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Thanks to loyal Voyagers! and some incredibly talented writers, the Fan Fiction section of Voyagers! Headquarters now has its very own page. Stories continue to slowly trickle in but there's ALWAYS room for more! Have you written one? Did you find one on the Net? Let me know.

Title Author

Battlestar Galactica/Voyagers!

Robert Hanczyk*


Dayna Budde*

"The Doctor and the Bogg"

Elizabeth Hensley and
Tina Vogt

"Drake's Revenge"

Stacey Anter*

"Everything Changes With Time"


"Fragile Reality"


"Hereos of the Night"

Stacey Anter*


Dayna Budde*


Yvonne Jocks

"Return to the Cosmos"

Tim Shannon

"Time, Don't Run Out on Me"

Elaine M. Gustainis

"Time's Keeper"

Dayna Budde*

"To Sail Beyond the Sunset"

Douglas Neman*

"Travels through Time"

Phineas Bogg*

"Turn Back Time"


"Voyagers! Revisited"

Kathleen Y. Bergeron

"Voyagers! Revisited Part 2: No Small Thing"

Kathleen Y. Bergeron

"Voyagers! of the Golden Age"

Chris Canniff

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*indicates story is housed off-site

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