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1920   Oklahoma City   4-year-old Charles Christian 1923   OKC   7-yr-old Charles (1st standing row, 3rd boy from the left) Clarence, Willie Mae, Edward, Mom Ella 1930s   At the 300 Club in OKC - Eddie at piano 1935   Ritz Ballroom   OKC   19-yr-old Charles on guitar
Charles & his dog Chubby Charles in the 1st grade
at Douglas School
Charles Christian’s family Eddie Christian
& His Blue Devils
Charles with Leslie Sheffield
& His Rhythmaires
6 7 8 9 10
Henry Butler, James Simpson, Charles, Edward Charles, Benny Goodman, Arnold Covey with Super 400 Ben Webster, Charlie Christian, Dizzy Gillespie Charles, Benny Goodman, Nick Fatool Charlie Christian, Benny Goodman
Boarding the Super Chief
OKC to L.A. – 14 Aug 39
Posing with Gibson ES-150 CC’s first studio recording session - w/ Hampton orch. On Stage with the Benny Goodman Sextet in Autumn 1939
11 12 13 14 15
CC, Goodman, Fatool, Lionel Hampton, Artie Bernstein October 1939 Hamp, Artie, Benny, Nick, Charles, Johnny Henderson, CC, Fatool, Hampton, Bernstein, Goodman Guarnieri, CC, Bernstein, Hampton, Fatool, Goodman
On Stage with the Sextet

Posing with Gibson ES-150
October 1939

The Goodman Sextet

“Swingin’ the Dream” rehearsal
November 25-28, 1939

The Benny Goodman Sextet

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel — October-December 1939
16 17 18 19 20

Christian & Goodman

Charles with Gibson ES-250

Charles, Slam Stewart, Teddy Bunn

CC w/ ES-250 & Slam Stewart

Charles & drummer Gene Krupa

Posing with Gibson ES-250

Posing in early 1940

Gibson Guitar demo in early 1940
for the New York Band Instrument Co.

First Metronome All Stars session – 7 Feb 40

21 22 23 24 25

playing Gibson ES-150

listening to playback

Haggart, Miller, Christian, Krupa, Goodman, Teagarden, Carter, James

recording "All Star Strut"

Spring 1940

Metronome All Stars recording session – February 7, 1940 – Columbia Studios – New York City

On the Catalina Island ferry

26 27 28 29 30

Sam Hughes, CC, Leslie Sheffield, Dick Wilson

Sitting-in with Harlan Leonard's band

Summer 1940 - Kansas City

Photo appeared on Esoteric ESJ-1 (10" LP)

posing with ES-250

Ruby’s Grill, OKC
Summer 1940

Lincoln Hall
Kansas City

w/ Harlan Leonard’s band

Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame
(August 25, 1966 DB issue)

Studio Photo
Summer 1940 - KC

31 32 33 34 35

"To the sweetest Mother..."

"To the whole family..."

with signed inscription

Yank Porter, CC, Billy Taylor, Teddy Wilson

Basie, CC, Page, Goodman, Jones, Warren, Clayton

Commercial Photography Studio    (Summer 1940 - Kansas City)

October 4, 1940
Columbia recording session

October 24, 1940
sitting-in w/ Basie orchestra







Young, Jones, Clayton, Green...

...Goodman, Page, Christian, Basie

Listening to playback: Buck, Prez, CC, Benny, Basie, John Hammond

Georgie, Artie, Benny, Basie, Cootie, Charlie

Auld, Goodman, Bernstein, Williams, Basie, CC

October 28, 1940 rehearsal at NYC Columbia Studio

November 7, 1940 – Columbia recording session







Bernie Leighton, CC, Cootie, Georgie, Benny, Artie, Harry Jaeger

Charlie, Cootie, Georgie, Benny

Nov 40 - Feb 41

interim on-the-road roommates

Benny Goodman & his Sextet

November-December 1940 – Goodman septet gig Benny,  Charlie,
Georgie & Cootie
Charlie  &  Georgie
Winter 1940-41
Adam Hats advertisement






January 16, 1941- Victor Studios, NYC

playing a Gibson L5 acoustic w/ the Edmond Hall Celeste Quartet

Reeves Sound Studio (for Blue Note Records) - NYC

March 31, 1941

Charlie Christian w/ his new ES-250 (rare L7-style variation)

Christian  &  Basie
Metronome All Stars

February 5, 1941 – “Profoundly Blue” recording session
Meade Lux Lewis, Edmond Hall, Israel Crosby, Charles

BG septet – live:
Williams, Auld, Goodman, Christian, Dave Tough

March 13, 1941 – BG septet
Studio session after the “Waitin’ for Benny” jam

51 52 53 54 55

man w/ hat, Tough, Auld, CC, Williams, engineer, Bernstein, producer Morty Dalitz, Guarnieri, Goodman

Charles' last studio date with the sextet

Tough, Auld, CC, Williams, engineer, Bernstein, Dalitz, Guarnieri, Goodman

holding his ES-250 (L7 variation) Gibson

at a big band recording session

March 13, 1941 – Columbia Recording Studios – Listening to playback March 27, 1941 – BG Orchestra – Columbia Studios
56 57 58 59 60

Georgie, Benny, Charlie, Artie

Auld, Goodman, Christian, Bernstein, Williams

Williams, Guarnieri, Christian

New York City

Not shown:  John Hammond seated at left

Auld, Goodman,
Christian, Bernstein

Georgie, Benny,
Charlie, Artie, Cootie

Cootie, Johnny, Charlie

Charlie Christian
with Benny Goodman

Charlie Christian
with Benny Goodman

April 11-28, 1941  —   Paramount Theatre,  NYC

April 1941
Carl Fischer recording studio

61 62 63 64 65

New York City

Late 1940 - Early 1941

Late 1940 - Early 1941

Walnut Ave at NE Second St

Walnut Ave at NE Second St

with Vega guitar & amp
at the Golden Gate Ballroom
February 1940

with Oklahoma friends
Count Basie, Ernie Fields, Melvin Moore,
CC, Jimmy Rushing

CC with bandleaders
Don Redman
and Count Basie

March 9, 1942

Calvary Baptist Church
Oklahoma City

Birth Certificate Death Certificate
Certificate of Birth Certificate of Death
101 102 103 104 105
Greenwood Cultural Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Deep Deuce (Second Street, OKC) Historical Marker at Gravesite YOUR MUSIC WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN Flower bouquet bestowed by Billie
Billie Jean Christian accepts Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Award for her father
June 1989
Billie and friend
at the
Charlie Christian Jazz Festival
May 1990
Texas State
Historical Marker
Charlie Christian’s
Gates Hill Cemetery, Bonham, Texas – April 23, 1994

More photos to come



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