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"I am honoured and deeply moved that the readers care so strongly about my work. It makes the 

long days and years of labour and research and frustration, the good reviews and the bad, all 


Morgan Llywelyn


Welcome! This is the author's only Official website. Want to know more then read the  newsletter. The bibliography  contains the Complet(ist) list of Morgan's novels, novella, and short stories. Due to various resource issues updates and newsletters will no longer be mailed. All of the information will be contained on the newsletter page. I apologize for this unfortunate turn of events. The links page has some wonderful resources, take time and explore.  If you are interested in receiving a personal response please include both email and snail mail addresses.

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The following is a special request from Morgan. If you love animals, you know how many are abused today, and certainly any amount that you could send would be putting your money where your heart is. If you need more details please email



"Being devoted to cats, I have become the patron of a small animal shelter here in Ireland which provides a safe and loving home for almost sixty cats who have suffered appalling abuse. Some are blind, some are amputees, many have just been so terorized by cruelty that they cannot function normally any more. The couple who care for them have re-mortgaged their home in order to see that these little souls have no more bad times. Since I have eight little cat souls sharing my home with me - three of whom have similar stories - my heart went out to Mr. and Mrs. Silcox. I would be enormously grateful if any of my fans could spare a few dollars to send to them to help continue their guardian angelship. "



Janice and Peter Silcox

 Whiskers New Park Animal Sanctuary

Leitra, Williamstown

County Galway

Republic of Ireland 

Email Address:

Phone Number: 353-094-964 6368


They are also on Facebook



 They can accept American dollar checks, of course, but it would be even more helpful if the donations were in euro, which any bank should be able to provide. Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who cares to help!



Janice and Peter Silcox

Ballyhaunis & District Credit Union Account #4268


Co. Roscommon, Republic of Ireland

Fax Number for Credit Union is 353-94-9631324

Morgan Llywelyn 

P.S. They can accept both personal and bank draft checks, in American dollars, Eurodollars, or pounds sterling. Or if someone wants to set up a direct debit with their local bank that's fine too. Just ask contributors to contact the Silcoxes first so the appropriate arrangements can be made




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