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SR-22 ASAP, Inc. is now able to process surcharges associated with the Driverís Responsibility Program. As you may know, clients are allowed to set-up a monthly payment plan with DRP so they do not have to pay the annual fee all at once. It is their responsibility to have this payment at DRP on or before the due date. They do not go by Post-Mark. This Fee is handled by a completely different department from SR-22s, at a different location.

The state may allow this payment to be 24 Ė 48 hours late before DRP notifies DPS. After notification, DPS will suspend the license in approximately 3 to 5 days. Therefore, the license could be suspended within 4-7 days after payment due date if payment has not been received.

FYI - The 1st payment is the only payment the person can be late on and continue the payment plan. After the 1st payment has been made, and the license is suspended for late payment, the full annual balance must be made to reinstate the license.

SR-22 ASAP will handle this process for a $25.00 fee.

All you need to do is click here to download the Driverís Responsibility Program form. Send in the form along with both fees. We will get this processed ASAP as we always have!!!

In many cases we are handling both procedures. We will take the surcharge payment to DRP, and then take the SR-22 and reinstatement fee to DPS to get the license reinstated.

We will handle both procedures for an $70.00 fee.



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