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*** A message from Grandmaster Hong Nhan which he felt was important enough to put on the front page ***

Know Your School and Your Teacher

Tây Sỏn Nhạn 1991 to 2006

On March 12, 2006 Grandmaster Hong Nhạn and Master Jerry James held a meeting about Tây Sỏn Nhạn and how Grandmaster felt about the death of his father.

          When Grandmaster Nguyen Van Mach past away in 1991, his oldest son, Grandmaster Hong Nhan, was in America. Some of Grandmaster Nguyen Van Mach’s students claimed that they were now masters in Tây Sỏn Nhạn. One of these students, To Dihn Thanh, actually claimed to be the official Grandmaster recognized by the Communist government of Vietnam. All of these so-called masters are all self promoted. As these self-promoted masters began to teach, they made changes in the system that took away from the real art of Tây Sỏn Nhạn. These self-promoted masters do not teach the real system of Tây Sỏn Nhạn and only take advantage of their students. Grandmaster Hong Nhạn was not able to control these self-promoted masters and the martial arts system of Tây Sỏn Nhạn got out of control.

As this was happening in Vietnam, the same was happening in America. There were students that felt they could promote themselves and take advantage of the great martial art system of Tây Sỏn Nhạn.

 In America, many Vietnamese people began to ask Grandmaster Hong Nhan why Tây Sỏn Nhạn looked weak and would only fight in point tournaments when it had such a strong fighting reputation under his father. Grandmaster Hong Nhan explained that in America and in Vietnam, many teachers only talk and never show their craft in the ring with the students. They will only show the techniques in the air and re-design them for tournament style fighting to win trophies, which is not the way the real Tây Sỏn Nhạn was taught. In Grandmaster’s own words, this is “tea talk”.

 Only a few American students know the true art of Tây Sỏn Nhạn and these few are the only students that Grandmaster will work with now. Grandmaster Hong Nhan feels that if a teacher will not spar with his or her students, then they are not true teachers of Tây Sỏn Nhạn, they are only teaching to make money.

 Grandmaster Hong Nhan wants it known throughout the world that he alone is the Grandmaster of the Tây Sỏn Nhạn and Master Jerry James is Chief Instructor of Tây Sỏn Nhạn and next in line to become Grandmaster and all other claims and titles are not recognized by Grandmaster Hong Nhan.

 In closing, Grandmaster Hong Nhan feels that all Tây Sỏn Nhạn students should talk with their teachers and find the truth about this great martial arts system.

Note: Any disputes or arguments to this claim need to brought to Grandmaster Hong Nhan - 469-951-3468

or Master Jerry James - 972-487-7905.

Master Jerry James' Letter of Information regarding the Future of Tay Son Nhan



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