Pennsylvania 34th Infantry Regiment
(5th Reserves)
Company K

Pic of Sergeant Major Wirt Smith
Sergeant Major Robert Wirt Smith
10/01/1861 - Promoted from Sergeant Co. K to Sergeant Major.
08/08/1862 - Promoted from Sergeant Major to 2nd LT Co. G.
08/30/1862 - Wounded by gunshot at the 2nd battle of Bull Run, VA.
09/05/1862 - Admitted to Douglas General Hospital in Washington, D. C.
09/07/1862 - Died of gunshot wounds.
Source: Bill Collett, (Robert Smith is his Great-Great-Granduncle.)

Pic of Captain Samuel Evans
Captain Samuel Evans
10/01/1861 - Promoted from 2nd LT Co. K to Quartermaster.

Sergeant Edward M. Shreiner
Sergeant Charles Hollands
In company K, of the Fifth Regiment, there were three Sergeants, bound together by the strongest ties of friendship; they were Christian young men, who, at the beginning of their term of service, had resolved to read a portion of the Holy Scripture each night before lying down to rest; also, that no profane nor vulgar language should be tolerated from any one while in their tent. These young men pledged themselves to be a help to each other in times of need, and if sickness, wounds, or death fell upon either, the others were pledged to administer whatever comfort was possible, and finally to transmit to friends at home a report of the fate of their comrade.

But when the fierce storm of battle swept along the heights of Fredericksburg, Sergeant James Speaker fell dead upon the field, and near by his side lay Sergeants Edward M. Shreiner and Charles Hollands, both mortally wounded, yet each unconscious of the other's presence. When night came, and the rebels were on the field plundering the dead and wounded, Sergeant Shreiner was so rudely handled that he groaned aloud, and immediately in a weak, low voice, some one enquired "Edward, is that you?". The companions recognized each other and Sergeant Hollands gave the sign of Masonic recognition, which was responded to by the rebel bending over him, and the fainting comrades were placed side by side. In the morning they were taken to Richmond. Shreiner died and was buried in the rebel capital. Hollands lingered many months, was paroled and sent to Annapolis. He advised the friends of his slain companions how they had fallen, and of the final disposition that had been made of the bodies of Sergeants Shreiner and Speaker, and having thus lived to discharge his last promise, he died in the hospital soon after landing from the steamer.

(History of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, Sypher, p. 418.)
(I am unable to find record of a Sergeant James Speaker. It could be Private Joseph Speaker.)

Sergeant Edward Shreiner Sergeant Edward M. Shreiner
12/13/1862 - Wounded and listed as POW at Fredericksburg, VA.
12/18/1862 - Died a POW at Liby Prison, Richmond, VA. (age 25)
(Thanks to Dr. Ray Giron for providing the picture.)

Pic of 3 soldiers
(L to R)
Private Jacob Bailey
07/25/1861 - Enlisted as Private.
06/06/1864 - Mustered out and transferred into the PA 191st Infantry.

1st LT John T. Baynes
03/05/1863 - Promoted to 2nd LT.
09/22/1863 - Promoted from 2nd LT to 1st LT.
03/03/1864 - Dismissed.

Sergeant William H. Carter
04/01/1864 - Promoted to 1st LT. (from Sergeant?)
05/13/1864 - Listed as POW, Spotsylvania Court House, VA.
05/11/1865 - Discharged (from unknown unit).

Pic of Private Fry
Private Robert J. Fry
06/21/1861 - Mustered in as Private
01/28/1864 - Discharged by order of War Department.
(Became clerk of 3rd Brigade Headquarters, PRC)

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