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Tomasz Jagielinski PhD


Dr. Tomasz Jagielinski

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Professional Experience
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Carlsbad CA, 2003 - Present 
President Technology 


San Diego CA, 1998 - 2003 
President and Chief Technology Officer

Company visionary and "go to" executive for the operation and leadership of this $2,000,000, 12 employee research and development company specializing in the areas of high technology including specialty thin film devices, document security, sensors, and biotechnology. Successfully built and nurtured marketing, sales and new business development teams.
Total of 28 years of experience with the business, including four as President & CTO.

San Diego Laboratories, San Diego CA 1983-1998 

Division Director 1992 - 1998
Leadership and management responsibility for the operation of this profit center R&D Division of Eastman Kodak Company. Providing technical support, technology leadership and creation of new business opportunities for the corporation in the area of magnetic technology. Headed research, development and commercialization of magnetic hardware technology including thin film heads and sensors, head/media interface, magnetic channel and advanced magnetic system. Directed small scale manufacturing of magnetic products and new business development. Responsible for technical marketing, contract R&D negotiation, and business negotiations. Managed a multi-million dollar self-contained satellite organization including HR, site management, purchasing, etc.

Senior Laboratory Manager,  Magnetic Heads Laboratory 1987 -1992
Managing the operation of the Magnetic Heads Laboratory which was engaged in modeling, design, fabrication and testing of magnetic heads, including thin-film inductive, magnetoresistive and very high frequency metal laminated heads. Implemented marketing research, wrote proposals, led project management and contract negotiations. Supervised of site management, including maintenance, security, and purchasing, preparing and tracking budgets.

Group Leader (Supervisor) of Materials Group & 1983-1987
Member of Kodak R&D Senior Staff

Headed materials R&D in San Diego Laboratories. Lead development of thin-film materials for magnetic heads, including amorphous alloys for high performance magnetic heads, crystalline alloys, thin-film permanent magnets, and multilayers for high frequency applications. Supervised research and development in the area of materials science.

Department of Materials & Engineering Science Philadelphia, PA

Research Associate , 1981 - 1983

Engaged in R&D in the area of magnetism and magnetic materials. Responsible for research and development of amorphous alloys (mostly amorphous ribbons). 

Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Physics
( )
Magnetics Department, Warsaw, Poland  

Assistant Professor, 1979 - 1981   
Research in the area of magnetic materials mostly amorphous alloys, and metglass ribbons.

Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Physics
( )
Magnetics Department, Warsaw, Poland  

Manager and Assistant Professor, 1977 - 1979 
General Manager of "Magnetic Bubble Domains Applications" Project. Lead multi-team joint industrial and academic research and development project on Magnetic Bubble Domains Devices. Coordinated activities between academic, R&D teams and the industrial partners. Managed activities across geographical and organizational boundaries. Presentation to technology leaders and government officials.

Institute of Electrical Communication, Sendai, Japan ( )

Visiting Scientist/Scholar 1976 - 1977  
International research experience. Advanced research activities at the Japanese University. Extensive interactions with Japanese industrial sponsors. Understanding of the rules and methodology of conducting business and product development projects in Japan.

Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Physics
( )
Magnetics Department, Warsaw, Poland  

Assistant and Senior Assistant (Instructor) 1974 - 1976 
Research work in the area of advanced materials. Conducted technical lectures.


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