September 21, 2006


How to wire up:


MC6847 Video Display Generator – composite monitor, or NTSC LCD monitor


I used this circuit to drive 2 monitors:


1. A commodore 1702 color monitor (in black and white). 


2. A “Legacy” 5.5” flat panel LCD color monitor (in black and white)  - This monitor was intended for use in a car, so I had to wire it up to an AT power supply to get the 12 volts needed to drive the monitor.   The monitor comes stock with an RCA jack (yellow), and S-Video input.






First, wire up the test circuit for the MC6847 following Joseph Norman’s schematic:





The following circuit can be used to drive an LCD or Composite Video monitor with the MC6847 chip.




I lifted the schematic below from:





My only modification was to use 2N4400 amps instead of the 2N2222.  The image was far superior with the 2N4400 amps.

Go ahead and stick with the resistor values indicated by Joseph Norman.




If you want to add color, and use an old-school chip, grab an MC1372 ic from –


Here’s the MC1372 datasheet:


 I  have a schematic for this somewhere…