Timeline Notes for John Jones Sr.

(last updated 15 March 2002)


         John JONES, Sr., born 1715. [FT] I have seen nothing that supports this or any other YOB. [RJ]


         John JONES was listed with Robert Jones & Thomas Jones, St. James Parish (1749 - 1764 Lunenburg Co.) [FT] I found these 3 names in the Lunenburg Tithable Lists in 1749 & 1750; in 1748 Robert & Thomas, but not John. Since our Robert  was "of Caroline Co., VA" in the1752 Granville deed, I do not think these early Lunenburg Co., VA JONES entries were ours. [RJ]


         John JONES, Sr. bought & sold land in Granville Co., North Carolina 1747 - 1762, but remained in Lunenburg/Mecklenburg Co., VA. [FT] I tend to believe the JONES brothers settled Granville Co., NC first. [RJ]


         John JONES paid as "reader" at Grassy Creek Church 1759 & 1760. From "Life By the Roaring Roanoke." A Robert JONES Jr. had land patents of 345 acres & 82 acres on both sides of Grassy Creek dated 23 April 1755, PB 32, p. 519 & 520, but I am not sure that our Robert was a Junior. 


         John JONES named as one of the executors of the will of Francis GRIFFIN dated 30 Nov 1764 Mecklenburg Co. - WB1, p.1. Francis was John's son-in-law. Also named as executors Robert & Richard JONES, John's brothers. Also named as a witness on this will was Robert JONES, Jr. Not sure who this is, possibly a son of John.


         A John JONES listed with 3 tithables and 220 acres on the 1764 Lunenburg Co., VA (St. James Parish) Tithable List. This part of Lunenburg Co. became Mecklenburg Co. in 1765. Cannot find a patent of 220 acres for John, but there is one for Robert on the S. side of the Roanoke dated 7/15/1760: PB33, p. 831. John received this land in Robert's will of 1771 and paid taxes on it starting 1782.


         As executor of the Estate of Francis GRIFFIN, John JONES sold 340 acres on Buffalo Creek, adjoining WILLIAMS, to John BUSBEE of Granville Co., NC 12 Aug 1765: DB1, p. 316.


         "__hn Jones" found on the 1767 Granville Co., NC tax list of Philip Pryor. I believe this is our John JONES, Sr. and named with him is a Richard JONES who is probably another son. Also found on this list are brothers Ambrose Sr. & Robert and sons "_ohn" & James. He is named next to "__hn BANES."


         John JONES found on the 1769 Tax List of Granville Co., NC as well as Robert, Ambrose, James, & Richard. John, Robert & Ambrose  probably 3 of the 5 brothers; James & Richard probably not.


         John JONES was a witness to the will of John PUGHE dated 11 Apr 1770, Mecklenburg Co., VA: WB1, p. 82. This is probably the other John JONES, aka JOHNS, who was connected to the PUGHs.


         John JONES named as brother of Robert Jones in Robert's will dated 21 Jan 1771, Mecklenburg Co., VA: WB1, p.88. Sam, Roger, & Sarah (Negroes) willed to John JONES, among others, as well as the land John was living on.


         10 Mar 1771 - John JONES received a Land Patent of 335 acres on the South Side of the Roanoke River in Mecklenburg Co., VA: PB39, p. 386. John JONES, Jr. paid tax on this land 1782 - 1787. John Sr. sells 14 acres in 1783 and the remaining 321 acres in 1788.


         Jno JONES & Thomas HAMLIN witness deed of John STONE Sr. 3 Jul 1772 Mecklenburg Co., VA: DB3, p. 473.


         14 Dec 1772 - John JONES Deed of Trust from Jonathan COOK Mecklenburg Co., VA: DB3, p. 552.


         1 Mar 1773 - John JONES received a Land Patent of 406 acres on Aaron's Creek in Mecklenburg Co., VA; PB41, p. 116. His son Benjamin paid taxes on this land starting in 1782 and he left it to Benjamin in his will in 1791.

         8 May 1775 - John JONES, Sr. appointed Committee of Safety; later resigned.[RWRMCVA by Elliott]


    8 April 1776 - John JONES listed on a Poll List in Mecklenburg Co., VA;  The VA Genealogist - V. 26.


         9 Jun 1777 - Settlement of the Account of Robert JONES 23 Jan 1771 to 2 May 1776 returned by John JONES, executor. Approved by commissioners Thacker BURWELL & Thomas ERSKINE.


         7 Feb 1778 - John JONES & Thomas HAMLIN witness deed of Thomas EARLS Mecklenburg Co., VA: DB5, p. 193.


         22 Jan 1779 - John JONES of Mecklenburg Co., VA deed to Daniel MALONE of Granville Co., NC: Granville Co. DB M.


         7 Oct 1779 - John JONES paid 50lbs of tobacco for one days attendance as a witness in Mecklenburg Co. Court - for Richard YANCEY vs William NEAL: OB4, p. 538.


         1 Sep 1780 - John JONES listed among Commonwealth Land Grants - Land Book D. 433 acres on a branch of Aaron's Creek, and adjoining RUDD, et als. - p. 284.

478 acres on a branch of Aaron's Creek, and adjoining RUDD, SMITH, etal - p. 315. James JONES, his son, had a grant of 213 acres on the S. side of Aaron's Creek adj. John JONES: LB A, p. 119.


         9 Apr 1782 - John JONES listed as a Patriot in Mecklenburg Co., VA. For Continental use he gave 550 cwt beef: OB5, p. 142.


         John JONES listed on the 1782 Mecklenburg Co., VA census: 9 whites, 0 blacks. He should have 3 blacks that were left to him by Robert and found in PPTLs. Sons Benjamin & John Jr. not found on this list, but are on the 1782 PPTL.


         John JONES, Sr. paid land tax on 1131 acres in Mecklenburg Co., VA in 1782: probably his 433a & 478a land grants plus the 220a Robert JONES patent.


         John JONES, Sr. was listed on the 1782 - 1784 Personal Property Tax List of Mecklenburg Co., VA.


         10 May 1783 - John JONES Sr. deeds 14 acres in Mecklenburg Co., VA to Thomas HAMBLIN: DB6, p. 257.


         12 May 1783 - John JONES ordered exempt from paying taxes on a negro woman named Sarah who was declared old & infir: OB5, p. 409.


         10 May 1784 - John JONES Sr. and RUDD's line mentioned in deed of Richard GREGORY of Co. of Halifax to John VAUGHAN of Co. of Mecklenburg. On branch called Millstone and also mentions the lines of George STOVALL, Zachariah OVERBEE, & William WILKERSON.


         John JONES listed on the 1785 & 1786 Personal Property Tax List of Mecklenburg Co., VA.


         Early Virginia Religious Petitions; http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/repehtml/repehome.html


q       8 Nov 1785 - John JONES, Sr. signed a religious petition opposed to the abolition of slavery. Also listed John JONES, Jr., James & Edward JONES.


q       31 Oct 1786 - John JONES Sr. signed a religious petition opposed to repeal. Also listed: Benjamin & James JONES, Robert YANCEY, John BAYNES, James GRIFFIN, & William JONES.


         9 Jun 1788 - John JONES, Sr. deeds 321 acres to Godfrey CROWDER: DB7, p. 281.


         John JONES, Sr. was listed on the 1788 - 1790 Personal Property Tax List of Mecklenburg Co., VA. He paid land tax on 1131 acres 1789 & 1790.


         John JONES, Sr. paid land tax on 1131 acres in Mecklenburg Co., VA in 1791.


         Mecklenburg Co., VA Will of John JONES Senr; WB 3, p. 85; 27 Sep 1791. Names children James, Benjamin, John, Ann BLANKS, Philadelphia YANCEY, Amelia VAUGHAN, & Frances WILKINS; granddaughters Sarah GRIFFIN & Frances GRIFFIN; grandsons Joseph BLANKS & John BLANKS. Executors: Sons Benjamin & James JONES and Joseph BLANKS. Wit: John WILBURN; Peter OVERBY; Machadiah OVERBY.


         John JONES' LWT proved 9 Jan 1792. Thomas HAMBLIN, John WILBURN, Johnson FAULKNER, & Thomas LIGON ordered to appraise the estate: OB7, p. 664.

Inventory & appraisement of the estate of John JONES returned and recorded: OB7, p. 703.


         John JONES, Sr. paid land tax on 856 acres in Mecklenburg Co., VA in 1792.


         Page 175 of same source; WB 4, p. 1. Adm. account and report of John JONES deceased reveals the following spouses: Robert YANCEY husband of Philadelphia YANCEY; Charles WILKINS husband of Frances WILKINS; John VAUGHAN husband of Amelia VAUGHAN; Joseph BLANKS Senr husband of Anne BLANKS. (Rec. 11 Sep 1797)


         John JONES. Sr. buried in Spring Hill, Mecklenburg Co., VA. [FT] Francis sent me an article that was his source. The only "Spring Hill" I can find in Mecklenburg Co. was the following post office:


"Spring Hill / Nov. 1860 - June 1892 / James A. Gregory first PM to Chase City." This does not appear to me to be an area in which our John JONES, Sr. ever lived. [RJ]




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  6. [FT] = Francis Toepfer, [RJ] = Ron Jones, & [DY] = Dennis Yancey



According to data in circulation, John JONES, Sr. of Mecklenburg Co., VA was married to Pheleshia PUGH and/or Mary NORMENT. The following appears to be the source of this alleged marriage and I do not see anything that would link it to our John JONES, Sr. who was well entrenched in Mecklenburg Co., VA by 1776.


GATES COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEEDS BOOK A-5 1776-1803 by Mona A. Taylor 29 JUL 1776 - John JONES and wife Phelishia, of Nansemond, Colony of Virginia, to John WEBB of town of Halifax, Province of North Carolina . . . 500 pounds . . . parcel on NE side of Bennetts Creek in Chowan Co., which became property of said Phelishia in division of estate of Daniel PUGH, dec and joining land whereon Ann GIBSON now liveth . . . JOHN JONES & PHILISHIA (P) JONES. [DY]


The following appears to be the source of the alleged marriage of John JONES, Sr. to Mary NORMENT.


A "John JOHNS" named in the Estate Division of William NORMENT recorded 12 Feb 1787 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. (probable son-in-law) William's widow named Mary. The wording may have been confusing to whomever came to the conclusion that John JOHNS' wife was named Mary.


Elizabeth JOHNS was named in the will of her mother Mary NORMENT written 31 Dec 1817 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Since no wife is named in John JONES, Sr.'s will in 1791, deceased, this cannot be his wife. Furthermore, a John JOHNS is listed in the 1764 Lunenburg List of Tithables with William NORMANT and John JONES listed by himself; they were two different men.