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  • This website focuses on the descendants of the Sy family that settled northeast of Berlin in Brandenburg (or what is now the Uckermark region of Germany). The Sy family were members of the French Reformed Church known as Huguenot in French or Hugenotten in German. The oldest known in the line, for which I have any evidence, is Nicolas Six (Sy) from the Netherlands, born about 1570. My branch of the Sy family immigrated to the United States in 1896.

    This website contains data on individuals that married into the Sy family. In some cases a representation of the individual's family is included.

    This website also contains links to genealogy research and software sites, scans of some of the source documentation, biographies, and an interactive family tree.

    I do not intend to violate anyone's privacy or copyrights.

    Coat of Arms
    This is what is known of the Sy family Coat of Arms. The antiquity and origin is unknown.
    Pronunciation of the Name Sy
    How do you pronounce the name SY? Does anyone really know? Would you change if it is different from the way your branch of the family pronounces it?
    The Huguenot Cross
    In addition to the Coat of Arms, the family has another symbol. Here is a description of the Huguenot Cross.