Pronunciation of the Name Sy

My branch of the Sy family put an umlaut over the y; therefore, it was written Sÿ in a few documents. The ÿ does not exist as an official part of the German language. My ancestors may have been trying to preserve the original French pronunciation. The ÿ found today does not seem to have a consistent pronunciation. The Sy name has been pronounced as the English S (long e), S (short e), S (short i), S (long i), Z (long e), Z (short e), Z (short i), Z (long i), and others. In some cases it is more of an inflection rather than a vowel. The pronunciation of the name has changed as the family migrated throughout Europe, America, and other continents. Due to the persecution of the Huguenots, the Sy family migrated from France to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, United States, Australia, and others. The pronunciation of the name, and the languages of these countries may have lead to changes in the spelling of last name. It may have become See, Sie, Sye, and so on. Although these are similar names, it doesn't mean we are related. For example, Sy is a common name in the Philippines and it is also found in Vietnam, Korea, and China (including Taiwan). I have found no evidence that our French ancestors moved to these eastern countries.

In some of the Huguenot and Walloon records, the last name is written as SIX. The pastors of the church wrote the names on baptism and marriage records in French. The French name SIX would be pronounced as the English word "See".