Skimmer Scanner Version 2.2

By Dick Williams, W3OA

Skimmer Scanner (SkimScan) is a program to tune CW Skimmer to different frequencies on one of four different schedules you specify. SkimScan uses Skimmer's Telnet server to control an instance of Skimmer running on the same computer, on a different computer on the same LAN, or across the Internet. It runs under Windows XP and Vista. I've only tested SkimScan using CW Skimmer 1.3 and 1.4 with an SDR-IQ.

New in Version 2.0 is the ability to automatically rotate between schedules at specified times each day. Version 2.1 further improves this feature.

Each schedule can contain up to 15 different frequencies. You show with the "Active?" check box if each frequency should be included in the scan and with the "Dwell Time" box how long Skimmer should remain on that frequency before going to the next. Any changes you make to these parameters are effective immediately.

SkimScan uses just one window. Six tabs occupy most of that window. There is one tab for each of the four schedules, a Rotate tab and a Setup tab. Each schedule tab has a column of 15 frequency selection buttons. To the right of each button are the check boxes and combo boxes mentioned above. There is a text box at the top of each schedule tab for you to record a title for that schedule.

On the Rotate tab you can tell SkimScan when to start running each schedule. Each schedule can be started up to two times a day. The schedules will be started in the order determined by the times specified, not the order they are shown on the tab.

The Setup tab provides a place for you to specify the frequencies for each of the frequency selection buttons on the four schedules. The Setup tab is also the place to specify the parameters to be used in establishing the telnet connection to Skimmer.

There is a set of six radio buttons at the bottom of SkimScan's window. Four let you select which schedule should send frequencies to Skimmer. One radio button stops all scanning. Selecting the “Rotate Schds” button will cause Skimmer to change between the schedules at the times specified in the “Rotate” tab.

When SkimScan starts the "Don't Scan" option is automatically selected. You can push any of the frequency selection buttons and SkimScan will immediately send a QSY command to Skimmer. When you select one of the schedule selection radio buttons SkimScan will start at the top of the corresponding schedule, work it's way down to the bottom, and cycle from the bottom back to the top. Each time SkimScan finds a frequency selection button with a checked "Active?" box it will tell Skimmer to QSY to that frequency and then pause scanning for the number of minutes in the "Dwell Time" box.

Use the link below to download a zip file containing SkimScan.exe and SkimScan.txt. SkimScan.txt is an expanded version of the text on this page providing additional information on using SkimScan.


Last Updated: April 30, 2009
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