WA6UFQ's Universal VFO Controller
Now with Sweep and Scan Modes
And more RF output with optional Post Amp board!
Now Controls AD9912 Boards!
And AD995x Boards Too!
VFO Controller Pic
Here is a controller that works with the new Silicon Laboratories Si570 programmable XO chip, as well as the Analog Device DDS chips used in the popular AMQRP cards. And now also works with the WB6DHW AD9912 and AD995x boards. Plug the WA6UFQ Si570 oscillator card, your AMQRP DDS-30, or DDS-60 card, or an interface cable to a WB6DHW board into the universal controller board, select your card or board from the controller's menu, and then select the Si570's start frequency, or the DDS chip's master clock frequency.

Then from the controller's menu, set start and stop frequencies, and other features such as a frequency offset, or an output multiplier. The configuration is saved in EEPROM, and the controller is now ready to go.
Inside the Controller
Universal Controller with DDS-30 Card Installed (socket for Si570 card is on left)
This is a stand-alone controller; no computer is required. Communication with the Si570 card uses an I2C interface and code developed by John K5JHF for a Freescale micro controller.I have ported it over to the Microchip PIC24HJ high performance micro controller.

  • Schematics for both boards (revised 9/30/08) (download)
  • Interface schematic for the WB6DHW AD9912 board (download)
  • Interface schematic for the WB6DHW AD995x board (download)
  • Parts lists for Osc & Controller boards (revised) (download)
  • Construction Guidelines (revised) (download)
  • Controller Operating Manual (ver 1.x) (download)
  • Controller Operating Manual (ver 2.0) (download)
  • Controller Operating Manual (ver 3.0) (download)
  • Controller Operating Manual (ver 4.0) (download)
  • Controller Operating Manual (ver 4.0 Italiano) (download)
  • Binary Hex file of firmware (ver 4.2) (download)
  • Post Amplifier (download)

This controller is now available as a partial kit, consisting of the following:
  • Preprogrammed PIC24 micro controller in a 28 pin DIP package
  • Silk screened and solder masked controller bare board
  • Silk screened and solder masked Si570 oscillator bare board (optional)
  • Complete Si570 oscillator kit (optional)
  • Assembled and tested Si570 oscillator card (optional)
The bare boards and preprogrammed PIC24 are each ordered seperately below:

Controller board (with components installed)
Assembled V1.5

Controller Bare Board - $18.00

Pre-Programmed PIC24HJ (ver 4.4) - $9.00
Pre-programmed PIC24

Si570 Card 
Si570 Bare Card

Si570 Bare Board - $5.00

The Si570 Card is also available as a complete kit, or assembled and tested:

Si570 Kit

Si570 "C" Speed Grade Card Complete Kit - $30.50

Oscillator Card Kit  less Si570 - $11.00

Si570 Assembled Card

Card w/ Si570 "C" Grade Chip Assembled and Tested - $35.00

I have added these encoders to my site to accomodate builders who are having some difficulty obtaining the CTS encoders in Europe. These encoders are also available from Digi-Key. Do not substitute other encoders as they will not work properly.

Encoder Pair

Pair of Shaft Encoders for Course and Fine tuning - $16.50

I have also added the 24FC256 EEPROM which has been difficult to obtain in Europe. It is also available from Digi-Key and Mouser


24FC256 EEPROM - $2.00

Need More RF?
Here is a MMIC post amp for your oscillator board. There are two versions available; one for CMOS oscillator cards, and one for LVDS oscillator cards. The CMOS post amp is capable of 20 dBm (100 mw) output, and the LVDS post amp is capable of 16.5 dBm (45 mw) output.
The SMA connectors are optional.

Post Amplifier
Post Amp Pic

Post amp for CMOS oscillator cards (Assembled and Tested) - $21.00

Post amp for LVDS oscillator cards (Assembled and Tested) - $21.00

SMA Connectors

SMA Connectors
Pair of SMA Connectors - $3.60