CAT100 ver2.0 - A Computer Control for the Yaesu FT-100

**Now optimized for Internet Remote Base Service**

All of the controls and functions are just a mouse click away - bandswitching, mode selection, frequency steps, VFO tuning, clarifier, audio level, squelch control, and memory selection. It's all there, every feature that the designers at Yaesu made available through the CAT port on the back panel of the FT-100, and a few that they didn't.

All of the functions are activated by clicking on the appropriate button or knob, just as if you were sitting in front of the FT100 and operating the radio itself. The VFO dial tunes at the rate set by the 'Step' control while using the left mouse button, then changes to slow tune as it approaches the frequency of interest by switching to the right mouse button. Tuning has a very natural feel, emulating the action of manually spinning the VFO dial. All of the various buttons are animated and seem to depress when clicked on.

After using CAT100 for awhile, it seems more natural to control the FT100 from the computer than to twist knobs and push buttons the 'old fashion' way.

I've added a graphic thermometer to monitor the temperature of the final transistors. The final transistor temperature reading seems to have some correlation to the FT100's case temperature and should be useful to spot units that may have over-heating problems).

I had some space left over at the bottom of the screen, so I added a 'casual' logging program to keep track of my contacts.

Screen Snapshot of CAT100


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