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CoH Demo & Movie Guides, Tools, & Links

Last Updated: 01 January 2009

What is a CoH demo? Demos are CoH in-game recordings made via the /demorecord command. The CoH demo feature allows you to make recordings of your gameplay and use the game engine to play back those records. The cohdemo files created this way are not actual video documents, but simply text files with a record of all the commands, models, and animations that tell the game engine how to render the recorded demo. Because the demo files are just text files that can be edited, this gives you the ability to modify demo recordings (or even create them from scratch) to make your own custom CoH movies. With a list of available models, special effects, and animations -- which this site provides (use the links to the left to go to the model, map, FX, and MOV resources) -- you can edit demos to create just about any situation you can imagine, creating your own custom movie (or "machinima"). You can then capture the playback of your demo with a video capture tool to further edit and customize your film, and to share it with others.

This page provides a listing of known guides, tools, links, and how-to documents for making and editing CoH demos and capturing demos into movies. The links to the left include additional information on CoH demo model names, maps, special effects, and animations to help you create custom-edited demos and movies.

Guides to CoH Demos & Movies

Demo Tools

Movie Capturing & Editing Tools

Other Useful Links

Inspiration (Player-Made Movies)

These are just a few player-made videos chosen because they highlight the use demo-editing. There are also many more that aren't listed here. No exclusion is intended. I'm just picking a small sampling of examples to show the uses of demo-editing.

Video Hosting Sites