pictures-and give it to her with samples.

48.   Make a collage of troop pictures or a videotape.

49.   Call the radio station and dedicate "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" to her and tape it. Insist on bringing a radio to the troop meeting if you can get the dedication played then.  Tape it anyway.

50.  Use you imagination... 


Leader's Day Poem

By Sandy Norman (GSSCC website)


This is a special tribute to some people we all know.

They're someone we entrust to help young women learn and grow

To them the chance of helping girls learn something new and grand,

gives them great pride and makes them glad they're there to lend a hand.


There isn't much that they can't do, this band of volunteers,

from singing, camping, cookies, crafts, to working well with peers.

So hear us as we sing your praise and give a heartfelt cheer,

for all the work that you have done throughout the passing year.


And when it comes to giving thanks, nothing could be sweeter

then remembering you with kindest thoughts, a special Girl Scout Leader.




Recognition by the Service Team

·       Liz has designed a number of unique cards, candy wrappers, and packets on her Leader Lobby website that Show Your Appreciation to leaders and other volunteers.

·       Make a green angel award. Kathy has compiled lots of angel crafts that could be used, such as pins and necklaces made from beads or use a simple squarish paperclip. Attach the Green Angels poem.

·       Decorate terra-cotta flowerpots - if you have time, you can sponge paint a trefoil shape onto it (special terra-cotta paint I found at Michaels).  Then add a small baggie of potting soil, a packet of seeds (I used Daisies of course).  Make a little sign on your computer on card-stock paper that says, "Thanks for sowing the seeds of Girl Scouting" and glue it onto a Popsicle stick and place it into the pot like a little gardening stake. (Lynn)

·       Another service team shares that their leaders have been most touched by surprises left on their front door or in their front yard.  Have a printer make large 2 foot by 18 inch posters that read:  "Someone Special Lives Here - She is a Girl Scout Leader"; make wooden garden stakes with the words, ³Girl Scout Leaders are Great!²; or design a special Service Unit Leader's Day Patch and mail one to each leader on Leader's Day.

·       For a fun twist, check out these Gag Awards and  Fun Awards for the Lighthearted

·       Choose one of the Survival Kits for Leaders from Colleenıs GS Page.

·       Attach the below poem with a goody-bag filled with Chocolate Eggs and Jelly Beans. 


Sometimes being a Leader isn't all it's cracked up to be .  .  .

We may end up feeling a little scrambled;

We may end up feeling completely fried;

But if you take a look,

You'll see something sweet inside.


Remember that you're EGG-straordinary,

Egg-stra special and EGG-citing, too.

Your Troop should be very thankful

That they have a Leader like you!

                  by Pat Harlow


·       Give each leader a mini bag of M&Mıs with the below note attached:


RX to Prevent Leader Burn-out:

Take as needed.  If all symptoms occur at the same time, eat the whole bag. Warning: May cause weight gain

1. To temporarily calm your craving for chocolate, eat the Brown one

2. At the first sign of anxiety, eat the red one

3.  Eat the orange one for an extra burst of energy

4.  The green one calms your frustrations

5.  If you feel a headache coming on, eat the yellow one

6.  The blue one minimizes depression


·       Pass out a baggie of candies to your leaders and read the below poem, holding up one candy at a time as you go alongˆâ.


Sugar and Spice and everything nice,

Goes the story of girls in our lore.

But let's liken the leaders we worked with this year

To the sweets in a candy store!


LEADERS are like.

HERSHEYıS CHOCOLATE BARS - they are the Great Americans.

NECCO - they will find a "wafer" things to happen.

GOBSTOPPERS - they have surprises under the surface and the longer we are together, the more layers of  flavors we find.

ALMOND JOY and MOUNDS - sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you donıt!

MILKY WAY - they are out of this world!

GOLD COINS - they are worth a fortune.

DOUBLEMINT GUM - double the pleasure - double the fun - when two work as one

NOW AND LATER - our retiring leaders whom we enjoy NOW and hope to work with LATER.

LIFESAVERS - that's what they are for us.

A MINT - that's what you are worth to Girl Scouting!


"HOW SWEET IT IS" to work with YOU!


·       More candy bag ideas from Jann:

Peppermints - You are worth a mint!

Baby Ruth - You always hit a home run!

York Peppermint Patties - You are sensational! (The york sensation)

Milky Way - Thanks for helping the girls reach for the stars

Three Musketeers - One for all and all for one!

$100,000 - You are worth more than...


·       Present a special gift and read one of the pieces from GS Humor, GS Poetry, Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers, or Volunteers. Check our Council Shop for a variety of gift ideas.

·       A more extensive listing of links for Awards and Thank You ideas is provided by Kathy Little on her ScoutingWeb



Updated March 2009